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Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 02 August 2009 18:04

Years ago I posted a story that Ronald Reagan had told Steven Spielberg in 1982 during the screening of "ET- The Extraterrestrial" a stunning revelation. He apparently had leaned over to Spielberg, who was sitting right next to him and said, "I bet there aren't 6 people in this whole room who know how true this whole thing is."

Attempts to get Spielberg to confirm the Reagan revelation were unsuccessful.

During the 2008 X-Conference I was contacted by a film maker who stated that a prominent Hollywood had told her a similar story, and that this director claimed to have gotten the statement from Spielberg directly.

We discussed what I had posted and the film producer stated she would be in California and would ask the director again to confirm what Spielberg had stated.

On May 30th the film maker e-mailed me back. She wrote,

I was in LA a couple weeks ago and had lunch with my Hollywood producer friend who had worked with Spielberg and had told me a version of your story. I took the printout from your web site for him to review and he concurred that it was just as he remembered Steven recount it. He seemed interested in your site in general and noted the web address and indicated that he intended to read more. He was intrigued with your focus on the presidents and their relationship to this subject matter.



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