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The Government Attempt to Disclose the Alien Presence: A pattern?

"With more & more scientific evidence of alien encounters and UFO sightings, the idea of creatures from another planet night not be as far fetched as we once thought. In fact, one of you out there could have the next alien encounter" Micheal Eisner, CEO of Walt Disney in a 1995 Disney Documentary on UFOs.

"Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in History: actual contact with intelligent life from other planets" Quote from 1995 Disney Documentary "Alien Encounters from Tomorrowland"

"Something does not make much sense here. Why would someone in Washington mount a disinformation effort if the only result is to confuse members of the UFO research community, which is a very small group without much influence over the public at large?" Jacques Vallee

Patterns, Patterns, and Yet More Patterns

When we look at the actions of the government and the aliens, we can see that both sides seem to be following some fairly obvious patterns. The UFO state of affairs might seem more accurately described as an "emerging phenomena" rather than a phenomenon.


In terms of the aliens we find that:

q All the rumored visiting groups are part of the cover-up. Despite claims to the contrary, they could land any time they chose on the White House lawn, or make themselves clearly visible in ways that would be clearly convincing. They don’t. That is the first pattern. They are part of the cover-up. The rule may be a universal pact of non-intervention as claimed by the 1950 style contactees. AFFA’s message, for example in the Friend memo that AFFA action is to "leave the human race to stew in their own juice."

q Other alien patterns are the sharp start up of cattle mutilations some 20 years after the arrival of the UFOs.

q A clear start and finish to the phenomena of "ground traces." Ted Phillips, the foremost authority on the phenomena, reported to me that at their height there was almost one UFO ground trace every second day. In 1985, however, the whole phenomena just faded away quickly. Not a single confirmed trace case occurred in 2001, according to Phillips.

q Complex pictographic crop circle just started one day, and again, many years after the start of the modern UFO wave. They seemed, at least in England, to have replaced the ground traces.

q Humanoid sightings, once a common feature of UFO sighting reports, appear to be a thing of the past.

q There is a definite dividing line between the good-guy aliens that looked like us reported in the 1950s, and the evil grey type aliens that appeared in 1961.

q The types of aliens in South America seem quite different than those reported in America. They seem to be a more evil than the American reported aliens. European alien reports also do not match up with the American alien reports. It is as if the aliens have divided up the earth among themselves.

q The level of the bizarre events involved in abductions seems to be increasing. The Hill abduction seems tame compared to some of the strange multifaceted abduction cases of today.

q It now appears that the abductions that began with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in the early sixties, may themselves be just part of an overall pattern. Abduction researchers Whitley Streiber, John Velez, and Mark Rodeghier all agree that the number of abductions has dropped dramatically. John Velez wrote,

"Mark Rodegheir of CUFOS remarked that the number of abduction report have been down and continuously declining over the last few years.

I agree with him

The number of reports that I receive directly has gone from a whopping five to fifteen reports a day to maybe one or two a week . . . when added to the fact that my own ‘public exposure’ has increased dramatically . . . the dramatic drop in the number of abduction reports that myself and others are receiving become meaningful and possibly significant."

q The alien messages given to contactees and abductees appear to have changed from a nuclear warning to an ecological warning. This could be a reflection of reality of the decrease in nuclear weapons, and an increase in pollution etc.

q The alien’s message (other than bits and pieces hidden in a maze of disinformation) seems over 55 years to be one of silence. The whole situation seems consistent with a statement made by former president of Penn State University, Dr. Eric Walker, who hinted during one interview that there might have been a deal between the aliens and the UFO control group. When asked if there had been communication Walker stated "We promised not to tell."

q Seen country to country, there also appears to be a pattern of different aliens for different countries, as if the aliens of the galactic federation have divided up the world among themselves like some cosmic pie. A prime example of this pattern becomes apparent by comparing the United States UFO experience, where aliens are seen as non-violent (with the possible exception of mutilated cows in the western United States), to Central and Northeastern Brazil where violence seems to be a key component. Former reporter Bob Pratt has made many trips to Brazil to follow-up on UFO developments there. He reports that the UFO phenomena is viewed there as a terrifying phenomena by the people. Pratt further documents cases where, unlike the United States, people have been seriously injured or even killed by Ufo encounters.


Government Disclosure Pattern

As well as the appearance of the aliens following a pattern, there also seems to be a pattern when viewing the actions of the "control group" that governs the UFO secret. This pattern is more clearly seen when viewed light the light of events that occurred in Canada.

Until 1972, the Canadian government UFO experience pretty well mirrored what was going on in the United States. Both countries were hit by the appearance of the phenomena at the same time. Both set up military groups to try to find out what was going on. Both shut their official UFO public relations efforts related to UFOs in around 1969. Both stated that that point that there was no threat, and nothing concrete that could be studied.

From 1969 to 1972 both governments remained quiet. For that three-year period both were "OUT OF THE UFO BUSINESS". They had escaped what both governments had viewed as a public relations nightmare. J. Allan Hynek spoke in 1974 of the efforts of the USAF to close down Project Blue Book, "The Air Force wanted to get the UFO monkey off its back; Project Blue Book had become a rather bad public relations problem."

After 1969 the both countries no longer had to put out a spokesman to create some wacko explanation for what some pilot, or midwestern farmer had witnessed the night before. They could simply suggest people report it to the local police, and then quietly monitor what was happening from the sideline.

In Canada this is still the case. There is no indication of any government involvement or interest. A researcher with claims of UFO reality would not even know whom to confront inside the government.

In the United States, however, the pattern has been quite different. In the United States the government got out of the UFO business in 1969, escaping the 20-year nightmare of embarrassing news conferences. A three-year silence occurs but in late 1972, for some strange and unexplainable reason, they jump back into the UFO fire with both feet.

Publicly their position was the same. In November 1973, for example, an Air Force spokesman flatly told U.S. News that "no records have been kept since 1969, and no analysis made." Privately, however, the Air Force was busy doing something quite different. Privately they were starting to carefully disclose dramatic UFO stories that would come to make up the majority of the ideas Ufologists would believe 30 years later.

This process of cloaked disclosure is unique to the United States. There have only been a couple exceptions to this rule. The first exception was when a set of South African documents was leaked to Tony Dodd in England in 1989.

The other exception was in 1987 when a set of MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing documents were leaked to England’s Timothy Good. Just prior to Good being provided the documents Jenny Randles attended a meeting set up by an intelligence person who offered her what appeared to be the MJ-12 documents. Randles, however, turned the man down, and it appears that he went then to make the offer to Good. The documents provided to Good appeared to have been provided to force the American team of Moore, Shandera, and Friedman into coming forward with their set of MJ-12 documents that they had been studying for three years.

The main pattern of cloaked disclosures in the United States began with a contact to two Los Angeles movie producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler in 1972. In that 1972 encounter, a top public relations official from the Department of Defense, William Coleman, suddenly disclosed that not only are UFOs real, but also the government had actually had face-to-face contacts with the visitors. Coleman then offers the two producers the actual film footage of an alien landing and contact for a documentary that he says the Defense department wanted them to make for the public.

This cloaked disclosure is the first in a whole host of similar disclosures that would be made from the shadows over the next thirty years. Targeted individuals would be offered film, documents, and hardware that they could use to provide proof of the extraterrestrial presence on earth.

The length of time (30+ years) that this process has been going on strongly suggests a group is behind it, rather than one individual.

The amount of complex documentation that is being surreptitiously circulated (Bob Wood estimated in 2000 that the amount of material he and his son Robert had received, through six different sources, totaled over 3700 pages) also suggests the handiwork of a group rather than an individual.

Which leads to the question – What led to this dramatic shift in policy? Why did official representatives of the United States government approach producer Robert Emenegger and get the government right back in to something they had spent 20 years trying to get out of? In Canada nothing even closely resembling this action has taken place.

The 1972-73 Emenegger/Sandler encounter with the government should be considered to be one of the key events in all of Ufology. It represented a dramatic turning point in how the government had chosen to deal publicly about UFOs.

Why did the U.S. secret holders not remain silent about the UFO phenomena as it appears Canada, Britain, and most other countries have done? Why would they choose to pick up, for a second time, what Henry Kissinger called, "the biggest hot potato" in history?

Some have maintained the move by the US officials was a simple disinformation operation to throw off UFO researchers. This theory has many problems. Who, for example, would have wanted to trap Emenegger and Sandler in 1973, when nobody knew anything about crashes, MJ-12, government/alien contacts, and the like? Why would they choose to misinform the field of UFO research in 1972 when nothing was happening?

The last thing the Emenegger/Sandler affair was is disinformation. That is because it led closer, not farther from the truth. The Ufologists were so far off in 1972 they were not even in the stadium. The 1972 offer of film put them right back on the field of play.

If UFOs were declared a dead issue by the USAF in 1969, what is the rational behind government people coming out and stating in 1972 that not only had the government lied, but that the story was much more spectacular than anyone ever believed, and here’s how we covered up the truth?

The following listed elements represent a clear pattern of releasing key elements of the alien presence into the public domain. Items have included the fact that there have been UFO crashes, or that representatives of the government have walked and talked with aliens. The items have included the fact that the government has communicated with aliens using psychics and chanellers. Also included in the list are bizarre elements such as the claim that the aliens claim to have created Jesus, and the fact that the government had at least one captured alien that they held in New Mexico.

Many of the stories leaked into the ufological community have been leaked on more than one occasion, indicating a strong desire to get the story heard and accepted. One example of this is the story of a live alien that was held in New Mexico in the 1949-1952-time period. The story was told in one form or another to Frank Scully in the early 1950s, to Walt Disney in 1957, to Robert Emenegger in the mid 80s, to Bill Moore and Robert Collins in the late 80s, to Henry Victorian by Dr. Eric Walker in the late 80s, to Linda Howe in 1983 and then again in the late 1980s, and to Emenegger in the late 1980s.

The apparent way the "UFO secrecy handlers" chose to release these bizarre elements of the UFO puzzle was in a bizarre game bait and switch with prominent people inside the UFO community and with prominent film producers who were able to reach large public audiences.

Courier Vs. Target

In most cases those who were given the information considered themselves couriers bringing information to the public in a particular way mandated by the government or military source that had provided it to them.

The skeptical researchers on the outside, however, often considered the researcher putting out the explosive information to be nothing more than a target of government disinformation forces.

In many cases the messenger simply became painted as a villain inside the UFO community. Many volunteered the opinion it was fair game to shoot the new messenger who many others volunteered to shoot.

Bill Coleman, who was at the center of many of these planned leaks, told one of the target/couriers that the information had to be "leaked carefully, as a part of something else." Therefore, those picked as couriers and targets, were usually researchers who had just become prominent inside the UFO community, or film producers who could include the information as part of another project they might be working on.

Most researchers and film producers, provided information to disseminate to the public, appeared often to actually be serving both the role of target and courier at the same time. This was particularly true of people who came forward with documents they had been leaked.

Leaking through prominent film producers and ufologists would achieve numerous advantages,

1) The prominent researchers would have a wide audience of people listening to them. They are also the prime instruments for influencing the underlying beliefs within the UFO community.

2) By providing the key Ufology leaders with critical information wrapped in a bogus cover two important goals are accomplished. A) The researcher can be "put in their place" once the bogus information is exposed. This prevents any one researcher from becoming a totally respected source for the media. B) The idea that the intelligence people want in circulation still reaches the intended UFO or public target. (Some of the key ideas put out in bogus covers were MJ-12, the live alien, area 51, underground bases, and interaction between the government and the aliens) Not allowing any one researcher to become too listened to and credible appears to be a key part of the continuing cover-up.

3) Leaking as part of something else allows the dramatic information to be given as almost a sidelight to another story. One example is a concept put out by an intelligence agent codenamed "Falcon" that the aliens claimed to have been behind Jesus, as if he were simply a piece of their genetic experiment. This traumatic, potentially damaging information was hidden in a story of a captured live alien who wrote a book telling about alien life while listening to Tibetan music and eating strawberry ice cream. Most people picked up on the ice cream and missed the real message. The message got out in a way that people could take it or leave it. If they had put this out in a news conference by a government official, the results would not have been so nonchalant.

4) This method of leaking the details of the alien presence, without allowing an avalanche of uncontrollable disclosure to occur made many of those chosen as target/couriers to feel like they were helplessly running around in circles. Len Stringfield, chosen for many leaks over the many years he researched equated the experience to a squirrel running endlessly on a treadmill. He wrote

"Like so many other anecdotes in the past, it keeps me squirreling on the treadmill. Finding the proof to convince the world about UFO crash/retrievals may never come in my lifetime. But I believe that much of what I have said in my papers may come close to the truth if and when the time comes to tell it by official proclamation."

As mentioned above, the first modern day courier/targets were Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler, who in 1972 received both a key document and an offer of decisive and explosive UFO/alien film footage for a documentary they had been asked to do for the Department of Defense.

This offer of a document and a film marked an important turning point in Ufology. Formally government public relations efforts involved debunking every aspect of the UFO phenomena.

Take for example, the release of a CBS documentary that was released in April 1966 coinciding with the open Congressional hearing that took place on April 5, 1966.

The documentary was nothing more than a "propaganda film" narrated by the ever-credible Walter Cronkite. The film piece relied heavily on government spokesman who appeared not to tell bizarre stories, which would confirm the phenomena real and very unusual, but denials and outright lies stating there was nothing to the UFO phenomena.

The CBS documentary called "UFOs: Friend, Foe, or Fantasy" was symbolic of most of the pre- 1972 documentaries that involved government participation. It claimed the Air Force had never tracked UFOs on radar, that the Air Force was being completely open and honest about the phenomena, and that tracking cameras had never filmed UFOs.

In 1972 the USAF, for whatever reason, took on a new course of action.

Swan USAF-CIA Memo

The film producer team of Robert Emenegger and Alan Sandler received a document and a promise of film as part of their involvement with government contacts.

The document they received has been called the "CIA memo" and also the "Friend memo." Some confusion still exists as to its actual origin. There may be two distinct documents, or two stories describing the same document.

J. Allen Hynek, then a consultant to the USAF UFO Project Blue Book, stated that he had obtained a copy of the document while on a visit to ATIC in July 1959, just days after the document was written. Hynek made an 11-page handwritten copy of the document that was at the time in the possession of acting Blue Book head Major Robert Friend.

Hynek had stated the memo was the basis of a letter that Major Friend was sending to his boss National Air Intelligence Center Commander Major General Charles B. Dougher telling him that the USAF should pursue this dramatic case involving Mrs. Francis Swan. Dougher notified that because another agency (the CIA) was dealing with the case, the USAF would stay out it.

Building 828 At WPAFB. Home of Air Technical Intelligence Commander.

The document is explosive in that it describes a successful July 1959 attempt to communicate with an alien by a half dozen members of the Central Intelligence Agency, along with two members of Navy Intelligence. The channeled contact took place at the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) in Washington, D.C., which was the most highly classified photo laboratory in the country analyzing all the U-2 spy photographs. It involved an actual daylight fly-by of a flying saucer, which the CIA and Navy Intelligence men reported, "hovered above the capitol."

Emenegger reproduced this memo, minus the names, in his 1974 book, "UFOs, Past Present, and Future." He referred to the memo as the CIA memo. He claimed that he had analyzed and confirmed the original CIA memo that had been written by NPIC Assistant Director Arthur Lundahl.

We however, at this point do not have a traceable document, which can be used to confirm the 1959 UFO event at NPIC. Like all documents that will be leaked after this memo, we are left with an untraceable document that tells a wonderful UFO story.

Robert Emenegger first saw Hynek’s handwritten copy of the memo when Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hynek first showed it to him in 1973. Hynek and researcher Jacques Vallee had been drawn in to provide credibility to the film disclosure offer that will be discussed shortly.

The memo presented independently to Hynek and Emenegger, appears part of the entire 1972 disclosure action. It appears that the release of the document was part of an attempt to tell the UFO story without causing an avalanche. (The confirmation of any single key item such as an alien landing, an alien autopsy, or alien communication that would cause the collapse of the entire house of cards. The confirmation of one piece would result in the media forcing disclosure of all the other pieces.)

1972 Film Disclosure Offer

Along with the release of this dramatic UFO document, former USAF Project Blue Book spokesman Colonel Robert Coleman and Colonel George Weinbrenner made an offer of "800 feet of film . . .as well as several thousand feet of additional material" to Emenegger and fellow film producer Allan Sandler for use in a special project they had been asked to join.

Holloman AFB where U.S. officials have claimed more than once aliens landed and met with officials on the ground.


The promised film was reportedly dramatic footage of an encounter between the occupants of a landed UFO and officials at Holloman Air Force Base. It impressed Emenegger who described what he saw in 1988, "What I saw and heard was enough to convince me that the phenomenon of UFOs is real – very real." Paul Shartle, who had controlled the film at Norton described what he saw on the film as,

"I saw footage of three disc-shaped crafts. One of the craft landed and two of them went away . . . It appeared to be in trouble because it oscillated all the way down to the ground. However, it did land on three pods. A sliding door opened, a ramp was extended, and out came three aliens . . . They were human size. They had odd grey complexions and a pronounced nose. They worn tight-fitting jump suits, thin headdresses that appeared to be communications devices, and in their hands they held a translator, I was told. The Holloman base commander and other Air Force officers went out to meet them . . ."

The project was described to the two producers as a documentary on a secret government project. When the two men discovered that the topic of the secret project would be UFOs, they were surprised because "they had assumed that the matter had been resolved with the closure of Project Blue Book in 1969."

Col. Weinbrenner, as well as former Project Blue Book spokesman Col. Bill Coleman, his bosses in the Defense Public Affairs Department, and other defense department officials, made the offer to the two men at the Pentagon in late 1972. They were told that the government was now ready to release all the facts about the alien presence on earth. They were shown evidence that they could use for their tell-all documentary. This evidence included:

q Photographs and films of UFOs

q 800 feet of film showing a landed encounter between three aliens and Holloman Air Base officials during a landing that had reportedly occurred there in May 1971. Several thousand feet of additional material was also offered.

q A memo describing an encounter between six CIA officers (including Arthur Lundahl, the director of the most highly classified photo lab for the intelligence community) and an alien by the name of AFFA. The trance channeled communication led to a visible fly-by of the building where they were in Washington.

q Emenegger and Sandler were given a tour of the NPIC office where the 1959 communication had taken place with the alien.

q Photos of UFOs taken by astronauts, which NASA had formally denied the existence of.

The offer by Colonel Bill Coleman to suddenly make public dramatic evidence proving extraterrestrial visitations, and to free up classified information related to the UFO mystery was quite an about face from what he had formally written to NICAP member Kurt Zeissig. The 1962 statement related to AFM 190-4, Chapter 4, Section B.2.g, as it applied to Air Force personnel statements on UFOs and other military subjects. Coleman wrote Zeissig,

"By this order, the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information must delete all evidence of UFO reality and intelligent control, which would, of course, contradict the Air Force stand that UFOs do not exist. The same rule applies to A.F. press releases and UFO information given to Congress and the public."

In 1988, Coleman clarified and expounded on his 1962 statement in a letter to Florida Today columnist Billy Cox. It made his 1972 and 1985 approaches to Emenegger with offers of UFO landings footage. Coleman wrote Cox,

"In reviewing material for publication by authors who at the time of creation of the material were under USAF aegis, it was necessary to remove any material that would put the USAF in the position of supporting the thesis that alien intelligence was in fact visiting planet earth. The reason for this is simply the fact that evidence we possessed from the thousands of investigations did not in any way support the thesis. We had a warehouse full of stuff, but non of it, not one iota, would support the ETIH."



As plans for the government inspired documentary unfolded, Emenegger and Sandler were invited to Norton Air Force Base in May 1973, where they met with the Head of The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), and Paul Shartle former head of security and chief of requirements for the audiovisual program at Norton.

Here they were again assured that they would be provided the Holloman landing film to produce their documentary. Shartle would state in a 1988 interview that he had actually seen the Holloman landing footage. The documentary had been sponsored by the Department of Defense to do a public relations turnaround needed because if the Vietnam War. At least that is the story Emenegger and Sandler were told by Bill Coleman. A number of different subjects were proposed for the documentaries, but no other subject, other than UFOs, were brought up.

As the documentary neared completion, the two producers waited for the promised dramatic alien landing footage. Colonel Bill Coleman who had first made the offer to provide it in 1972, however, withdrew it. According to what Emenegger told researcher Tim Good, Coleman had declared, "The timing was politically inappropriate, due to the Watergate scandal."

Once he was informed he would not be getting the film he had been promised, Emenegger traveled to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to see one of the men who had been at the Pentagon, Col. George Weinbrenner. He demanded that the Colonel tell him what was going on.

According to Emenegger the Colonel stood up and walked up to a chalkboard complaining in a loud voice, "That damn MIG 25! We’re so public about what we have all kinds of things we don’t know about. We need to know more about the MIG-25."

Moving to his bookshelf, he continued his rant about the MIG-25, while pulling J. Allen Hynek’s book The UFO Experience off the shelf. He showed Emenegger Hynek’s signature and dedication to Weinbrenner on the inside cover while he talked.

To Emenegger it was clear that Weinbrenner "was confirming the reality of the film while making sure that no one overhearing the conversation would realize what he was doing."

It also illustrated the fact that the Holloman landing must have been a piece of information held by a group that would go to any ends to keep it secret. Weinbrenner was clearly afraid to be caught talking about the film. It was a film "they" wanted everyone to know about, but "they" wanted no insider to confirm.

It was also a film that involved many players below the surface such as the John MacArthur Foundation who put up the funds for the Sandler documentary, but who asked not to be listed in the credits. This appeared to be a clear case of someone supplying the money, and using the foundation as a front in order to protect their identity.

This classification fear is further backed up by a story reportedly told by one of the key figures in the Holloman UFO film story, Colonel Robert Coleman. The reported story, told on the inside, is that Coleman told Emenegger that in order to tell him the true story of the Holloman landing, he would have to take him out into the middle of the ocean on a boat.

The Emenegger/Sandler documentary, "UFOS, Past, Present, and Future" released by Sandler Films in 1974, was forced to use standard animation, background film taken at Holloman, and "elaborate drawing of the so-called aliens." At least that is what the producers thought when they first ran the film.

Later, the words of the film’s narrator Rod Serling took on new meaning when Shartle and Emenegger appeared in a 1988 interview on a nation wide TV special called "UFO Cover-up . . . Live" to state that 12 seconds of the film used in the documentary had been actual film of the 1971 UFO landing.

During the narration of the film Serling had declared, "Let us look at an incident that might happen in the future, or perhaps could have happened already." Now those words took on new meaning.

It slipped through the security net, according to Shartle, and the public never realized that they had actually viewed a flying saucer landing at a highly secure USAF Base.

This 1972 Holloman case of a reported film of an interaction between "us" and "them" being offered and then withdrawn is what Jacques Vallee described as "a dangling carrot case." Evidence would be provided to convince those who were to carry the message to the public, but no evidence would be provided to the messengers, which they would need to convince everyone else. Vallee should know. He was involved in an almost identical case with J. Allen Hynek in 1985.

Despite the drawbacks of the initial offer made by the government to Emenegger and Sandler, the incident is important because the government didn’t have to do it.

Further, it began a pattern of further releases by whoever controlled the UFO secrets that would continue on for the next 30 years. This pattern appeared to be a process for dropping the most bizarre, dramatic, concrete, and most paradigm shattering pieces of the UFO mystery into the UFO community, while at the same time destroying the case’s pedigree and other marks that would provide proof.

Robert Emenegger in the book he wrote in 1974 written in conjunction with the UFO documentary, seemed to realize the significance of the Holloman story in the overall history of UFOs. Emenegger wrote,

"But until the answer is found, the challenge remains. The momentum towards finding answers has begun – for a most significant and historical meeting has, quietly and without publicity, taken place."


It was not the first time that the Pentagon had offered dramatic UFO video evidence, nor would it be the last.

The first incident occurred when movie producer Walt Disney was approached to help produce a UFO documentary in 1957. (See complete story) A decade after Emenegger and Sandler, documentary film producer Linda Moulton Howe and HBO were approached and offered the same Holloman landing film along with the film of the live alien that lived in the Los Alamos safe house from 1949-1952. (see Howe story below)

Ward Kimball, an animator and producer who had been with Walt Disney since 1934, told the 1957 UFO film story. He was one of the original nine Disney animators called the "Nine Old Men" by Walt Disney. As an animator Kimball was best known for his creation of Jiminy Cricket in the movie Pinocchio, and Dumbo in the movie of the same name.

More importantly, Kimball initiated, produced, and directed three space films that appeared on Tomorrowland, a what-if television show developed to illustrate the possibilities of space. The three films were "Man in Space," "Man and the Moon," and "Mars and Beyond." The first of these was so popular (viewed by over 42 million people) that according to Kimball President Eisenhower phoned Walt Disney from the White House looking for a copy of the production.

"It impressed President Eisenhower - I can remember this- and the next day he phoned Walt and wanted to borrow a print of it! Walt wanted to know why, and he said: 'Well, I'm going to show it to all those stove-shirt generals who don't believe we're going to be up there!'"


Kimball told the story of Walt Disney’s UFO partnership with the government at a 1979 MUFON Convention speech. He stated in the speech that around 1957 or 1958 Walt Disney was contacted by the USAF and asked to cooperate on a documentary about UFOs. The USAF offered to supply actual UFO footage, just as they had done for Emenegger and Sandler in 1972 and 1985, and as they had to Linda Howe in 1983.

According to Kimball, Disney went along with the USAF plan. This compliance was in accord with the many rumors that indicated Disney was a patriotic, conservative, anti-communist who was willing to work with the government.

The FBI file on Walt Disney, for example, stated that on December 16, 1954 Disney was made a SAC Contact, elevated from an informant. The confidential internal FBI memo read,

"Because of Mr. Disney’s position as the foremost producer of cartoon files in the motion picture industry, and his prominence and wide acquaintanceship in film production matters, it is believed that he can be of valuable assistance to this office . . . "

Being a contact would allow him to take reports from other informers. As a part of this association Disney wrote a number of reports to the FBI during the McCarthy communist scare days of the 1950s.

On the day Walt Disney died, J. Edgar Hoover sent a letter of condolences to Walt’s wife Lillian. At the bottom of the file copy of the letter a handwritten notation was made to remove Walt Disney’s name as an active SAC Contact.

The FBI – Disney association gave the FBI "full access to the facilities of Disneyland for use, in connection with official matters and recreational purposes." All Disney movies that involved any references to the FBI had to be sent to the FBI for approval.

Disney had apparently made a deal in 1936 with the FBI to write reports on subversive authorities inside Hollywood in exchange for the FBI determining Walt Disney’s true lineage. Disney was apparently very uncertain of his real lineage, and this uncertainty was reflected in many of his film characters. Pinocchio, for example, was alone and desperately wanted to be Gepetto’s boy. In the movie Dumbo, Dumbo was the small baby elephant that had been separated from his mother. Finally, the prime character in Snow White was an abandoned stepchild.

Once Walt Disney had met with the USAF he began to work on the requested UFO documentary for the general public. He asked his animators to think up what an alien would look like. Meanwhile, he waited for the Air Force to deliver the promised film.

After some period of time the Air Force re-contacted Disney and told him the offer was being withdrawn. There would be no UFO footage as promised.

According to one account of the story,

" Disney cancelled the project, but by this time a lot of animated film of ‘creatures’ had been completed by his artists."

"So Disney went ahead and made a short "documentary" anyway, featuring Jonathan Winters impersonating various "characters" associated with typical UFO lore."

"I specifically recall Mr. Winters as an old lady/grandmother who
saw a UFO and reported it... then he portrayed the Air Force
officer who investigated the sightings and offered
explanations. He also portrayed a little boy in a room who had
a telescope looking up at the stars and, to the little boy's
amazement, an alien came through the telescope into his room (I
think I've got this right). Of course the boys father didn't
believe that story."

The movie was never shown in public, but Kimball did show it at the 1979 Symposium. The movie, however, did not contain any of the dramatic UFO footage and live aliens everyone had been promised. Kimball told Stanton Friedman that Ward told him, "After being promised footage with nothing being delivered, he spoke with a USAF Colonel. The latter told him that there indeed was plenty of UFO footage, but that neither Ward, nor anybody else, was going to get access to it."

As an interesting footnote to the Disney story, Emenegger reported that he and Sandler had also talked with the Disney people in the time period when they were working on the documentary. The people who they spoke to at the Disney studios "seemed to be involved and interested, but not have any particularly startling data."

 Recent information arising from controversy surrounding the 1995 "Alien Autopsy" indicates that the Disney studio might just have gotten some film, and just didn’t use it, or got it after the movie was finished.

The story that indicates there may have been film comes from a prominent UK photographer Mike Maloney. Mike Maloney is the Group Chief Photographer at Mirror Group Newspapers, a fellow with both the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Maloney has won many awards, 96 by one count, including Press Photographer of the Year three times.

In the 1970s, Maloney was dining with the head of Disney, and four of the original nine Disney animators while on a trip to the Disney Corporation in Los Angeles. While this was going on Maloney was introduced to another man, identified in one account a "well-known Disney employee."

The man offered to show Maloney some unusual film footage at his house. When Maloney saw it he described it "old footage of UFOs," and "two beings that he was told were aliens."

Investigator Georgina Bruni interviewed Mike Maloney about his early 1970s encounter at Disney. She described what Maloney told her about the aliens he had been shown on the film:

"One, which appeared to be dead, was laid out on a table - or slab, the other was clearly alive and moving around on the floor. He was given no information as to the source of the footage, which he was told was "top secret", but he was in no doubt that it was a genuine piece of old film. Mike described it as being similar to the alien autopsy footage that had been shown on television. At no time did he say it was the same, just similar. Of the footage he personally viewed, he said: ‘If the film that I saw was a fake, it was a brilliant fake.’"

June 1977

Possible Target or Courier- Daniel Sheehan

Through the cooperation of Marcia S. Smith at the Library of Congress, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan, asks for and gets access to the classified sections of Project Blue Book.

On a Saturday in June 1977 Sheehan entered the unfinished Jefferson Building in Washington, D.C. He entered a vault area in the basement and spent a couple hours going through microfilms. On one microfilm he came across a series of photos of a crashed flying saucer embedded in a snow bank. Members of the USAF who were measuring the craft surrounded the ship.

Sheehan traced symbols that were seen on the side of the craft, but he did not tell the story of what he saw for 20 years. The material Sheehan provided to Marcia Smith was used for reports on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence that were prepared for President Carter.

October 1977

Close Encounters of the Third Kind has often been described as a fictional recreation of the Holloman landing, done only a couple years after Coleman made the offer to Emenegger and Sandler. Could the Spielberg movie be part of this "operation disclosure" begun in 1972?

The story has long been told about a 20-page letter sent from NASA to Steven Spielberg advising him about certain things wanted by the government in the movie. One example was a request that the whole alien interaction not take on the fear dynamic that surrounded Spielberg’s 1975 movie "Jaws."

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that Close Encounters of the Third Kind was President Jimmy Carter’s favorite movie. Is it possible that Carter had some input into the movie being used to acclimatize the population about the reality of the alien presence?

Although White House records show no meetings, or phone calls between Carter and Spielberg, a photocopy of a photo in the Carter library shows that the official record is less than candid. Although the record says they never met, the photo shows they did.

On August 25, 1978, Carter sent Spielberg a picture with an inscription on it "To Steven Spielberg." It was signed "Jimmy Carter". Enclosed with the photo was an attached White House stationary note from the Social Secretary to the President Gretchen Poston, which read, "The president thought that you would enjoy receiving the enclosed photo."

Not Sure of date yet

Clifford Stone also claimed to have seen the film. More importantly he claims that he had the film on some kind of loan. There are stories that he showed it to some people. A security guard named September is one that was mentioned to me. He showed a film container marked "Holloman Film" in the trunk of his car to Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, Ralph Heick, Don Mitchell. Paul Davids claims Stone did the same thing to him. (Interview to be done to develop this point)


July 1978

Possible Target or Courier - Len Stringfield is contacted by a number of people connected to alien autopsies, and flying saucer crashes.


New concepts introduced 1) Crashed flying saucers 2) Alien Autopsies.

A number of anonymous sources contacted Len Stringfield to tell him independent stories about UFO crashes and autopsies of grey alien beings by the United States military.

Stringfield stood up in Dayton Ohio in July 1978 and presented a paper "Retrievals Of the Third Kind." Despite death threats before and during his talk, Stringfield told the story of what he had learned. The speech generated. The story of Stringfield’s release at the MUFO Symposium generated massive publicity and attention. Stringfield described the "instant response."

"UPI picked up the story that, in turn, triggered ABC radio and at least 100 affiliates, coat-to-coast, to call me day and night for interviews and talk shows. These, of course, brought the public into the hubbub and with it a deluge of mail and phone calls."

One of Stringfield’s key early sources was a man known as "Mr. Q." Stringfield believed he was from the CIA. As Stringfield explained,

"Among me early contacts, one stood out. There was no doubt in my mind, as time went by, that he was what he professed to be – an agent of the CIA. Through "church affiliation" and probably for other reasons unknown to me, he had a close and trusted relationship with Robert Barry of Yoe, Pennsylvannia, who served as our intermediary. Known only as "Mr.Q" he was to remain invisible to me; his presence known only by a recognizable voice, terse, commanding, and knowledgeable. I heard it many times as Barry replayed his tapes with information on worldwide events and some useful advisories relative to UFO crashes. In fact, said Barry, he was a member of a retrieval team in a New Mexico crash, 1962, where he personally helped in the recovery of the dead humanoid occupants. Surprisingly, Mr. Q’s tips on past UFO crashes, which I had shared with no one, including Barry, often proved accurate."

Stringfield’s work was the first real expose on alien autopsies, and it brought out a number of critics. Stringfield, however, held his ground. Following the convention he wrote to me, "I did contribute some new and valuable data re retrievals, and despite my critics, I’m glad I did!"

January 1978

Possible Target or Courier - Bob Pratt , Bill Dick, Tony Brenna- prominent UFO reporting staff at the National Enquirer

New concepts introduced 1) aliens being shot around military institutions 2) Nuclear missiles being tampered with by aliens, as to opposed to National Enquirer release of 1975 over flights of nuclear missile installations in 1975.

What has become known as the Ellsworth document was sent February 9,78 to the National Enquirer, along with an anonymous cover letter, indicating that November 16, 1977 a security officer at the L-9 missile site challenged an individual wearing a green metallic uniform who refused to stop. When the officer pointed his M-16 at the unidentified figure, the figure hit the officer’s rifle with "a flash of light . . .disintegrating the weapon and causing second and third degree burns" to the officer’s hands.

Minutes later, a second officer minutes later fired at two similarly dressed individuals who were hit and fell to the ground. However, fifteen seconds later, they got up and were observed getting into a flying saucer which then took off and disappeared. Later missile maintenance reported that the L-9 missile’s nuclear component was missing. A Wing Commander arrived at the base ordering the site "a National Defense Area and ordering all non essential personal out of the area."

A letter attached to the two-page document claimed the incident had been classified Top Secret and all the witnesses had been silenced.

An investigation by the national Enquirer turned up 20 inconsistencies and errors in the document. The document was declared phony and many fingers were pointed at Richard Doty who was with the 44th Security Police Group at Ellsworth at the time.

The National Enquirer looked at a Sgt. Richard A. Benson as a possible suspect, but handwriting at the bottom of the document did not match either man’s handwriting.

In 1983, as part of his involvement with Linda Howe, Doty stated that the Ellsworth had occurred. Later however, he told Linda Howe and Bill Moore that the incident had not occurred.

February 1978 – August 1979

Colonel William Coleman, who approached Robert Emenegger to show footage of a landing in May 1971 of aliens at the Holloman Air Force Base, produces a NBC-TV show called "Project UFO." Jack Webb’s production company, Mark V11 Limited, produced the show. Jack Webb, formally a star with the show Dragnet, was the executive producer of Project UFO.

The show was a weekly show that dramatized some of the official reports from Project Blue Book. The show was effectively the forerunner of the X-files show. There were no smoking gun cases, no conspiracy, and just unexplained cases from the Blue Book files.


Possible Target or Courier- Len Stringfield

Stringfield receives a set of photos from a contact by the name of Mack "supposedly lifted from CIA files and stealthily provided for me to present as a block-buster breakthrough at the MUFON Symposium in Houston, Texas in July 1980."

The photos were of a non-human body "under glass with vapor emanating from a beaker near the head" taken at different angles. Two of the photos in the set did not seem to fit in and one seemed to have ben retouched.

Mack promised Stringfield that if he showed the photos in Houston he would provide "even better photos in color of alien bodies for a future big showdown."

Stringfield felt uneasy about a trip he took to Erie, Pennsylvania to deal with three men arranging the photo deal. In may 1980 Stringfield discovered that the first issue of a new pulp magazine UFO Sightings included a dead humanoid photo strikingly similar to the one with the "beaker emitting vapors" provided to him by Mack.

Mack assured him that his photos were legit, so Stringfield grudgingly announced that he would show the photos at the Symposium. Stringfield stated he felt "damned if he did, and damned if he didn’t." On the day of his Houston presentation Stringfield was shown yet another alien photo this time from the December 1977 Ancient Astronauts magazine exactly the same photo he had been provided by Mack. Apparently, the photos were being supplied to various sources to serve some unknown purpose.

July 1980


Possible Target or Courier - Aerial Phenomena Research Organization –APRO), and possibly Bill Moore

New Concepts introduced 1) Aliens working in cooperation with Government 2) Alien underground bases.

APRO was closely connected to a Paul Bennewitz, an Albuquerque businessman trained as a physicist, who became convinced in the late 1970s that he was monitoring electromagnetic signals that extraterrestrials were using to control persons they had abducted.

Bennewitz had set up equipment tried to decode these signals and he believed he was succeeding. In addition to the signals Bennewitz began to see and film what he thought were UFOs flying in and around the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility and the Coyote Canyon test area, just outside of Kirtland AFB.

Bennewitz reported all this to the Tucson-based Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), and to officers at Kirkland. A couple of the people who became involved with Bennewitz and his claims were Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) agent Sgt. Richard Doty and Maj. Ernest Edwards, head of base security.

APRO is sent a document that became known as the "Wetzel" letter. It is written by Richard Doty and is related to the Bennewitz affair. Bill Moore handles the letter as director of Special Investigations in 1980 at APRO.

APRO was closely connected to a Paul Bennewitz who was claiming he was monitoring UFO activities in and around Kirkland Air Force base in New Mexico.

Moore claimed in a speech that he made in July 1989 that the document was "loosely based upon an actual UFO case." He further maintained that it was sent to APRO by Doty as "bait," to recruit someone inside APRO who could keep USAFOSI informed on what Bennewitz was doing and saying.

As Moore became the Director of Special Investigations, he was the one who took the bait. Shortly after the letter arrived Moore met for the first time with Special Agent Richard Doty at Kirkland AFB.

One of the key things Moore concluded from the Weitzel document is that "as early as 1980 there were at least two individuals involved in officially creating spurious material and providing it to public sources." Moore discovered this by comparing the writing styles of the Weitzel and Ellsworth document. The producers of the material coming to Moore seemed now to be coming from multiple sources.


September 1980

Possible Target or Courier - Bill Moore prominent at the time for having co-authored the "Roswell Incident."

New Concepts introduced – MJ-12, DC-5, and Project Aquarius.

Following the publication of his book "The Roswell Incident" in the summer of 1980, Moore gets contacted while in Omaha, Nebraska by a Colonel at nearby Offutt AFB offering to meet with him and talk. Later in the same trip while in Albuquerque, New Mexico Moore gets a call from an individual at nearby Kirkland AFB. Moore ties these two individuals into the story of how and why he was contacted by intelligence people related to UFOs.

Moore version of his being contacted (by Falcon) in preparation for being provided with dramatic and conclusive UFO information goes as follows.

"In early September, 1980, I was approached by a well placed individual in the intelligence community who claimed to be directly connected to a high level government project dealing with UFOs. This individual, who subsequently came to be known as" The Falcon", told me that he spoke for a small group of similar individuals who were uncomfortable with the government's continuing cover-up."

Moore is provided the concepts of MJ-12, and Project Aquarius. Moore, Jamie Shandera, and Stanton Friedman promote the ideas widely. The ideas get out. Nothing is confirmed. The cover up is unaffected.


March 1981

Possible Targets or Couriers – Bill Moore is provided a photocopy of the Aquarius Teletype after being shown the original by Falcon in late February 1981. Moore described the document and it’s purpose as follows,

"The Aquarius Document is an actual example of some of the disinformation produced in connection with the Bennewitz case. The document is a retyped version of the real AFOSI message with a few spurious additions. It was apparently created by AFOSI, or at least I assumed it was, and it was handed to me in March 1981, with the intention that I would pass it to Bennewitz."


January 1982

Possible Targets or Couriers – Bob Pratt and Bill Moore

Bob Pratt was asked by Bill Moore to collaborate on a novel with him in Jan. 1982, or January 1981. The basis for the novel was "Project Aquarius, MJ-12, and a lot of other things." The working title was "MAJIK-12." Final title was "Project Aquarius." (Alternate titled was "IAC Conspiracy") Much of the technical proofreading of the 250+ page manuscript was provided through Richard Doty, or at least that was Bob Pratt’s impression.

Pratt had known Moore from his book "The Roswell Incident," and they had considered doing projects together on other things prior to the Aquarius book. They had for example considered doing a project on Abraham Lincoln’s Air Force during the civil war, and the zone of silence in Mexico.

Bob Pratt described the book effort,

"We finally agreed that we couldn’t prove any of this stuff, and write a non-fiction book, so we agreed to write a novel, and put all this crap in there you know and pass it off as fact described as fiction. That kind of idea . . . I wanted to call it MJ-12 or I wanted to call it IAC or something I can’t remember. He wanted to call it Project Aquarius. To me that was kind of hokey. Project Aquarius was an old word by then . . . now it turns out that there was a third silent partner in this book, and he gave me the impression that this was Doty. The manuscript was submitted to him for approval. . The manuscript came back with a lot of interesting technical details put into it such as weaponry and squads and things of that nature. This supposedly came from Doty. Whether it did or not I don’t know.(later Bob mentions that at the bottom of the title page it was written "written with the cooperation and assistance of Donald L. Davis.")

Pratt recalled that the book was ready in late 1983. At that point Moore who had an agent took over. In July Moore phoned Pratt to tell him no one was interested in the book.

March 1983

Possible Target or Courier - Bill Moore

Moore travels from airport to airport around the country ending up "in a motel on the edge of a mid-sized city in upstate New York." Moore is give 19 minutes to do anything he wants with material he is given in a brown manila envelope." What is in the envelope is the so-called "Aquarius Papers," which were " a transcription of notes either intended for use in preparing a briefing, or taken down during one and typed later."

This briefing was later rumored to be the one given Pres. Carter. (A briefing which supposedly took place on June 15, 1977) The Aquarius Papers contained essentially the identical information that Linda Howe says Doty conveyed to her in their April 1983 meeting.

April 1983

Potential Target or Courier Linda Howe (prominently known at the time for her cattle mutilation investigations)

Linda Moulton Howe is told an almost identical story to the one being told to Bill Moore. While preparing to make a UFO documentary for HBO, Howe is given information by Richard Doty, a special agent with Air Force OSI at Kirtland AFB (Albuquerque). Doty claims that higher ups are willing to release special confirming UFO information for her documentary. Howe described the offer, "because the government intended to release to me several thousand feet of color and black and white film taken between 1947 and 1964 showing crashed UFO discs and extraterrestrial bodies in historic footage to be included in the HBO documentary supported with official government confirmation."

Howe’s meeting occurred on 4/9/83 at Kirtland Air Force base. She was taken to a room going through doors with number pads on the door. Doty appeared to know all the codes needed.

In the process of being offered an inside to the secrets of the government UFO program, Linda asked Doty why he had chosen to give her the secret, rather than just going to the New York Times or Washington Post. Doty replied that it was easier to control an individual as opposed to a major corporation with expensive attorneys.

Linda was shown a paper titled, "Briefing Paper for the President of the United States." Doty said, ""My superiors have asked me to show you this." The paper described the government’s efforts from the 1940s on to ascertain the origin and motives of the E.T.s. This was done through Projects described in the paper and given names such as Sign, Grudge, Gleem, Pounce, Blue Book, Sigma, Snowbird, and Aquarius. The paper also mentioned MJ-12.

When Linda asked Doty if he knew about the Holloman film, Doty said he did but Emenegger had gotten the date wrong. The date he provided for the Holloman landing film was April 26, 1964 [which was a day after the nearby Lonnie Zamora Socorro landing and which Doty said was a screw up to a preplanned Holloman landing]

Doty then gave his version of the Holloman landing. When three UFOs appeared at Holloman at six o'clock the following morning, one landed while the other two hovered overhead. During the meeting between the UFO-beings and a Government party, the preserved bodies of dead aliens had been given to the E.T.s who, in turn, had returned something unspecified. Five ground and aerial cameras recorded this event.

Doty also described a 1949 Roswell crash and the 1948 Aztec, N.M., (which Bill Moore stated Doty had brought up because of a discussion with him days before) 1953 Kingman, AZ, and 1950 Mexico saucer crashes, gave a description of the alien bodies identical to Leonard Stringfield's witnesses, described a second, taller alien race. He described good and bad alien but had the greys as good and the blonds as the bad guys.

Doty told Linda about a live alien that had been recovered in a second Roswell crash in 1949. He stated that it had lived till 1952 when it died of unknown causes. During its captivity it had telepathically told military officers that the aliens had long been manipulating human biology and history.

Despite Doty’s claim that the government had authorized the release of film showing crashed saucers and alien bodies for use in the HBO documentary, it never materialized due to "political delays." When the alleged historical film footage didn’t materialized, HBO canceled the documentary.

Linda told her story widely. Concepts such as the live alien and the concept of various alien species visiting earth become widely known. Much of the story seemed to have some basis in fact. Nothing at all is confirmable. The ideas get out, and the cover up is unaffected.

Early May 1983

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bill Moore Stanton Friedman

After Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman decided to track documents from the various agencies involved in the New Mexico green-fireball incidents in the late 1940s. "Falcon" told Moore on October 25, 1982 that if they looked in the right places they could get more documents than they had already obtained in the search.

In May 1983, during a meeting with Falcon, Moore was handed a manila envelope with a one-page letter dated January 13, 1949, from Col. E.L. Poland, HQ, 4th Army, to the Director of Army Intelligence in D.C.

The letter was headed "452.1 AKADB, SUBJECT: UNCONVENTIONAL AIRCRAFT (Control No. A-1917)" Moore was told to Request that file from the Department of the Army in the Pentagon and you will find something you have been looking for."

On May 10, 1983 Moore filed an FOIA and received more than 900 pages. They involved early CIRVIS reports (filed under JANAP 146) several dozen early Air Intelligence Reports, a large number of green fireball documents, and many miscellaneous items. Many of the items had been "electronically transmitted’ to the CIA and new National security Agency. Also found were references to 44 other files accumulated by the Directorate for Intelligence in the Pentagon, and on loan for 30 days.


May 1983

Possible Target or Courier - Bill Moore

Moore receives a message stating, "a package is ready for delivery." Moore sends Nic Magnuson as a cut-out on a specific date to the Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, Washington.

Magnuson flies to Seattle waits at a specific gate for 20 minutes. When no one shows up he moves to a second gate after leaving the area for one hour. At this gate a "short, elderly, balding man" offs him a newspaper. In the newspaper was a manila envelop "securely sealed with brown wrapping tape."

Inside a second envelope are found eight "single page documents dated from June 24, 1978 and December 28, 1982, all on CIA letterhead and all copied on pale, blue-colored paper. They purported to be copies of internal communications between various members of MJ-12.

December 1984

Potential Target or Couriers - Bill Moore, Jamie Shandera, Stanton Friedman, Lee Graham.

The now famous MJ-12 documents (reported to be a Briefing for President Eisenhower) are mailed to William Moore’s research associate and Los Angeles film producer Jamie Shandera.

The film arrives in an envelope that "was protected by a border of brown tape that ran along its seams." Anyone who has received FOIA documents from the CIA will recognize this taping pattern.

(A key point – In 1987 British researchers Jenny Randles and Timothy Good also received offers of the MJ-12 documents. Randles turned down the offer she was made. Good accepted an identical copy of the MJ-12 documents from what he considered to be a source independent of Moore. Good stated he had acquired information about Majestic 12 first in 1985 from an "intelligence source." Timothy Good’s plans to publish the documents in his 1987 book "Above Top Secret" forced Moore, Friedman, and Shandera to go public with their documents at the 1987 MUFON Symposium in Washington D.C. Moore stated that they had been warned by their intelligence people that another copy of the MJ-12 document was in Britain and would be published.)


Early 1985

Possible Targets or Couriers – J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Robert Emenegger

Colonel Bill Coleman, now retired and living in Florida, contacts Emenegger about doing another documentary on UFOs. Coleman indicates the time is again right, the government might be willing to release key confirming information. He tells Emenegger that Coleman tells Emenegger "Allen Hynek might be willing to participate again." Hynek, therefore, has already been approached. His involvement with the proposed 1985 documentary is independent of Vallee. Vallee is the final player asked to play. Hynek appeared to have been consulted with even before Emenegger.

A key to getting the information promised by the government is that the film had to be "professional enough and interesting enough to reopen the whole subject before the American people." After hearing Coleman’s pitch, Emenegger was convinced the government was about to provide the "final" evidence.

Vallee was "negative and skeptical" about the offer being made by Emenegger’s military contacts. He felt that if the government wanted to release the information they could simply go to someone like the national Academy of Sciences and announce the discovery of the alien presence. Coleman was saying the information had to be "leaked carefully, as part of something else."

For the second time Emenegger is getting claims that he will be given sensational evidence of the reality of UFOs. He contacts Hynek and Vallee about being part of the documentary to lend it credibility. He tells the two men he will not go it alone. Suggestions are even made that Senator Barry Goldwater, and former President Jimmy Carter "would help."

They, however, feel the Air Force is again playing games and are trying to use them to deliberately mislead the public. Between themselves they conclude that they cannot support Emenegger’s plan, but "if there is any chance of uncovering genuine evidence" they would pursue it "behind the scenes."

Hynek and his assistants go to Norton Air Force Base to the Defense Audiovisual Agency (DAVA) to meet with Dr. Glenn Edward Miller and his boss General Robert Scott, the Director of DAVA. Both men turn out to be "outright contactees." Vallee and Hynek hold against the Generals the fact that they believe the accounts of Swiss contactee Billy Meier.

On March 27, 1985 Vallee travels out himself to Norton to meet with Dr. Miller and his assistant Mr. Atkins. Miller, a man with two doctorates, described three sighting he had experienced including one that involved going on a landed spaceship, and ‘further communication with the entity" afterwards.

Dr. Miller told Vallee that he "felt strongly that such data existed," although he did not indicate to Vallee that he knew what "the alleged evidence was, or where it was located."

General Scott was added to the discussion and he let Vallee know that DAVA was under the control of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Relations where Col. Coleman worked.

Scott told Vallee that he thought there were many "classes of beings" visiting earth and hinted that they weren’t all good. They are here to warn us against destroying ourselves. (Classic contactee message)

July 1985

Potential Targets or Couriers - Moore, Friedman, and Shandera

This whole incident started when Moore received a postcard addressed to his former mailbox – P.O. Box 189, Dewey, Arizona. It had been mailed from New Zealand. Its message read,

Add zest to your trip to Washington

Try Reeses pieces

For a stylish look

Try Suit Land

Moore and Shandera discover an unsigned carbon copy of a brief memo, dated July 14, 1954 from Robert Cutler, special assistant to President Eisenhower to General Nathan Twinning. Its subject - "NSC/MJ-12 Special Studies Project." The memo simply rescheduled the MJ-12/SSP briefing to take place during "the already scheduled White house meeting of July 16 rather than following it.

The document was found in the just declassified USAF Intelligence records from Record Group 341. The document is discovered at the Suitland, Maryland satellite station of the National archives.

Important to the story is the fact that Friedman had intended to review the Air Force Record Group 341 files for three months. This was before the postcard arrived, and because Friedman had been phoning often about the documents, who ever planted the document in the T4-1846 file, Box 189, knew that Friedman (a member of the team investigating the MJ-12 document) would eventually review the files.

Friedman had been phoning the National Archives every week for those three months asking if the 64-man Air Force Declassification team had finished the review of the files. When the files were finally read, Friedman realized that he had to go on a UFO lecture tour, and couldn’t go.

Moore didn’t want to go either. He had already been worn down by the many dead ends of the intelligence game. Only when Friedman said that the records were not at the National Archives, but at Suitland Maryland, and that to get them the researcher had to go through the military archivist in charge Edward Reese, did the last pieces of the puzzle come together. At that point Shandera and Moore figured there would be enough chance of success to make the trip across the country.


Like the MJ-12 documents, the discovered document comes under heavy attacks from skeptics and critics. Many start to point at Moore as a possible author.



Potential Targets or Couriers - Len Stringfield

Captain Robert Collins approaches researcher Len Stringfield, while Collins is still stationed at Wright-Patterson. Collins phones him once a week. He offers highly technical papers, and "a meeting with a Colonel who possessed a lot of information."

Stringfield refuses to reveal his sources, and Collins breaks off the correspondence and moves on to contact Bruce Maccabee.

Collins told me " I found him too unreliable and dropped him."

As to his connection with the Falcon, Collins stated, "Since being friends with Bill and having a strictly personal interest in UFOs I also knew and understood effective CI methods to cover the identity of a confidential source. Bill was familiar with these methods. Both the use of my name and Doty’s to cover the identity of "Condor" and "Falcon" worked very well for over 21/2 years. The tracks were covered just enough now so that it is doubtful that the real "Condor" or "Falcon" will ever be found. To this day I don’t know who they are and Bill won’t tell me!


Potential Target or Courier -Lee Graham

Lee Graham was an aerospace worker at Aerojet Electrosystems in Azusa, California who was shown documents like the MJ-12 and Aquarius by Bill Moore, prior to their public release. He eventually took the documents to his superiors and came under intense security by the Defense Investigative Service (DIS). Moore who provided the documents, however, was never investigated by DIS even though Lee Graham insisted an investigation should take place.

In 1987 two men paid an intimidating visit to Lee Graham’s workplace. One of the men identified himself as FBI Special Agent William Hurley. The second man dressed in civilian clothes, who did not identify himself, turned out to be Major General Michael Kerby, USAF, who at the time of the visit was Director of the Air Force Legislative Liaison office.

The bulk of the one-hour interview was encouragement and congratulations for disseminating the MJ-12 document to the public. In addition to this "pep talk," Graham was shown the then Top Secret designation of the F-117 ‘Stealth’ fighter, by Kirby who had been in command of the operational aspects of the fighter while he was stationed at Nellis AFB. This was an item of interest to Graham, who had been seeking it through FOIA requests for years.

Strangely, Graham learned the identity of the man in civilian clothes from another mysterious figure in the UFO community. This man was C.B. Scott Jones, then a congressional aide to Senator Claiborne Pell. Jones provided Graham General Kirby’s identity, along with a biography and photograph of the general. He told Graham in the accompanying letter that Kirby was a "mutual acquaintance."

When he was later confronted about how he would know about the mysterious drop-in at Graham’s worksite to discuss the MJ-12 document, Jones stated that the general had been at Senator Pell’s senate suite on a courtesy call, and he had mentioned the visit to Jones, knowing Jones’ "interest in these matters."

When Graham filed FOIA requests related to his meeting with the FBI agent and General Kirby he discovered that he was being monitored by AFOSI Colonel Barry Hennessey in Washington, D.C. Interestingly, Hennessey was the boss of AFOSI officer Richard Doty who had been actively discussing MJ-12 with Bill Moore and Linda Howe prior to the mailing of the MJ-12 documents to Jamie Shandera in December 1984.

In his 1983 meeting with Linda Howe, Doty had said ""My superiors have asked me to show you this," as he handed her the document identified as "Briefing for the President." The document had included discussion of MJ-12.

In 1987, the mysterious Kirby/Graham meeting clearly shows Doty’s boss is now monitoring Graham who appears to have been given the job of disseminating the MJ-12 document within the security community.

November 1987

Potential Targets or Couriers – Linda Howe

Former USAF Officer Robert Collins was "frantically" trying to get Linda Howe to meet with him in Albuquerque. At that meeting, also attended by John Lear, Collins showed the two some MJ-12 documents, primarily relating to a live alien allegedly held captive by the U.S. Government. According to Howe, Collins stated that he had worked "behind the scenes" with Bill Moore for years.

December 1987

Possible Target or Courier – John Lear

New Concepts Introduced – Praying mantises aliens, Area-51, U.S. Government deal with aliens

Based on information he was receiving from secret sources John Lear begins to tell stories that there is an underground base at Area –51 and that back engineering work on flying saucers is going on at the base. In addition to these concepts Lear added a number of new ones he had been told such as,

The U.S. Government had made a deal for aliens technology in exchange for looking the other way on abductions and cattle mutilations.

There was an underground base both at Area-51 and in Dulce, New Mexico where these alien interactions were taking place.

The U.S. had recovered a whole series of downed UFOs. One was even buried.

Late 1980s

Potential Targets or Couriers – Robert Emenegger

Robert Emenegger is told by sources that he is about to get an invitation to interview a "live" extraterrestrial in a Southwestern State. This may be a distortion of the Linda Howe offer to interview the handler who lived with the live alien captured in 1949. Only Emenegger knows for sure. It may also be Emenegger being in contact with some of the Moore inner circle people who were pushing the live alien story.

August and September 1988

Potential Targets or Couriers

Len Stringfield, after a long period of quiet in contacts from his sources, is contacted by 10 new sources all at the same time. "Each promised," wrote Stringfield, "that useful information about UFO crash crash/retrievals would soon follow. By the end of November most promises were filled, some were first-hand reports, some second. But, most importantly, some provided new backup information for cases cited in my previously published reports. Most rewarding was the timely emergence of persons serving in covert positions with substantive information in key areas of my work."

October 1988

New Concepts Introduced – Naval Observatory as headquarters for MJ-12, a flow chart showing the hierarchy of the organization handling the UFO problem for the U.S. government.

Moore along with a few other people who had been involved with the underworld of UFO leakers put together a two-hour national documentary called "UFO Cover up Live." Richard Doty and Robert Collins act the backlighted interviews of Falcon and Condor. They relate the story of the extraterrestrials. The audience is told what they look like, where they are from, and bizarre facts like the fact they like Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream.

The real Falcon, a man in his 60s is in the small studio audience for the show. Robert Coleman, who is also present for the live show recognizes the man and is surprised that he is involved.

There were some 75,000 calls into the toll free number the night of the broadcast, but the number was less than expected. Moore, Friedman, and Shandera received a lot of criticism inside the UFO community for the Falcon and Condor interviews, and of course the idea put out that the captured aliens held by the U.S. government liked Tibetan music, and strawberry ice cream.


Potential Targets or Couriers – John Lear and Las Vegas KLAS-TV reporter George Knapp.

New Concepts Introduced – S-4, element 115, and back engineering work at Area 51.

A man claiming to be a physicist named Bob Lazar appears on Las Vegas TV station KLAS. He claims to have worked at Area 51, in a section known as S-4, where he worked on back engineering efforts on 9 recovered flying saucers.

Some in the field were led to believe the appearance of Lazar was an effort by intelligence people to hide the testing of a radically new plane called the Aurora. In 1990 an uncovered financial analysis done for Lockheed corporation, showed that the plane was eating up almost a half billion dollars in funding.

This concept is a no-brainer, and is symbolic of the problem with the whole disinformation theory related to UFOs. If the Air Force wanted to test the Aurora in complete secrecy, would it make sense to start up a rumor of crashed flying saucers at Area-51 which would attract tens of thousands of people to the area where you are doing the testing?



A Warning Sign Outside Area 51 where Lazar claims to have worked on Flying Saucers.


Lazar’s story introduces the company EG&G as a company involved in the UFO program. He also involves US Navy Intelligence as the overseers of the UFO program.

The story creates such a worldwide dialogue that thousands head up into the mountains surrounding Area 51 to watch what is going on. The USAF actually takes over public land where the viewers watch to stop the tours. Some stories state the UFO work is actually moved to a new AFB in Utah because of the sudden exposure.

September 1989

Possible Target or Courier – Timothy Good

The director of a "Special Development Group" associated with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Internatuional contacts U.K. researcher Timothy Good. The director stated that one of his colleagues had been at Good speech a few months earlier at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Good was told the director’s corporation was working on an International Touring Display on the subject that would provide accurate information on UFOs, and be entertaining. When Good expressed reservations about a circus company getting involved in UFOs, the director wrote back and described a government connection to the UFO International display.

"Organizations such as NASA, United States Government, Rockwell International, have agreed to work with out cooperation to develop the main part of this show, the future of space and the technical advances predicted over the next 100 years. Their reluctance at first was not the fact that we owned circuses, but on how the UFO subject is going to be tastefully handled. We have now satisfied their concerns . . . "

Tim Good passed off the project to Bob Oeschler who he felt was fully qualified to help. Oeschler had spent years as a UFO researcher, NASA mission specialist and project engineer.

When Oeschler was brought into the project known as "Cosmic Journey," he was told that the project had received the approval of President George Bush, Vice-president Dan Quayle and the national Space Council (an organization based in the White House and protected under Executive order.)

In November 1989, Oeschler met at the Pentagon with the general from the intelligence community attached to the "Cosmic Journey" project. He proposed Oeschler check with NASA and NPIC for photos he could use for the exhibit.

The general, according to Oeschler also proposed an exhibit of a dead alien in " a space age looking coffin with blue lighting inside the clear lexan cover."


1987- 1989

Possible Target or Courier – Howard Blum

New Concepts Introduced – A secret working group called together in 1987 to study the hidden government aspects of the UFO phenomena.

According to award winning New York Times reporter Howard Blum, "a senior official at the National Security Agency" gives him a strange lead. The official was helping him with a book he was doing at the time about the Walker spy case. The lead was "there’s been a lot of talk around the NSA about outer space. Weird stuff. UFOs. Heard they got some kind of all-star working group or something. A panel of hotshots zeroing in on UFOs. Going to get the truth at last."

He approached Pulitzer winning New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh for help on the story. Hersh was upset that Blum would pursue such a story and appeared not to be interested. Two days later, however, he phoned Blum to confirm there was some secret working group working on UFOs but that Blum would have to get the story on his own.

Blum managed to find one of the NSA members who sat on the super secret inside group called the UFO Working Group. Blum is able to piece together the story from there.

The UFO Working Group was a spin-off of the remote viewing program and more specifically the "coordinate remote viewing" CRV program. One version of the story as told by Blum states that the whole thing started during a meeting held in the secure vault of President Reagan’s Scientific Advisor George Keyworth in the fall of 1985. Dr. Hal Puthoff, then running the SRI remote viewing program, explained that Ingo Swann, a viewer, would demonstrate " A new perceptual channel through which individuals are able to perceive and describe remote data not presented to any known sense."

A short series of precise geographical coordinates were read to Swann and he proceeded to describe a building that once the target was revealed turned out to be the country dacha of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Following this, a demonstration took place to show how the displayed "scannate" technology could be used in antisubmarine warfare. Swann was shown a series of pictures of submarines, some American, some Soviet, some in dry dock, some not built yet. His job was to provide the exact coordinates of each submarine.

As he was set to call up the coordinates of a Soviet Delta-class submarine in one of the photographs, he stopped and reported that he saw something above the submarine. Asked to draw it on a piece of paper he drew a classic image of a flying saucer.

A report was made by the SRI team of the incident and sent to the DIA who was the "primary client." About this same time money from the Army for the CRV program was withdrawn, and the entire program moved to DIA.

The Swann submarine incident led to a DIA/Navy Intelligence sponsored program to use scannate to search for soviet submarines. According to Blum’s information, the DIA was able to detect at least 17 UFO objects connected to Soviet submarines over the next 14 months. The project was called Project magnet and the DIA Directorate for Management and Operations supervised it.

More importantly, the incidents of the "hovering UFOs" around submarines provided an inspiration to Col. John Alexander, then Director, advanced concepts US Army Lab. Command, Aldelphi, MD. He proposed that the DIA Project Aquarius viewers should view an area above Kickaboo, Texas. It was there that NORAD reported an unknown object had tripped a manmade electromagnetic fence extending up to 15,000 miles above the earth.

The three viewers all were asked to view anything unusual at that latitude and longitude in the last 48 hours. By the end of the day all three CRV viewers had send back drawing of a UFO. With this addition evidence in hand Alexander convinced the DIA to set up a "top-secret working group to investigate the possibility that extraterrestrials were making contact with this planet."

Based on this psychic confirmation of a UFO event obtained by radar, the UFO Working Group was formed in February 1987. Col. John Alexander sent out the invitations for others he had chosen to generate a top-secret review of the UFO situation.

Col. John B. Alexander


Armen Victorian who squared off with Alexander during the period Howard Blum was researching the UFO Working Group, described Alexander’s role, and the start-up of the group this way,


John Alexander's position as the Program Manager for Contingency Missions of Conventional Defense Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratories, enabled him to exploit the Department of Defense's Project Reliance "which encourages a search for all possible sources of existing and incipient technologies before developing new technology in-house" to tap into a wide range of exotic topics, sometimes using defense contractors, e.g., McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. I have several reports, some of which were compiled before his departure to the Los Alamos National Laboratories when he was with Army Intelligence, which show Alexander's keen interest in any and every exotic subject--UFOs, ESP, psychotronics, anti- gravity devices, near-death experiments, psychology warfare and non-lethal weaponry.

Having received a lead on the group Blum decided to investigate the UFO Working Group. The story of what he discovered was written up in a widely distributed 1990 book, "Out There: The Government’s Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials."

One UFO newsgroup reader described the Blum book as "the interesting process of turning bull shit into history." Many other UFO researchers quickly echoed that assessment, and the book ended up receiving little support from with the UFO community. In reality, those who claim to have been involved, claim the book is 90% accurate. These are the same people who were in the secure vaults when the 1987 meetings occurred.

Blum described the UFO Working Group as a group trying to "settle this UFO question once and for all". The men trying to settle the question were a group of men who had each had some contact with black budget programs and government security.

There are two views as to exactly what the UFO Working Group was. The first view is that they were a group who knew much more than the average researcher, but they were not the top-level group Blum made them out to be. They were a group scientists, military personnel, and intelligence analysts who basically sat around a table and shared anecdotal information and scuttlebutt they had heard directly or second hand through the black budget community or through the chain of command. They looked at the relationship of various programs to UFO program that all believed existed somewhere in the black budget of the United States government.

The second view, exemplified by Howard Blum’s account is that the group was a highly classified compartmentalized group working inside the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Management and Operations which had been given great power to attack the UFO problem.

The DIA Connection

Blum makes a number of references in his book as to the UFO connection to the UFO Working Group. This DIA tie-in is interesting because it parallels stories being told at the same time by Bill Moore and others about the key role in the UFO hierarchy played by the DIA. (complete story)


The UFO Working group, according to all accounts, was able to field CIA assets under cover to investigate UFO sightings. Blum pointed out one case in Wisconsin where two CIA officers were sent impersonating NASA engineers. This type of internal CIA investigation was possible because of President Ronald Reagan’s signing of Executive Order 12333, which allowed the CIA to operate within the United States under certain conditions.

The UFO Working Group was a "group of insiders who were looking for the insider group." They were desperately seeking the crashed flying saucers, and MJ-12 group just like the rest of Ufology. They believed, according to some, that there was an unknown mysterious engineering project run by either Admiral Bobby Ray Inman or General John J. Sheehan. A lot of black budget money was known to be flowing in that direction. No one, however, seemed able to get anything concrete on the group.

They had an advantage in seeking the answer in that they knew some of the black secrets of the government. In addition, they were able to talk to other high-ranking people who would speak to them because of their backgrounds.

The UFO Working Group came together to work on the UFO problem, knowing that together they could share and achieve more than by working alone. They worked on four main problems;

1. Investigating UFO Reports

2. Investigating the MJ-12 Documents

3. Investigating the scuttlebutt of UFO crashed saucer stories being told by insiders and witnesses

4. Investigated global US intelligence assets being used to detect UFOs

Many of the 17 men in the UFO Working Group would go on to become members of another top-secret chat group known as the Aviary. This informal group became famous for their connections to researcher Bill Moore in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They went by bird names that allowed them to talk among each other without everyone knowing who they were. At least that was the plan.

Many of UFO Working Group, turned Aviary, went on to become members of the National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS), started up by Nevada billionaire Robert M. Bigalow. NIDS like the other two groups provided the members to share their common goal of understanding the truth of the UFO mystery.

The head of the UFO Working Group given the name "Col. Howard Phillips" by Blum was actually John Alexander (Penguin). Alexander was former director of non-lethal weapons testing at Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico. This is a fact that has been posted on UFO discussion boards only months after the book came out in 1996.

Other members of the UFO Working Group included former CIA scientist Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green (Blue Jay); USAF Colonel Ron Blackburn, former microwave scientist and specialist at Kirkland Air Force Base; Dr. Hal Puthoff (Owl), former member of the NSA and one of the original researchers who developed the protocols for remote viewing with Ingo Swann; Dr Jack Verona (RAVEN), one of the Department of Defense initiators of the DlA's Sleeping Beauty project which aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind-altering electromagnetic weaponry;Ronald Pandolfi chief scientist for the CIA (Pelican); Dr. Robert Wood at McDonald Douglas who would go on to become the chief researcher of the 3700 pages of documents leaked in the 1990s from six different intelligence sources; Hal McConnell from the NSA; and Major General Albert Stubblebine, the Commander of the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command.

Ninety percent of the UFO Working Group meetings took place in the BDM secure vault in McCLean, Virginia. This is because group member General Stubblebine was the Vice-President of BDM at the time. Only one meeting occurred in the Defense Intelligence Agency secure vault.

They were trying to become an official government sponsored group looking for the answer, but failed to get the funding. "They seem like a loose-knit, unofficial discussion group called together on the authority of Phillips, a self-appointed UFO guru within the agency," says Larry W. Bryant, who directs the Washington, DC, office of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)

When ten sessions had been completed of the UFO Working Group John Alexander compiled the information they had gathered in a briefing book. It was presented to the then ready to retire defense authority. He, however, did not want the controversy. He denied the request to officialize the UFO Working Group into a formal government funded and operated group. The UFO Working Group folded but most of the members continued to interact in what became known as the Aviary.

In the end of his book Blum concluded based on the material he had been fed, that he had not found the conclusive proof for UFOs. The actual UFO working group arrived at this same conclusion. In fact Blum became convinced that much of the governments silence was due to the vast amounts that it did not know.


Potential Targets or Couriers - Ray Santilli, Fox Television

Santilli visits Cleveland Ohio to buy old film clips of Elvis Presley when he runs into a man who later offers him the "Alien Autopsy" film. The film is released in 1995 to 20 countries. It gets massive distribution, and creates a storm of controversy.


Possible Target or Courier – Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper receives Air Accident Report, a three-page report describing the apparent design of the recovered craft and alludes to the involvement of Oppenheimer, Von Karman, and Paperclip scientists. The secondary source for this document was an American Legionnaire.

Tim Cooper also receives the Marilyn Monroe Document in 1992. The secondary source was a CIA archivist. This document is a one-page memo from the CIA dated August 3, 1962 showing James Angleton’s signature opposite "54-12 MJ-12." It refers to Moon Dust, Area 51, and a secret air base for "studying things from outer space."



Late 1992- 1993

Potential Targets or Couriers - At first there are no targets other than Tim Cooper who received many of the documents. Cooper approached Stanton Friedman, Tim Good, Dick Haines, and Don Berliner who all refused to investigate the documents.

Friedman did suggest Bob Wood check out the situation. Robert M. Wood, a respected, long-time engineer/scientist with McDonnell Douglas until his retirement in 1993, and his son Ryan--a computer specialist did get involved in 1996. Bob Wood stated that if he and Ryan had not gotten involved, the documents would still be piling up in Cooper’s attic.

New Concepts Introduced - A Whole List of documents linking prominent scientists and military people to MJ-12 and the UFO cover-up.

In late 1992, Stanton Friedman Friedman received a call from Cooper, who claimed to have found three "new" MJ-12 documents in his mailbox. Friedman sends Cooper to Bob Wood.


Cooper claims the "new" MJ-12 papers were left in his mailbox by a secretive source named Thomas Cantwheel.


Cantwheel — Retired Army Counterintelligence (1993–1996)

1. Marshall to President Truman (TSMEO) 1 p.

2. Hillenkoetter Memo for the Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committee (TSEO) 1 p.

3. Marshall to Humelsine, 27 September 1947 (TSEO)

4. Eisenhower to Ireland re: Archbishop Spellman (UN) 1 p.

5. Vandenberg to Chief of Staff — Army (retyped copy) (UN) 1 p.

6. Flying Saucer Analytical Report for General Cabell (TSEOM) 2 pgs.

7. CWO Marcrau to Commanding General Army Air Forces with Cantwheel comments (retyped, C) 1 p.

8. General Grow to Twining — Preliminary Results of Post-mortem Examination of the Air Accident Report (C) 2 pgs.

9. Lt. Col. Tucker to Office of Air Surgeon — Analysis of Factors Contributing to "Pilot-Error" Experiences in Operating Experimental Aircraft Controls (retyped copy) (UN) 1 p.

10. S- Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel (UN) 2 pgs.

11. Marshall to President Truman, Sept. 24, 1947 (S) 1 p.

12. Memo for General Spaatz, with Cantwheel comments (retyped copy) (UN) 1 p.

13. Majestic Twelve Project 1st Annual Report Panel (TSM) 1 p.

14. Hillenkoetter to Director JIOA, 27 Sept. 1950 (S) 1 p.

15. MJ-12 Project Purpose and Table of Contents — Not for Public Inspection (R) 1 p.

16. Annual Report Summer 1952 with Annexes (TS) 16 pgs.

17. CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence — Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, NM Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology (TS Blacked Out)

18. Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Field Order (TS) 1 p.

19. JFK to Director CIA (TS) 1 p.

20. Kennedy memo on Declassification review of UFO files (TS)

21. Cantwheel to Cooper — Trust No One Completely (UN) 1 p.



Potential Targets or Couriers - Ryan and Bob Wood, Tim Cooper

Source S-1

1. 44 - 3" x 5" photos of Documents

2. July 1999 Photo Drop — 76 pictures, craft, backchannels, autopsy & documents

3. IMPORTANT Memo From S-1

4. "An Encyclopedia of Flying Saucers" by Vernon Bowen, (front matter), last dated 1960, 5 pp. Original paper, first page with classification stamps in red. (TSM)

5. Source S-1 to Cooper: "Burned Memo" Cover Letter 1 p.

6. Original 9-page "Burned" Memo (S) 9 pgs.

7. Isotope Thermal Thrusters and Applications: ASTIA 28710 (TSM)

8. Truman to Secretary of Defense (TS)

9. Operations Review: The MJ-12 Project by Allen W. Dulles (TS)

10. "Unidentified Flying Objects, The CIA, and Congress" Essay by Source S-1

11. Authority of Director of Central Intelligence Clarified (responsibility of CIA in collecting UFO intelligence)

Edward Teller's Pitch to President Reagan for SDI


December 1993

Potential Target or Courier – Steven Greer

While giving a lecture at the University of Colorado at Fort Collins, Dr. Greer was contacted following the lecture by John Petersen, the Director of the Arlington Institute. He told Greer that he had been following Greer around the country for his last four lectures, at the request of the new CIA Director James Woolsey.

"I think it is time we help you," Petersen told Greer. In response to the question who he was, Petersen said, "I know a few folks in Washington who I think you need to meet with."

The Petersen/Greer discussion led to a two and a half hour discussion on UFOs with Woolsey, who it turned out had experienced his own sighting, and was interested in knowing what was going on.

The Woolsey meeting led to meeting with other members of the Clinton administration, and to a new CIA study on UFOs ordered by Woolsey, which was released in 1997.

March 1994

Potential Targets or Couriers - Don Berliner, Stanton Friedman.

Aviation writer and UFO researcher Don Berliner receives an unprocessed role of film in the mail. When developed he discovers the SOM 01-1 Operations manual. It claims to be an operation manual for recovery of crashed flying saucers and bodies.

1. Special Operations Manual — Extraterrestrial Entities And Technology, Recovery and Disposal (TSMEO, R on cover page) 23 pgs.


March 1995

The Disney Company releases ""Alien Encounters from Tomorrowland." It is only shown on a couple stations and in some places is shown at midnight. It however creates a stir in the UFO community because of its dramatic material and statements.

July 1995

Possible Target or Courier – Tim Cooper

New Concepts Introduced

22. Counter Intelligence Corps/Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Intelligence Assessment, 22 July 1947 — (TS Ultra, later M) 7 pgs.


Document was received from Thomas Cantwheel in person. Document is an 18-page document from possibly four different dates and typewriters. Titled in Part, "Investigation of Unidentified Platform Space Vehicles." Includes "a concise summary of our views about a variety of technical, a social, and political issues, followed by three ‘annexes’ that provide data on the history and perspective of the program."


Potential Targets or Couriers Ray Santilli and Fox Television Network

The documentary Alien Autopsy is released. The material is leaked to a British film producer, but the source and eventual market are still American. The Alien Autopsy is eventually shown in 20 countries.

June 1996

Potential Target or Courier – Tim Cooper, Bob and Ryan Wood

Cooper receives Einstein/Oppenheimer June 47, Twining September 47

Einstein — Oppenheimer Relationships With Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies (TS) 6 pgs.

Report received from Salina, daughter of Cantwheel. According to Bob and Ryan Wood,

Cantwheel's daughter claimed to have been employed in the CIA for over 20 years and was a close associate with DDCI James Jesus Angelton (1954–1974). J.J. Angelton ran the agency's most secret directorate and reported directly to DCI Allen W. Dulles until 1961. Salina claims that the Counter Intelligence (CI) ran all the high-level intelligence collection activities outside of normal channels within the agency's UFO program initiated by General Walter B. Smith in late 1952. Smith brought in Angelton and Dulles as consultants for the program under what is suspected as MK-ULTRA, MJ-TWELVE, and Operation MAGNITUDE, in conjunction with a State Department intelligence unit for PSYOP activities and active measures against Soviets

6 page first generation carbon. Pre-dates the July 47 crash.

September 1999

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bob and Ryan Wood. Source S-2 leaked the following documents to the Woods.


   Index of Documents from 16 September 1999

   The following documents are listed in no particular order:

1. "DIA Organization, Mission and Key Personnel," March 1981 (original copy, with red-orange cover) DRS-2600-926-81. This provides complete mission and products statements for each organization in the DIA and also the signatures of about 40 department heads approving the organization charts. Two initials and last names are listed for all personnel. 65 pgs.

2. "DIA Organization, Mission and Key Personnel," October 1981 (69 pp.) (Original) copy. DRS-2600-926B-81. This is a revision of the previously published March report, but with only 19 organizations shown. Signatures as before. 69 pgs.

3. Notes for Correspondence Subcourse SC 816, "Psychological Operation (PSYOP) Media. Seven lessons for a total of 20 credit hours. From the US Army Institute for Military Assistance, Sept. 1977. Pencil marking on some of the pages. 57 pgs.

4. 352nd CA command organization dated 1 March 1980. Org chart showing four PSYOP units. 1 p.

5. One page handwritten of Subcourse Numbers and titles for PSYOP courses. Shows 847, PSYOP Resources and Force Structure; 289, Intro to Internal Defense/Internal Development; 812, Social Science Fundamentals (understanding your target, the individual, social groups and institutions, social communications of change; 814, PSYOP Planning and Development, and 813, PSYOP Intel and Analysis, collection, target analysis and campaign control, and propaganda analysis. This last course also has written in with the same handwriting as elsewhere, "PSYOP UFO Countermeasures and Propaganda (I Intel collection; II Media contact/fact sheets; III Force Command/NMCC. This is followed by "PSYOP UFO Disinformation (I Forgery/Documents, II unstated, III Tabloid Contacts, and IV Script Writing. This is followed by "DIA/CIA/NSA Courses." 1 p.

6. Three-ring black binder (2-inch size) containing 400 pages labeled "Correspondence Subcourse of the U.S. Army Institute for Military Assistance," SC 847 March 77. This is followed by Correspondence Subcourse 812, which is followed by Correspondence Subcourse 814, followed by Correspondence Subcourse 813, followed by Correspondence Subcourse 815, followed by numerous appendices. 400 pgs.

7. "Information Security Program Regulation," DoD 5200.1-R in four parts, Nov 73. This 150-page document provides detailed information about security procedures for the Department of Defense. 50 pgs.

8. "Civil Affairs Operations," Dept of Army Field Manual FM 41-10, October 1969, up to section L. Cover has notation "Al Gilley" and "UFO Contingency/Training Course" in a different hand. 100 pgs.

9. "Iran: Executive and Congressional Reaction and Roles," Issue Brief No. IB80001 by Loventhal and Collier, a few pages, Feb 1980. Deals with the history of the Iran hostage events. 5 pgs.

10. "CS/CSS (Combat Support/Combat Service Support) Operations, Chapter 7," Logex 79, Vol. IV, Civil-Military Cooperation/Psyop, 11 pgs.

11. "Guide to Military Space Operations," C. Richard Whelan, 1986. Annotated "UFO/SDI Program" on cover page. 154 pgs.

12. "A Systematic Review of 'Commando' (Special Operations) 1939-1980," Luttwak, Canby, and Thomas, 4 parts, both sides. Printed on both sides, but reverse is printed upside down. Punched for spiral binding. This would have been a reject. Unclassified. Contains fascinating true stories of dozens of events of covert activity. Unquestionably authentic. Prepared by C&L Associates, defense consultants. Marked "Final Report." 350 pgs.

13. "U.S. Foreign Policy Objectives and Overseas Military Installations," US Govt. Printing Office, No. 35-995-O, April 1979. This is a product of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 121 pgs.

14. Extract from FM 33-5, Chapter 7 (1974), "Roles and Missions of Psychological Operations Teams (TOE 33-500H) This copy identifies the functions of 28 PSYOP teams in the PSYOP organization, and reveals the tip of a huge iceberg of psychological warfare. Targets are not identified. 6 pgs.

15. "Eighteen Dilemmas of Oil Vulnerability," Robert Axelrod, Institute of Public Policy Studies Discussion Paper # 161, University of Michigan, February 1981, 16 pgs.

16. "The Soviet Army, Operations and Tactics," FM 100-2-1, HQ U.S. Army, 16 July 1984. This is a detailed description of the procedures and tactics used in battlefield scenarios. Original cover with red print on olive green cover. 300 pgs.

17. "Tracking and Command of Aerospace Vehicles," IAS (Institute of Aerospace Sciences) National Symposium, Feb 19-21, 1962, San Francisco, California. 140 pgs.

18. "A Response to Hermann Eilts' 'Security Considerations in the Persian Gulf'", from "Point/Counterpoint, from "International Security (Spring 1981 pages 186-203), printed in AF/DoD "Current News, Special Edition, 3 November 1981, No. 776. At the upper right, there is "Joe S" in pencil, and at the right there is "Jeff" in pencil. 9 pgs.

19. "Exposing the Libyan Link," New York Times Magazine article by Seymour M. Hersh, later than 1979 such as 1980 or 81. A number of phrases are underlined. 11 pgs.

20. Four small (4-8 pages each) "Background Notes" publications by the Department of State on (South) Yemen, January 1977; (North) Yemen, June 1977; Kuwait, December 1977, and Oman, August 1978. 24 pgs.

21. "International Boundary Study, "Publication No. 164, Iran-Iraq, Department of State, Bureau of International Relations and Research, 8 pgs.

22. "The Soviet Nuclear Threat Towards the Close of the Yom Kippur War," from The Jerusalem Journal of International Relations Vol. 5, No. 1, 1980, published by Air Force/DoD Current News Special Edition, dated August 27, 1981, No. 752. 5 pgs.

23. "Saudi Arabia Faces the 1980s: Saudi Security Problems and American Interests," Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr., from The Fletcher Forum, Summer 1981, pages 243-277, published by AF/DoD "Current News" Special Edition dated January 20, 1982, No. 806. 35 pgs.

None of the above publications bore any classification stamps, marks, or indication of classification; not even "for official use only."

This pile of material was retained by Tim Cooper, and was about eight inches thick. The bound booklets were mostly printed on both sides.

This was approximately one-half of the material. The other material was given to R.M. Wood for selective copying and subsequent return to Cooper. This inventory follows:

24. From CIA to MAJSEC, Message classified TOP SECRET JEHOVAH dated R 1411123Z Nov 98 (14 Nov 98, 1:23AM Zulu time?), in standard envelope (TSM) 1 p.

25. "Summary of NICAP Cases," stamped "Tentative Secret, Forward to MAJCOM" from Blue Book Files, undated. 10 pgs.

26. "The UFO Evidence," published by NICAP, classified CIA copy Project UFO, stamped top and bottom of each page, "TOP SECRET" in blue (9 pt block type) and "TENTATIVE SECRET, FORWARD TO MAJCOM," two lines in black (10 pt type) Pages occasionally have the word "CONFIRMATION" in blue (26 pt type) on various cases. This copy is marked "File copy No. 25." 184 pgs.

27. "NSA Intercept of the "Hot Line", COMSEC file dated 11/12/63 from OOTP to PUSSR, Subj.: UFO Working Groups. Retyped in manila folder labeled "TS UMBRA/UFOs" (TSU) 3 pgs.

28. "Memorandum for Chief of Staff of the Army" from "F.D.R." dated February 27, 1942, classified TOP SECRET. Restroked in manila folder labeled "TS FDR LETTER" (TS) 1 p.

29. "Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over the United States," Intelligence Estimate, prepared by Special Studies and Evaluation State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and Office of National Estimates, with TS Contrl No. 7300405 NSA Authority, September 30, 1947, Retyped in manila folder labeled "IE 9/30/47" (TSEO) 5 pgs.

30. "Communist Propaganda Charging United States with the Use of BW in Korea," CIA/SI 29-51 Information Report, NARA file number 834021, approved for release 7 Nov 1985, dtd 20 August 1951. Restroked in manila folder labeled "CIA BW," 6 pgs.

31. Letter from Hillenkoetter to Menzel, CIA COPY, TOP SECRET markings by hand in red top and bottom, contents innocuous, note of copies to Boyd, Wellman, Hillenkoetter, and Keyhoe dated 10/27/65, letter dated September 19, 1963, 1 p.

32. Listing of "Scientific personnel of the Metallurgical Lab, Chicago. Approximately 70 names (usually First, Initial, Last) including Robert S. Mulliken (sp?), Eugene P. Wigner, Leo Szilard. July 17, 1947. Judged original paper from the era. 3 pgs.

33. "Memorandum for Military Director, Scientific Activity Board," Subject. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), five paragraphs transmitting AF Regulation 200-2, requesting a review panel, Sep 28 1985, Mimeographed. 1 p.

34. Letter from James H. Aikman, Lt Colonel, USAF Community Relations Division, formally announces termination of Project Blue Book. No date, but alludes to December 17, 1969 as announcement date for termination of Project Blue Book. Mimeographed. 1 p.

35. "Memorandum from V. Bush and J. B. Conant, Subject: Supplementary Memo Giving Details of Other Weapons "Water Boiler" That Produce Heat W/O Explosions., September 30, 1944, Original retype, old paper. Top Secret at top only. 1 p.

36. Letter to Field Marshall Sir John Dill, GCB, C.M.G., DSO, Combined Chiefs of Staff alluding to the use of a TA weapon, 17 January 1944.nvw, Original retype, old paper. Secret at top only. 1 p.

37. ALSOS Mission summary from 31 August 1944 interview from "F. J." Listing of Germans, cyclotron, V weapons, February 22, 1945. Original retype, old paper. Secret at top only. 2 pgs.

38. ALSOS Mission note by Dr. S. A. Goudsmit. Two sentences only, 29 October 1944. Original retype, old paper. Secret at top only. 1 p.

39. Report of a group of Chicago scientists, "Political and social problems," June 1945, Original retype, old paper. Top Secret at top only. 1 p.

40. A folder labeled "Scientific Advisory Panel Recommendations," On old Ozalid paper turned brown, first page marked "CIA Copy," Tabs A through H, including suggested changes to AFR 200-2 and list of Private UFO Organizations. No date, but mentions cost and manpower estimates for January 1959. Secret in Red top and bottom. 18 pgs.

41. Envelope (9x12) containing 31 typically 8x10 photos of UFOs. Descriptions on back give time, date place and explanation such as "internal reflection," time exposure of moon," "negative wrinkle" and the like. No reason to question conclusion in cases I looked at. Occasional written explanations or reports included. Includes two negatives. Photos in mid 50s. Photos all stamped "TENTATIVE SECRET, FORWARD TO MAJCOM. 31 pgs.

42. Manila folder labeled "Physical Sp." containing original Blue Book material, copies, clippings and photos. Noteworthy is first generation carbon of all photos submitted to USAF for analysis between July 6, 1947 and October 30, 1966, 4 pgs. 56 pgs. including photos and papers.

43. One folder marked SECRET PROJECT BLUE BOOK, noted "Evaluated and Loaned to CIA, containing Blue Book notes, clippings, reports, and parts, and correspondence. Click here to view a list of the folder contents. 250 pgs.



October 1999

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bob and Ryan Wood

   Index of Documents from 9 October 1999

Tim Cooper received the following items on 9 October 1999 from the same person who gave him the materials on 16 September 1999 (Source S-2).

There were four envelopes, which Tim Cooper marked #1, #2, #3, #4 in our presence. All four had already been marked with a stamp "received" with Tim Cooper's initials and "10/9/99." Lynda Gagliano accompanied Dr. Wood on this visit. The contents of the packages below are:

Package #1. ("Evaluated by CIA Project Blue Book, FYI/S2")

1. Project 10073 Record, Howell, Utah dated 16 July 65, Three objects. 15 pgs.

2. Project 10073 Record Card Report, Sioux City Iowa, 25 Oct 63. Reilly Bates Case, KC 135 refueling in area. 30 pgs.

3. Project 10073 Record Card, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2 Oct 61, possible sun dog, 46 pgs.

Package #2. ("Evaluated by CIA Project Blue Book, FYI/S2 ")
Dozens of news clippings

Package #3. ("FYI/S2")
Dozens of news clippings

Package #4. ("FYI/S2")

1. "White Sands History: Range Beginnings and Early Missile Testing," prepared by Eunice H. Brown, James A. Robertson, John W. Kroehnke, Charles R. Poisall, and 1st Lt. E. L. Cross, undated but covers the period of testing from 1945 through 1955. No markings or annotations. Extensive, detailed history of all flights on record with many cross-references to technical reports. 152 pgs.

2. "Soviet Military Power, The Pentagon's Propaganda Document, Annotated and Corrected, by Tom Gervasi, Vintage Books, A Division of Random House, copyright 1987. Only mark is "FYI/ S2, STUDY THIS." 160 pgs.

Source S-3

1. George C. Marshall to Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 1942


January 2002

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bob and Ryan Wood

Another drop occurred involving 30 pages of material. No details available about what was in the package.


A final concrete admission about any aspect of the UFO phenomena is a long way away. Consider even the smallest most insignificant admission by the President that "some of the UFOs that have been reported were extraterrestrial." This I am sure would lead to.

ü A situation where it is impossible to pull back if it appears the disclosure process is going badly. The first disclosure leads to questions that lead to other disclosures. That disclosure leads to more questions that leads to more disclosures and so forth.

ü Any authority to speak on the subject, after disclosure, by the US government would be zero. The UFO community would gain instant and for a couple days absolute authority to speak on the subject. The media realizing they have been had, and looking for the story of the day, would immediately go to members of the UFO community and say, "Tell us what really happened." This works OK with many researchers, but imagine some ignorant reporter putting someone like Bill Cooper on the air telling us that the true story the government is not telling is "that its all over except for the screaming. There are alien McDonald’s in the sky etc." The government knows that giving the wackos a voice would be dangerous.

ü Anything the government would say to counter the hundred rumors and stories that would come out would be questioned.

ü Groups such as cattle ranchers who have lost 10,000+ head of cattle would then be able to convince a lawyer that a class action lawsuit is a viable move against a government who just admitted they knew extraterrestrials were visiting. Secondly, the government would hate to address the mutilation question that would surely be asked within 20 minutes of any admission that the government knew aliens were here.

ü In a similar vein, the question of abductions of millions of people is due up within five minutes of any disclosure, and every five minutes thereafter till it is answered.

ü Similarly, many believe that the alien presence is partly in response to nuclear weapons and ecological concerns. The U.S. who pulled out of the Kyoto Treaty will not wish to deal this these difficult long-term issues.

ü TV networks would all be tying in their stories the next day to the big disclosure movement. Without a doubt a stock analyst will be asked, "If these ships can fly without gas and oil what does that say about the future for oil stocks? This naturally leads to the meltdown of the stock market, as only the really stupid will choose to buy what 99.9% of people know is going down.

ü Any disclosure will make the UFO subject fair game in presidential news conferences. The wacko image will be done, and the government will be faced with countless questions which people are no longer afraid to ask.

ü Even if the government wishes to disclose, the political habit of procrastination will lead to a statement heard many time in government circles related to this issue – which is "not on my watch."

ü The congress, always under pressure for a congressional investigation might suddenly approve one in light of a suddenly popular subject. The government would find this an unpredictable situation.

ü So many aspects of disclosures are unknowns. Exactly how do religions react? Is America first and foremost a thing of the past?

ü How do you control people with secrets from talking? Some will come forward thinking it is now safe, and giving up secrets you do not want released.

ü The fear of the avalanche (with so many unknown future aspects) would be enough to prevent any aspect of disclosure.




Strangely none of the members of the NIDS organization seem to have been involved in the government courier/target program. This seems most probably because the NIDS organization does not circulate much if anything inside the UFO community. What research they do to uncover the secrets of the government stay in their closely knit group, which then becomes like a second level of secrecy between the public and the ultimate MJ-12 type secret holders.

A second possible explanation for the absence of NIDS member in the stories told above is that they have been courier/targets, but they have kept it to themselves. This author is aware of at least some small breakthroughs by the groups, which have not been made public. Perhaps if these documents and concepts were floated like the documents and concepts above, they would follow a similar fate.