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Written by Grant Cameron   
Friday, 21 August 2009 19:36

I was having lunch with some people on a committee at the University and the fact that I was into UFOs came up. This usually doesn't happen because I never bring it up.

Anyway. One girl who I had known for years relates a daylight close encounter that she and a number of others had when she was 10. Said it was the first time she had ever told the story. Moreover, when I asked she surprisingly recalled that she had never even discussed it with the other witnesses. I think some of the other people at the table were in shock listening to her story as she was very close and seemed very moved by what had happened.

After the lunch one of the 10 people who had been at the table approached me and stated we should talk as his father had a experience and he therefore was very interested. Today he sent me his story. Here it is unedited.


What I remember from my dad’s story:

My Dad was doing an Operation Boxtop delivery with 435 Sqn (logistics resupply in a CC130 Hercules out of CFB Edmonton) to Alert, NWT in the late 60’s when they were redirected by Air traffic controllers to check out an unidentified aircraft.

They found the aircraft (on their radar, I think) and gave chase.  They had the Herc “balls to the wall” chasing the unidentified aircraft.

Herc’s fly at 300ish knots but I know he was in the early model Herc so it was a T56-A7 and may have been a little slower than 300 knots (340 miles hour at 20,000 ft)

After some time they started to catch up the aircraft because it slowed.

What scared the hell out of them was then it went vertical, at well above mach. (his words).  Flying along straight and level then vertical.  Not started to climb, it went vertical.  No noise, no sonic boom, no nothing but I think he said they got a visual as they caught up when it slowed just before it went vertical.

My dad did JATO (jet assisted take off - light up rockets strapped to the ass end of a Herc) and LAPES (low altitude extraction system -15 to 20 feet above the ground dump your load (bulldozers and the like) out the back) that kind of crap in Hercs. Really scary shit and his only comments about them were “they weren’t operationally necessary, just training stuff”

And this seemed to bother him.

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