Government Disclosure Pattern Print
Written by Grant Cameron   
Friday, 28 August 2009 02:16

As well as the appearance of the aliens following a pattern, there also seems to be a pattern when viewing the actions of the "control group" that governs the UFO secret. This pattern is more clearly seen when viewed light the light of events that occurred in Canada.

Until 1972, the Canadian government UFO experience pretty well mirrored what was going on in the United States. Both countries were hit by the appearance of the phenomena at the same time. Both set up military groups to try to find out what was going on. Both shut their official UFO public relations efforts related to UFOs in around 1969. Both stated that that point that there was no threat, and nothing concrete that could be studied.

From 1969 to 1972 both governments remained quiet. For that three-year period both were "OUT OF THE UFO BUSINESS". They had escaped what both governments had viewed as a public relations nightmare. J. Allan Hynek spoke in 1974 of the efforts of the USAF to close down Project Blue Book, "The Air Force wanted to get the UFO monkey off its back; Project Blue Book had become a rather bad public relations problem."

After 1969 the both countries no longer had to put out a spokesman to create some wacko explanation for what some pilot, or midwestern farmer had witnessed the night before. They could simply suggest people report it to the local police, and then quietly monitor what was happening from the sideline.

In Canada this is still the case. There is no indication of any government involvement or interest. A researcher with claims of UFO reality would not even know whom to confront inside the government.

In the United States, however, the pattern has been quite different. In the United States the government got out of the UFO business in 1969, escaping the 20-year nightmare of embarrassing news conferences. A three-year silence occurs but in late 1972, for some strange and unexplainable reason, they jump back into the UFO fire with both feet.

Publicly their position was the same. In November 1973, for example, an Air Force spokesman flatly told U.S. News that "no records have been kept since 1969, and no analysis made." Privately, however, the Air Force was busy doing something quite different. Privately they were starting to carefully disclose dramatic UFO stories that would come to make up the majority of the ideas Ufologists would believe 30 years later.

This process of cloaked disclosure is unique to the United States. There have only been a couple exceptions to this rule. The first exception was when a set of South African documents was leaked to Tony Dodd in England in 1989.

The other exception was in 1987 when a set of MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing documents were leaked to England’s Timothy Good. Just prior to Good being provided the documents Jenny Randles attended a meeting set up by an intelligence person who offered her what appeared to be the MJ-12 documents. Randles, however, turned the man down, and it appears that he went then to make the offer to Good. The documents provided to Good appeared to have been provided to force the American team of Moore, Shandera, and Friedman into coming forward with their set of MJ-12 documents that they had been studying for three years.

The main pattern of cloaked disclosures in the United States began with a contact to two Los Angeles movie producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler in 1972. In that 1972 encounter, a top public relations official from the Department of Defense, William Coleman, suddenly disclosed that not only are UFOs real, but also the government had actually had face-to-face contacts with the visitors. Coleman then offers the two producers the actual film footage of an alien landing and contact for a documentary that he says the Defense department wanted them to make for the public.

This cloaked disclosure is the first in a whole host of similar disclosures that would be made from the shadows over the next thirty years. Targeted individuals would be offered film, documents, and hardware that they could use to provide proof of the extraterrestrial presence on earth.

The length of time (30+ years) that this process has been going on strongly suggests a group is behind it, rather than one individual.

The amount of complex documentation that is being surreptitiously circulated (Bob Wood estimated in 2000 that the amount of material he and his son Robert had received, through six different sources, totaled over 3700 pages) also suggests the handiwork of a group rather than an individual.

Which leads to the question – What led to this dramatic shift in policy? Why did official representatives of the United States government approach producer Robert Emenegger and get the government right back in to something they had spent 20 years trying to get out of? In Canada nothing even closely resembling this action has taken place.

The 1972-73 Emenegger/Sandler encounter with the government should be considered to be one of the key events in all of Ufology. It represented a dramatic turning point in how the government had chosen to deal publicly about UFOs.

Why did the U.S. secret holders not remain silent about the UFO phenomena as it appears Canada, Britain, and most other countries have done? Why would they choose to pick up, for a second time, what Henry Kissinger called, "the biggest hot potato" in history?

Some have maintained the move by the US officials was a simple disinformation operation to throw off UFO researchers. This theory has many problems. Who, for example, would have wanted to trap Emenegger and Sandler in 1973, when nobody knew anything about crashes, MJ-12, government/alien contacts, and the like? Why would they choose to misinform the field of UFO research in 1972 when nothing was happening?

The last thing the Emenegger/Sandler affair was is disinformation. That is because it led closer, not farther from the truth. The Ufologists were so far off in 1972 they were not even in the stadium. The 1972 offer of film put them right back on the field of play.

If UFOs were declared a dead issue by the USAF in 1969, what is the rational behind government people coming out and stating in 1972 that not only had the government lied, but that the story was much more spectacular than anyone ever believed, and here’s how we covered up the truth?

The following listed elements represent a clear pattern of releasing key elements of the alien presence into the public domain. Items have included the fact that there have been UFO crashes, or that representatives of the government have walked and talked with aliens. The items have included the fact that the government has communicated with aliens using psychics and chanellers. Also included in the list are bizarre elements such as the claim that the aliens claim to have created Jesus, and the fact that the government had at least one captured alien that they held in New Mexico.

Many of the stories leaked into the ufological community have been leaked on more than one occasion, indicating a strong desire to get the story heard and accepted. One example of this is the story of a live alien that was held in New Mexico in the 1949-1952-time period. The story was told in one form or another to Frank Scully in the early 1950s, to Walt Disney in 1957, to Robert Emenegger and Alan Sandler in 1973, to Bill Moore and Robert Collins in the late 80s, to Henry Victorian by Dr. Eric Walker in the late 80s, to Linda Howe in 1983 and then again in the late 1980s, and to Emenegger in the late 1980s.

The apparent way the "UFO secrecy handlers" chose to release these bizarre elements of the UFO puzzle was in a bizarre game bait and switch with prominent people inside the UFO community and with prominent film producers who were able to reach large public audiences.