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Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 12:29


Potential Targets or Couriers - Ray Santilli, Fox Television

Santilli visits Cleveland Ohio to buy old film clips of Elvis Presley when he runs into a man who later offers him the "Alien Autopsy" film. The film is released in 1995 to 20 countries. It gets massive distribution, and creates a storm of controversy.


Possible Target or Courier – Tim Cooper

Tim Cooper receives Air Accident Report, a three-page report describing the apparent design of the recovered craft and alludes to the involvement of Oppenheimer, Von Karman, and Paperclip scientists. The secondary source for this document was an American Legionnaire.

Tim Cooper also receives the Marilyn Monroe Document in 1992. The secondary source was a CIA archivist. This document is a one-page memo from the CIA dated August 3, 1962 showing James Angleton’s signature opposite "54-12 MJ-12." It refers to Moon Dust, Area 51, and a secret air base for "studying things from outer space."

Late 1992- 1993

Potential Targets or Couriers - At first there are no targets other than Tim Cooper who received many of the documents. Cooper approached Stanton Friedman, Tim Good, Dick Haines, and Don Berliner who all refused to investigate the documents.

Friedman did suggest Bob Wood check out the situation. Robert M. Wood, a respected, long-time engineer/scientist with McDonnell Douglas until his retirement in 1993, and his son Ryan--a computer specialist did get involved in 1996. Bob Wood stated that if he and Ryan had not gotten involved, the documents would still be piling up in Cooper’s attic.

New Concepts Introduced - A Whole List of documents linking prominent scientists and military people to MJ-12 and the UFO cover-up.

In late 1992, Stanton Friedman Friedman received a call from Cooper, who claimed to have found three "new" MJ-12 documents in his mailbox. Friedman sends Cooper to Bob Wood.


Cooper claims the "new" MJ-12 papers were left in his mailbox by a secretive source named Thomas Cantwheel.

Cantwheel — Retired Army Counterintelligence (1993–1996)

  1. Marshall to President Truman (TSMEO) 1 p
  2. Hillenkoetter Memo for the Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committee (TSEO) 1 p.
  3. Marshall to Humelsine, 27 September 1947 (TSEO)
  4. Eisenhower to Ireland re: Archbishop Spellman (UN) 1 p.
  5. Vandenberg to Chief of Staff — Army (retyped copy) (UN) 1 p.
  6. Flying Saucer Analytical Report for General Cabell (TSEOM) 2 pgs.
  7. CWO Marcrau to Commanding General Army Air Forces with Cantwheel comments (retyped, C) 1 p.
  8. General Grow to Twining — Preliminary Results of Post-mortem Examination of the Air Accident Report (C) 2 pgs.
  9. Lt. Col. Tucker to Office of Air Surgeon — Analysis of Factors Contributing to "Pilot-Error" Experiences in Operating Experimental Aircraft Controls (retyped copy) (UN) 1 p.
  10. S- Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel (UN) 2 pgs.
  11. Marshall to President Truman, Sept. 24, 1947 (S) 1 p.
  12. Memo for General Spaatz, with Cantwheel comments (retyped copy) (UN) 1 p.
  13. Majestic Twelve Project 1st Annual Report Panel (TSM) 1 p.
  14. Hillenkoetter to Director JIOA, 27 Sept. 1950 (S) 1 p.
  15. MJ-12 Project Purpose and Table of Contents — Not for Public Inspection (R) 1 p.
  16. Annual Report Summer 1952 with Annexes (TS) 16 pgs.
  17. CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence — Analysis of the Corona and Oscura Peak, NM Wreckage of Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology (TS Blacked Out)
  18. Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Field Order (TS) 1 p.
  19. JFK to Director CIA (TS) 1 p.
  20. Kennedy memo on Declassification review of UFO files (TS)
  21. Cantwheel to Cooper — Trust No One Completely (UN) 1 p.


Potential Targets or Couriers - Ryan and Bob Wood, Tim Cooper

Source S-1

  1. 44 - 3" x 5" photos of Documents
  2. July 1999 Photo Drop — 76 pictures, craft, backchannels, autopsy & documents
  3. IMPORTANT Memo From S-1
  4. "An Encyclopedia of Flying Saucers" by Vernon Bowen, (front matter), last dated 1960, 5 pp. Original paper, first page with classification stamps in red. (TSM)
  5. Source S-1 to Cooper: "Burned Memo" Cover Letter 1 p.
  6. Original 9-page "Burned" Memo (S) 9 pgs.
  7. Isotope Thermal Thrusters and Applications: ASTIA 28710 (TSM)
  8. Truman to Secretary of Defense (TS)
  9. Operations Review: The MJ-12 Project by Allen W. Dulles (TS)
  10. "Unidentified Flying Objects, The CIA, and Congress" Essay by Source S-1
  11. Authority of Director of Central Intelligence Clarified (responsibility of CIA in collecting UFO intelligence)

Edward Teller's Pitch to President Reagan for SDI

December 1993

Potential Target or Courier – Steven Greer

While giving a lecture at the University of Colorado at Fort Collins, Dr. Greer was contacted following the lecture by John Petersen, the Director of the Arlington Institute. He told Greer that he had been following Greer around the country for his last four lectures, at the request of the new CIA Director James Woolsey.

"I think it is time we help you," Petersen told Greer. In response to the question who he was, Petersen said, "I know a few folks in Washington who I think you need to meet with."

The Petersen/Greer discussion led to a two and a half hour discussion on UFOs with Woolsey, who it turned out had experienced his own sighting, and was interested in knowing what was going on.

The Woolsey meeting led to meeting with other members of the Clinton administration, and to a new CIA study on UFOs ordered by Woolsey, which was released in 1997.

March 1994

Potential Targets or Couriers - Don Berliner, Stanton Friedman.

Aviation writer and UFO researcher Don Berliner receives an unprocessed role of film in the mail. When developed he discovers the SOM 01-1 Operations manual. It claims to be an operation manual for recovery of crashed flying saucers and bodies.

  1. Special Operations Manual — Extraterrestrial Entities And Technology, Recovery and Disposal (TSMEO, R on cover page) 23 pgs.

March 1995

The Disney Company releases ""Alien Encounters from Tomorrowland." It is only shown on a couple stations and in some places is shown at midnight. It however creates a stir in the UFO community because of its dramatic material and statements.

July 1995

Possible Target or Courier – Tim Cooper

New Concepts Introduced

22. Counter Intelligence Corps/Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Intelligence Assessment, 22 July 1947 — (TS Ultra, later M) 7 pgs.

Document was received from Thomas Cantwheel in person. Document is an 18-page document from possibly four different dates and typewriters. Titled in Part, "Investigation of Unidentified Platform Space Vehicles." Includes "a concise summary of our views about a variety of technical, a social, and political issues, followed by three ‘annexes’ that provide data on the history and perspective of the program."


Potential Targets or Couriers – Ray Santilli and Fox Television Network

The documentary Alien Autopsy is released. The material is leaked to a British film producer, but the source and eventual market are still American. The Alien Autopsy is eventually shown in 20 countries.

June 1996

Potential Target or Courier – Tim Cooper, Bob and Ryan Wood

Cooper receives Einstein/Oppenheimer June 47, Twining September 47

Einstein — Oppenheimer Relationships With Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies (TS) 6 pgs.

Report received from Salina, daughter of Cantwheel. According to Bob and Ryan Wood,

Cantwheel's daughter claimed to have been employed in the CIA for over 20 years and was a close associate with DDCI James Jesus Angelton (1954–1974). J.J. Angelton ran the agency's most secret directorate and reported directly to DCI Allen W. Dulles until 1961. Salina claims that the Counter Intelligence (CI) ran all the high-level intelligence collection activities outside of normal channels within the agency's UFO program initiated by General Walter B. Smith in late 1952. Smith brought in Angelton and Dulles as consultants for the program under what is suspected as MK-ULTRA, MJ-TWELVE, and Operation MAGNITUDE, in conjunction with a State Department intelligence unit for PSYOP activities and active measures against Soviets

6 page first generation carbon. Pre-dates the July 47 crash.

September 1999

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bob and Ryan Wood. Source S-2 leaked the following documents to the Woods.

Index of Documents from 16 September 1999

The following documents are listed in no particular order:

  1. "DIA Organization, Mission and Key Personnel," March 1981 (original copy, with red-orange cover) DRS-2600-926-81. This provides complete mission and products statements for each organization in the DIA and also the signatures of about 40 department heads approving the organization charts. Two initials and last names are listed for all personnel. 65 pgs.
  2. "DIA Organization, Mission and Key Personnel," October 1981 (69 pp.) (Original) copy. DRS-2600-926B-81. This is a revision of the previously published March report, but with only 19 organizations shown. Signatures as before. 69 pgs.
  3. Notes for Correspondence Subcourse SC 816, "Psychological Operation (PSYOP) Media. Seven lessons for a total of 20 credit hours. From the US Army Institute for Military Assistance, Sept. 1977. Pencil marking on some of the pages. 57 pgs.
  4. 352nd CA command organization dated 1 March 1980. Org chart showing four PSYOP units. 1 p.
  5. One page handwritten of Subcourse Numbers and titles for PSYOP courses. Shows 847, PSYOP Resources and Force Structure; 289, Intro to Internal Defense/Internal Development; 812, Social Science Fundamentals (understanding your target, the individual, social groups and institutions, social communications of change; 814, PSYOP Planning and Development, and 813, PSYOP Intel and Analysis, collection, target analysis and campaign control, and propaganda analysis. This last course also has written in with the same handwriting as elsewhere, "PSYOP UFO Countermeasures and Propaganda (I Intel collection; II Media contact/fact sheets; III Force Command/NMCC. This is followed by "PSYOP UFO Disinformation (I Forgery/Documents, II unstated, III Tabloid Contacts, and IV Script Writing. This is followed by "DIA/CIA/NSA Courses." 1 p.
  6. Three-ring black binder (2-inch size) containing 400 pages labeled "Correspondence Subcourse of the U.S. Army Institute for Military Assistance," SC 847 March 77. This is followed by Correspondence Subcourse 812, which is followed by Correspondence Subcourse 814, followed by Correspondence Subcourse 813, followed by Correspondence Subcourse 815, followed by numerous appendices. 400 pgs.
  7. "Information Security Program Regulation," DoD 5200.1-R in four parts, Nov 73. This 150-page document provides detailed information about security procedures for the Department of Defense. 50 pgs.
  8. "Civil Affairs Operations," Dept of Army Field Manual FM 41-10, October 1969, up to section L. Cover has notation "Al Gilley" and "UFO Contingency/Training Course" in a different hand. 100 pgs.
  9. "Iran: Executive and Congressional Reaction and Roles," Issue Brief No. IB80001 by Loventhal and Collier, a few pages, Feb 1980. Deals with the history of the Iran hostage events. 5 pgs.
  10. "CS/CSS (Combat Support/Combat Service Support) Operations, Chapter 7," Logex 79, Vol. IV, Civil-Military Cooperation/Psyop, 11 pgs.
  11. "Guide to Military Space Operations," C. Richard Whelan, 1986. Annotated "UFO/SDI Program" on cover page. 154 pgs.
  12. "A Systematic Review of 'Commando' (Special Operations) 1939-1980," Luttwak, Canby, and Thomas, 4 parts, both sides. Printed on both sides, but reverse is printed upside down. Punched for spiral binding. This would have been a reject. Unclassified. Contains fascinating true stories of dozens of events of covert activity. Unquestionably authentic. Prepared by C&L Associates, defense consultants. Marked "Final Report." 350 pgs.
  13. "U.S. Foreign Policy Objectives and Overseas Military Installations," US Govt. Printing Office, No. 35-995-O, April 1979. This is a product of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 121 pgs.
  14. Extract from FM 33-5, Chapter 7 (1974), "Roles and Missions of Psychological Operations Teams (TOE 33-500H) This copy identifies the functions of 28 PSYOP teams in the PSYOP organization, and reveals the tip of a huge iceberg of psychological warfare. Targets are not identified. 6 pgs.
  15. "Eighteen Dilemmas of Oil Vulnerability," Robert Axelrod, Institute of Public Policy Studies Discussion Paper # 161, University of Michigan, February 1981, 16 pgs.
  16. "The Soviet Army, Operations and Tactics," FM 100-2-1, HQ U.S. Army, 16 July 1984. This is a detailed description of the procedures and tactics used in battlefield scenarios. Original cover with red print on olive green cover. 300 pgs.
  17. "Tracking and Command of Aerospace Vehicles," IAS (Institute of Aerospace Sciences) National Symposium, Feb 19-21, 1962, San Francisco, California. 140 pgs.
  18. "A Response to Hermann Eilts' 'Security Considerations in the Persian Gulf'", from "Point/Counterpoint, from "International Security (Spring 1981 pages 186-203), printed in AF/DoD "Current News, Special Edition, 3 November 1981, No. 776. At the upper right, there is "Joe S" in pencil, and at the right there is "Jeff" in pencil. 9 pgs.
  19. "Exposing the Libyan Link," New York Times Magazine article by Seymour M. Hersh, later than 1979 such as 1980 or 81. A number of phrases are underlined. 11 pgs.
  20. Four small (4-8 pages each) "Background Notes" publications by the Department of State on (South) Yemen, January 1977; (North) Yemen, June 1977; Kuwait, December 1977, and Oman, August 1978. 24 pgs.
  21. "International Boundary Study, "Publication No. 164, Iran-Iraq, Department of State, Bureau of International Relations and Research, 8 pgs.
  22. "The Soviet Nuclear Threat Towards the Close of the Yom Kippur War," from The Jerusalem Journal of International Relations Vol. 5, No. 1, 1980, published by Air Force/DoD Current News Special Edition, dated August 27, 1981, No. 752. 5 pgs.
  23. "Saudi Arabia Faces the 1980s: Saudi Security Problems and American Interests," Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr., from The Fletcher Forum, Summer 1981, pages 243-277, published by AF/DoD "Current News" Special Edition dated January 20, 1982, No. 806. 35 pgs.

None of the above publications bore any classification stamps, marks, or indication of classification; not even "for official use only."

This pile of material was retained by Tim Cooper, and was about eight inches thick. The bound booklets were mostly printed on both sides.

This was approximately one-half of the material. The other material was given to R.M. Wood for selective copying and subsequent return to Cooper. This inventory follows:

  1. From CIA to MAJSEC, Message classified TOP SECRET JEHOVAH dated R 1411123Z Nov 98 (14 Nov 98, 1:23AM Zulu time?), in standard envelope (TSM) 1 p.
  2. "Summary of NICAP Cases," stamped "Tentative Secret, Forward to MAJCOM" from Blue Book Files, undated. 10 pgs.
  3. "The UFO Evidence," published by NICAP, classified CIA copy Project UFO, stamped top and bottom of each page, "TOP SECRET" in blue (9 pt block type) and "TENTATIVE SECRET, FORWARD TO MAJCOM," two lines in black (10 pt type) Pages occasionally have the word "CONFIRMATION" in blue (26 pt type) on various cases. This copy is marked "File copy No. 25." 184 pgs.
  4. "NSA Intercept of the "Hot Line", COMSEC file dated 11/12/63 from OOTP to PUSSR, Subj.: UFO Working Groups. Retyped in manila folder labeled "TS UMBRA/UFOs" (TSU) 3 pgs.
  5. "Memorandum for Chief of Staff of the Army" from "F.D.R." dated February 27, 1942, classified TOP SECRET. Restroked in manila folder labeled "TS FDR LETTER" (TS) 1 p.
  6. "Unidentified Aircraft Sightings Over the United States," Intelligence Estimate, prepared by Special Studies and Evaluation State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee and Office of National Estimates, with TS Contrl No. 7300405 NSA Authority, September 30, 1947, Retyped in manila folder labeled "IE 9/30/47" (TSEO) 5 pgs.
  7. "Communist Propaganda Charging United States with the Use of BW in Korea," CIA/SI 29-51 Information Report, NARA file number 834021, approved for release 7 Nov 1985, dtd 20 August 1951. Restroked in manila folder labeled "CIA BW," 6 pgs.
  8. Letter from Hillenkoetter to Menzel, CIA COPY, TOP SECRET markings by hand in red top and bottom, contents innocuous, note of copies to Boyd, Wellman, Hillenkoetter, and Keyhoe dated 10/27/65, letter dated September 19, 1963, 1 p.
  9. Listing of "Scientific personnel of the Metallurgical Lab, Chicago. Approximately 70 names (usually First, Initial, Last) including Robert S. Mulliken (sp?), Eugene P. Wigner, Leo Szilard. July 17, 1947. Judged original paper from the era. 3 pgs.
  10. "Memorandum for Military Director, Scientific Activity Board," Subject. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), five paragraphs transmitting AF Regulation 200-2, requesting a review panel, Sep 28 1985, Mimeographed. 1 p.
  11. Letter from James H. Aikman, Lt Colonel, USAF Community Relations Division, formally announces termination of Project Blue Book. No date, but alludes to December 17, 1969 as announcement date for termination of Project Blue Book. Mimeographed. 1 p.
  12. "Memorandum from V. Bush and J. B. Conant, Subject: Supplementary Memo Giving Details of Other Weapons "Water Boiler" That Produce Heat W/O Explosions., September 30, 1944, Original retype, old paper. Top Secret at top only. 1 p.
  13. Letter to Field Marshall Sir John Dill, GCB, C.M.G., DSO, Combined Chiefs of Staff alluding to the use of a TA weapon, 17 January 1944.nvw, Original retype, old paper. Secret at top only. 1 p.
  14. ALSOS Mission summary from 31 August 1944 interview from "F. J." Listing of Germans, cyclotron, V weapons, February 22, 1945. Original retype, old paper. Secret at top only. 2 pgs.
  15. ALSOS Mission note by Dr. S. A. Goudsmit. Two sentences only, 29 October 1944. Original retype, old paper. Secret at top only. 1 p.
  16. Report of a group of Chicago scientists, "Political and social problems," June 1945, Original retype, old paper. Top Secret at top only. 1 p.
  17. A folder labeled "Scientific Advisory Panel Recommendations," On old Ozalid paper turned brown, first page marked "CIA Copy," Tabs A through H, including suggested changes to AFR 200-2 and list of Private UFO Organizations. No date, but mentions cost and manpower estimates for January 1959. Secret in Red top and bottom. 18 pgs.
  18. Envelope (9x12) containing 31 typically 8x10 photos of UFOs. Descriptions on back give time, date place and explanation such as "internal reflection," time exposure of moon," "negative wrinkle" and the like. No reason to question conclusion in cases I looked at. Occasional written explanations or reports included. Includes two negatives. Photos in mid 50s. Photos all stamped "TENTATIVE SECRET, FORWARD TO MAJCOM. 31 pgs.
  19. Manila folder labeled "Physical Sp." containing original Blue Book material, copies, clippings and photos. Noteworthy is first generation carbon of all photos submitted to USAF for analysis between July 6, 1947 and October 30, 1966, 4 pgs. 56 pgs. including photos and papers.
  20. One folder marked SECRET PROJECT BLUE BOOK, noted "Evaluated and Loaned to CIA, containing Blue Book notes, clippings, reports, and parts, and correspondence. Click here to view a list of the folder contents. 250 pgs.

 October 1999

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bob and Ryan Wood

Index of Documents from 9 October 1999

Tim Cooper received the following items on 9 October 1999 from the same person who gave him the materials on 16 September 1999 (Source S-2).

There were four envelopes, which Tim Cooper marked #1, #2, #3, #4 in our presence. All four had already been marked with a stamp "received" with Tim Cooper's initials and "10/9/99." Lynda Gagliano accompanied Dr. Wood on this visit. The contents of the packages below are:

Package #1. ("Evaluated by CIA Project Blue Book, FYI/S2")

  1. Project 10073 Record, Howell, Utah dated 16 July 65, Three objects. 15 pgs.
  2. Project 10073 Record Card Report, Sioux City Iowa, 25 Oct 63. Reilly Bates Case, KC 135 refueling in area. 30 pgs.
  3. Project 10073 Record Card, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2 Oct 61, possible sun dog, 46 pgs.

Package #2. ("Evaluated by CIA Project Blue Book, FYI/S2 ")
Dozens of news clippings

Package #3. ("FYI/S2")
Dozens of news clippings

Package #4. ("FYI/S2")

  1. "White Sands History: Range Beginnings and Early Missile Testing," prepared by Eunice H. Brown, James A. Robertson, John W. Kroehnke, Charles R. Poisall, and 1st Lt. E. L. Cross, undated but covers the period of testing from 1945 through 1955. No markings or annotations. Extensive, detailed history of all flights on record with many cross-references to technical reports. 152 pgs.
  2. "Soviet Military Power, The Pentagon's Propaganda Document, Annotated and Corrected, by Tom Gervasi, Vintage Books, A Division of Random House, copyright 1987. Only mark is "FYI/ S2, STUDY THIS." 160 pgs.

Source S-3

  1. George C. Marshall to Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 1942

 January 2002

Potential Targets or Couriers - Bob and Ryan Wood

Another drop occurred involving 30 pages of material. No details available about what was in the package.

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