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Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 03:07

July 1978

Possible Target or Courier - Len Stringfield is contacted by a number of people connected to alien autopsies, and flying saucer crashes.

New concepts introduced

  1. Crashed flying saucers
  2. Alien Autopsies

A number of anonymous sources contacted Len Stringfield to tell him independent stories about UFO crashes and autopsies of grey alien beings by the United States military.

Stringfield stood up in Dayton Ohio in July 1978 and presented a paper "Retrievals Of the Third Kind." Despite death threats before and during his talk, Stringfield told the story of what he had learned. The speech generated. The story of Stringfield’s release at the MUFO Symposium generated massive publicity and attention. Stringfield described the "instant response."

"UPI picked up the story that, in turn, triggered ABC radio and at least 100 affiliates, coat-to-coast, to call me day and night for interviews and talk shows. These, of course, brought the public into the hubbub and with it a deluge of mail and phone calls."

One of Stringfield’s key early sources was a man known as "Mr. Q." Stringfield believed he was from the CIA. As Stringfield explained,

"Among me early contacts, one stood out. There was no doubt in my mind, as time went by, that he was what he professed to be – an agent of the CIA. Through "church affiliation" and probably for other reasons unknown to me, he had a close and trusted relationship with Robert Barry of Yoe, Pennsylvania, who served as our intermediary. Known only as "Mr.Q" he was to remain invisible to me; his presence known only by a recognizable voice, terse, commanding, and knowledgeable. I heard it many times as Barry replayed his tapes with information on worldwide events and some useful advisories relative to UFO crashes. In fact, said Barry, he was a member of a retrieval team in a New Mexico crash, 1962, where he personally helped in the recovery of the dead humanoid occupants. Surprisingly, Mr. Q’s tips on past UFO crashes, which I had shared with no one, including Barry, often proved accurate."

Stringfield’s work was the first real expose on alien autopsies, and it brought out a number of critics. Stringfield, however, held his ground. Following the convention he wrote to me, "I did contribute some new and valuable data re retrievals, and despite my critics, I’m glad I did!"

January 1978

Possible Target or Courier - Bob Pratt , Bill Dick, Tony Brenna- prominent UFO reporting staff at the National Enquirer

New concepts introduced

  1. Aliens being shot around military institutions
  2. Nuclear missiles being tampered with by aliens, as to opposed to National Enquirer release of 1975 over flights of nuclear missile installations in 1975.

What has become known as the Ellsworth document was sent February 9,78 to the National Enquirer, along with an anonymous cover letter, indicating that November 16, 1977 a security officer at the L-9 missile site challenged an individual wearing a green metallic uniform who refused to stop. When the officer pointed his M-16 at the unidentified figure, the figure hit the officer’s rifle with "a flash of light... disintegrating the weapon and causing second and third degree burns" to the officer’s hands.

Minutes later, a second officer minutes later fired at two similarly dressed individuals who were hit and fell to the ground. However, fifteen seconds later, they got up and were observed getting into a flying saucer which then took off and disappeared. Later missile maintenance reported that the L-9 missile’s nuclear component was missing. A Wing Commander arrived at the base ordering the site "a National Defense Area and ordering all non essential personal out of the area."

A letter attached to the two-page document claimed the incident had been classified Top Secret and all the witnesses had been silenced.

An investigation by the national Enquirer turned up 20 inconsistencies and errors in the document. The document was declared phony and many fingers were pointed at Richard Doty who was with the 44th Security Police Group at Ellsworth at the time.

The National Enquirer looked at a Sgt. Richard A. Benson as a possible suspect, but handwriting at the bottom of the document did not match either man’s handwriting.

In 1983, as part of his involvement with Linda Howe, Doty stated that the Ellsworth had occurred. Later however, he told Linda Howe and Bill Moore that the incident had not occurred.

February 1978 – August 1979

Colonel William Coleman, who approached Robert Emenegger to show footage of a landing in May 1971 of aliens at the Holloman Air Force Base, produces a NBC-TV show called "Project UFO." Jack Webb’s production company, Mark V11 Limited, produced the show. Jack Webb, formally a star with the show Dragnet, was the executive producer of Project UFO.

The show was a weekly show that dramatized some of the official reports from Project Blue Book. The show was effectively the forerunner of the X-files show. There were no smoking gun cases, no conspiracy, and just unexplained cases from the Blue Book files.



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