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Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 03:04

June 1977

Possible Target or Courier- Daniel Sheehan

Through the cooperation of Marcia S. Smith at the Library of Congress, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan, asks for and gets access to the classified sections of Project Blue Book.

On a Saturday in June 1977 Sheehan entered the unfinished Jefferson Building in Washington, D.C. He entered a vault area in the basement and spent a couple hours going through microfilms. On one microfilm he came across a series of photos of a crashed flying saucer embedded in a snow bank. Members of the USAF who were measuring the craft surrounded the ship.

Sheehan traced symbols that were seen on the side of the craft, but he did not tell the story of what he saw for 20 years. The material Sheehan provided to Marcia Smith was used for reports on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence that were prepared for President Carter.

October 1977

Close Encounters of the Third Kind has often been described as a fictional recreation of the Holloman landing, done only a couple years after Coleman made the offer to Emenegger and Sandler. Could the Spielberg movie be part of this "operation disclosure" begun in 1972?

The story has long been told about a 20-page letter sent from NASA to Steven Spielberg advising him about certain things wanted by the government in the movie. One example was a request that the whole alien interaction not take on the fear dynamic that surrounded Spielberg’s 1975 movie "Jaws."

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote that Close Encounters of the Third Kind was President Jimmy Carter’s favorite movie. Is it possible that Carter had some input into the movie being used to acclimatize the population about the reality of the alien presence?

Although White House records show no meetings, or phone calls between Carter and Spielberg, a photocopy of a photo in the Carter library shows that the official record is less than candid. Although the record says they never met, the photo shows they did.

On August 25, 1978, Carter sent Spielberg a picture with an inscription on it "To Steven Spielberg." It was signed "Jimmy Carter". Enclosed with the photo was an attached White House stationary note from the Social Secretary to the President Gretchen Poston, which read, "The president thought that you would enjoy receiving the enclosed photo."

Not Sure of date yet

Clifford Stone also claimed to have seen the film. More importantly he claims that he had the film on some kind of loan. There are stories that he showed it to some people. A security guard named September is one that was mentioned to me. He showed a film container marked "Holloman Film" in the trunk of his car to Kevin Randle, Don Schmitt, Ralph Heick, Don Mitchell. Paul Davids claims Stone did the same thing to him. (Interview to be done to develop this point)



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