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UFO Disclosure: Is there a Pattern to Government Actions?

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1 Consciousness, Flying Saucers, and the Intergalactic Computer Network Grant Cameron 6611
2 Dmitry Medvedev Alien Poll Grant Cameron 5825
3 Speigel, Friedman, and Cameron Discuss the CIA Roswell Story Grant Cameron 3251
4 Latest Interview with CIA Agent on Roswell Grant Cameron 3800
5 Does the CIA Influence Hollywood On UFOs? Grant Cameron 2962
6 The CIA and the Roswell Box Grant Cameron 7000
7 Larson's White House ET Response "Excellent" ? Grant Cameron 3353
8 Behind the Scenes at the White House Grant Cameron 1628
9 Disclosure Pattern Introduction - Aliens Grant Cameron 4793
10 Government Disclosure Pattern Grant Cameron 3985
11 Disclosure Pattern - Are We Targets or Couriers? Grant Cameron 2702
12 Disclosure Pattern 1972-75 Grant Cameron 4504
13 Disclosure Pattern 1977 Grant Cameron 2379
14 Disclosure Pattern 1978 Grant Cameron 2586
15 Disclosure Pattern 1980-85 Grant Cameron 3176
16 Disclosure Pattern 1985-90 Grant Cameron 4330
17 Disclosure Pattern 1990s Grant Cameron 3616
18 Disclosure Pattern: A Disney Connection? Grant Cameron 4782
19 Disclosure Pattern: The USAF and CIA Connection Grant Cameron 3226
20 Project Beta - The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth Grant Cameron 3871


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