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Written by Controller of Telecommunications   
Tuesday, 10 August 1954 06:00

Controller of Telecommunications
Ottawa, Ontario, August 10, 1954

Dear Sirs:

1. For the past three and a half years the Department of Transport has carried on an investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects. Considerable data was collected and analysed and many attempts were made to fit these data into some sort of pattern. However, it has not been possible to reach any definite conclusion, and since new data appear to be similar to data already studied, there seems to be little point in carrying the investigation say further on an official level.

2. It has therefore been decided that the Department of Transport will discontinue any further study of Unidentified Flying Objects and Project Magnet, which was set up for this purpose, will be dropped. However, Mr. W.B. Smith, P.O. Box 51, City View, Ontario will continue to receive and catalogue any future data on a purely unofficial basis.

Your very truly,

Controller of Telecommunications



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