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Written by The Winnipeg Free Press   
Thursday, 12 November 1953 06:00

OTTAWA (NYHT) -- The Canadian government is building an observatory near Ottawa to watch the skies for flying saucers.

The observatory, first of its kind in the world, will be manned by government scientists headed by Wilbert B. Smith, an engineer of the Canadian department of transport.

"There's a very high degree of probability that flying saucers are real objects." Mr. Smith said Wednesday night, "and a 60 per cent probability that they're alien vehicles."

He discounted the optical illusion explanation of the phenomenon. He said that in every one of many reports of flying saucers seen in Canadian skies, there is some factor precluding writing it off as an optical illusion. The sighting station will use specially built electronic devices to track saucers.

Co-sponsor of the observatory, with the transport department, is the Defence Research Board of Canada. Dr. O. M. Solandt, chairman of DRB, and Dr. C. J. Mackenzie, former president of the national research council, have consistently refused to ridicule flying saucer reports.



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