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Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 29 April 2012 03:21


The Bill Moore Area 51 Research File

Bill Moore was one of the most prominent UFO researchers of the 1980s. His prominence arose mainly due to his co-authorship of ‚ÄúThe Roswell Incident‚ÄĚ which put the 1947 New Mexico UFO crash on the map. Prior to the publishing of the book UFO crashes and theories of back-engineered UFO was unheard of in the UFO community.

Bill Moore, along with Stanton Friedman went on to release the MJ-12 documents, and Moore became involved with a shadowy DIA agent code-named Falcon who promised to provide Moore with many of the deepest secrets of the US government cover-up. Unfortunately this interaction between Moore and Falcon led to a fiery speech given by Bill Moore in 1989 where he detailed his ‚Äúcooperation‚ÄĚ with Falcon and the world of counter-intelligence. Shortly after the speech Moore left the UFO community stating he had discovered all he or anyone else would be able to uncover.

During his years in the field Moore did a lot of basic research attempting through contacts and FOIAs to get hard evidence on many of the popular topics with ufology. One of these topics was Area-51 which Moore accumulated documents on and published them in a research report.

That report is now public for all to see.



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