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Written by Dan Smith   
Friday, 29 April 2011 15:26

My poor neglected diary, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The meeting with Gordon N. did not go well, in my estimation. This guy is a great actor or entirely clueless in Las Vegas. This is the Forrest Gump of assassinations and tape erasures. He could stumble into MJ12 and stumble right out again.

I demanded a meeting with CF on Friday. He says I am too impatient with Gordon. Be that as it may. I'm not working for Central Casting.

I did have three questions for CF. With regard to the Woolsey briefing of GHWB, he tells me not to waste my time. The presidents cannot be players. You tell them what you have to tell them, and then hope you don't have to put them down. Democracy and capitalism are not the be all and end all of human existence. Was JFK dumb enough to get himself and his brothers sidelined? Did they mean well, or were they trying to upstage Charlie and Sophia? Headstrong, I think they call it. They never knew what they were going up against until it was too late. Now there are better safeguards in place.

As for BJ's briefing in the desert, it had to do with reverse engineering. There is some truth to that idea, but it ain't about saucers, Hon, it's about Creation, if you get my drift. BJ is still POed at me and still on his code of silence. Each to their own. CF is bringing BJ back to the company in three weeks, but evidently he forgot to tell him, so I had to.

Finally I asked him about the Anderson article. What article, he asks? Well, then, you've answered my question, says I. Long pause...... Oh, that article, says he! Typical.

It does turn out that CF is buddies with Porter. That could be interesting. He may get a Bigelow on his floor, instead of the usual newspapers. He did wonder about Bill doing a write-up on Gordon. Bill has been thinking more about a reprise of the AAE article done with REG, but placing it with Tina Brown in a few months. Do you think that we or she are ready for that? That would really be humping the ol' timeline. I'll have to ask 'Dr. Felini' about that. Hey, that's a good one, Bill!

Dr. F did manage to throw a curve, he always does. This was an old curve, but with new spit. It's about the missing source. Seems like we did really have a 'five martini' source back in the 70s with Grillflame. But it weren't Pat Price, and maybe not even Charlie. Might it have been Sophia/Graff, without the Graff? My response is that the source probably never went away, but just shape-shifted, as usual. Witness TX11.

I'll have to ask him next time about the missing money that Dick D'amato went chasing out in the desert. How much is missing? Is it just billions, or could it be trillions? There aren't that many grains of sand out there. How much would it cost to buy a doormat for the Green door?

What next? Who knows?

There is still the question of how Gordon got hooked up with Hal. This appears to have happened under the aegis of the LA Scientology chapter referenced on the previous page in connection with Parsons. Dr. F. is not innocent of such a connection, either. It is a small world.


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