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Written by Dr. Henry Azadehdel   
Monday, 05 March 1990 06:00




BE: Hello?

HA: Could I speak to Mr. Robert Emenegger please?

BE: This is he.

HA: Is it Mr. Emenegger?

BE: Yah.

HA: Hello, this is Dr. Henry speaking. How are you?

BE: I am fine.

HA: Do you remember me?

BE: Tell me your name again.

HA: It is Henry from Nottingham.

BE: Oh yes, of course Henry, I am very sorry. You caught me off guard, you know.

HA: I am sorry about it. I did not mean to.

BE: You know, I got a letter, I thought it is from you, but it was from a Janet something. She might be a writer. It might be a co-incident. She is in England somewhere, and she gave me a little questionnaire, which I thought it was very superficial. Do you know her name?

HA: No. What was her name?

BE: I do not remember, I throw it away. But, I think her first name was Jean or Janet. She must be a writer or researcher. So I thought a first... You know I did not expect any letter from England except from you. But I did answer her questions. Then I was told she is a researcher. Maybe quite co-incidental.

HA: But, I have written you a letter, have you received that?

BE: Oh yes. I received your letter about two days later.

HA: Do you remember what her surname was, I would be able to trace or track her, if you wish.

BE: I have sent her material away, because I just simply answered the five or six questions she had asked me. Although, John Lear knew what her real name was. I thought maybe you were her. I was confused, because I was looking at her letter and I could barely see her name.

HA: No, I do not have the habit of hiding behind different names.

BE: I did receive your letter. I thought it was very thorough.

HA: The reason that I am calling Bob, is about this, correct me if I am wrong, and I do not mean by any means to intrude or poke my nose into anything, but Barry Greenwood has said to me that his colleague has seen that you have a file where there are some letters from Nixon about UFOs.

BE: No, there were letters about a project. There were no where anything about UFOs.

HA: Did that incident happen?

BE: Which one?

HA: The landing in Holloman?

BE: As far as I know, every bit of evidence did indicate it so, and still so.

HA: Bob, is there anything on that that you can send me or spare at all?

BE: No, other than what was put into the book. We finally agreed was... in fact it was in the television special we did. The ending we are saying that it was something which that happened or perhaps to happen in the future, or perhaps already as happened. We did that at the last. The reason that we did that was that the film was confiscated, we were not allowed to use it. So, it was even forwarded to us.

HA: Are any documents pertaining that incident.

BE: Oh, it is a long story. The man who was assigned to that, whoever they were, and what you call them they were though. Just assigned to take care of them needs was a man named Alfonso Lorenzo. His name was on several memos I saw, but no reference to this incident. He is the one that appraised the staff at Norton AFB that this film had be shot, and that is how they have been to be alerted to seeing it. And, that is all I can tell you. Alfonso Lorenzo's name was on the personnel directory at the Holloman when he went there, and then when an intelligence CIA friend, who was not on official business, went right back to Wright Paterson to look for that personnel record. They informed him and said that you can see in a day or two, and when he went to look at it, just on our behalf, they told him that those records have been just destroyed, because they were out of date. Yet, a few days before, and then, Major Verana who was our liaison officer in the Pentagon, he knows nothing about UFOs, but when we told him that we were looking for this Lorenzo, he was very interested, he said he had a quote "a need to know" and when we were investigating, he said he was rebuffed and told no one by that name ever has been in the service. Which is not true. Since then I have found probably that there is twelve different ones by that name. And he was very very sort of puzzled by that. I know that is is a co-incident, but his assignment after that job in the Pentagon, he was sent to the Green Bay Labrador as a tennis instructor. As I said, I don't want to lead you. But it was just his next job.

HA: Now, with regards to this landing, therefore if that has taken place, and from what you recall, and from the evidence that you have seen whatever it has been...

BE: I tell you, I even got the man who was in charge of the film depository, who told us originally to finally appear on the show called "UFO Cover-up Live", from Washington, which I was very surprised that Paul did that. But, he did and just re-affirmed.

HA: What was his surname?

BE: Shartlow.

HA: Paul Shartlow, I see. So, the aliens HAVE BEEN officially visiting Holloman, per say.

BE: Per say, yes. While we did our project. I did not do it because I was interested in UFOs, to the you the truth. I was not interested in the subject at all, until we were told about it, and then the way was opened to that stage show, and then the fenaly was supposedly that landing in the Holloman.

HA:Now then, is it know from which star systems at all they were coming from?

BE: Oh, I do not know. I just tell you what I was told. They were asked to identify some radio signals, and they were unable to identify them and said the were not theirs. That it is the only little bit of information anybody ever passed on.

HA: So, radio signals have been received which electronically speaking do constitute some soft of, are they low frequency?

BE: I do not know, I mean if I look into it I could tell you, but I just have no idea. That is all I can tell you about it. As I said we were led to believe this all existed. In fact Colonel Coleman, I was told that he was involved with the toeing that film away from the Norton. We are fairly good friends, yet he sort of seems to have forgotten about it in time, then every time I ask him, really seriously what was on the film Ben? He changes the story little bit saying first it was some lenses we were using. We did not want the Soviets to know we had, then it was this and that. He is very good at defusing in whatever you are trying to get out of him, but we are still good friends.

HA: Would you say that Falcon is Coleman?

BE: Oh, absolutely not.

HA: Forgive me for suggesting this.

BE: No, because Coleman was with me. He was with me the whole time. He was even on the intercom, we were trying to figure out who the people were.

HA: Is it identified who the Falcon was eventually?

BE: Well, I think everyone knows who they are.

HA: Falcon is not known yet. We know one of them was Rick Doty, the other one they say was Collins.

BE: Yah, I think it is Bob Collins. Only because, as I said, I just put few things together. That is the conclusion I drew. Just by this, he really tipped his hand by calling me and asking me some very unrelated odd questions. I just began to put it together and it was confirmed. But not confirmed by the people who were paid to put him on, you know ah... Bill Moore and his friend.

HA: Now, let us go back to that CIA incident that you put in your book which is fascinating one. That telepathic contact. Do you have anything on that?

BE: I had the original memos, which was written up by... can not think of his name, he is a CIA agent who when I asked him if he would appear in the show, totally shocked that I have them. Buy, he would not appear, and they were given to me by Col. Friend. Friend was the investigator who investigated it. Absolutely every bit of it was correct and right and true.

HA: Do you still have those memos?

BE: I doubt it. As I said, I was not a UFO buff. I have a pile of records, copies of Project Blue Book, pages that they pertain to something, but little by little they disappear. I don't have them. Mendenhall was the name of the CIA agent that took the notes.

HA: Is there any document of interest that you can spare me at all?

BE: Well I just don't fell... I am not a.... I don't collect that kind of information. I only have some of the things that I have, which are in pile up there. They are all the things that I am sure the public knows about it, and I reproduced the letters. I put it in the book and there is in depth analysis like this social psychologist, but I took the most important and high-lights of it. The rest of it is just not very interesting, and they have nothing to do with the UFOs. They were analyzing the reaction of the public. But, there is something which is brewing, that if does prove to be something, even back it is related to the Roswell incident, I got a call about that, if that is true I'll try and share it with you. Some one who is quiet, someone that I know very well who is a government guy, and who is no-nonsense, who thinks that maybe there was something to the Roswell, he is looking into it further.

HA: Well, let's hope that it would yield to something positive. Do you believe that there is an inner group, something like MJ12 let's say, which exists?

BE: In honesty, I don't think so, but that is my opinion, I think that there are studies that go on about this phenomena and you probably find that in CIA. But, studies to see how psychologically if effects people, but actual knowledge about all of the phenomena I don't think so. That is my honest feeling.

HA: So but why did they withhold that footage at the very last minute?

BE: Well, I don't know. I don't know other than that there is a possibility that it was used as a trial balloon and somehow it was decide to create this incident, draw us, my partner and into it and just see where it went. I mean, this is just a possibility, I don't know that is true or not but YET MY ASSOCIATE, THE MAN WHO TOLD ME ABOUT IT, WOULD BE REALLY, WHAT IS THE WORD WHEN YOU ARE USING A DECEPTION BY THE GOVERNMENT, HE WOULD BE REALLY UP FOR MAYBE A CIVIL SUIT FOR DOING THAT.

HA: But there are incidents however, that we both know that there has been absolutely not explanations available.

BE: Yah, there is enough evidence that the Air Force had, even if I never heard about the Holloman, to be convinced that this phenomena is real and leaving marks and everything else on the ground, but I don't think anybody denies it, although they don't like to address it.

HA: Has there been any other landing which has been brought up to your knowledge, similar to the Holloman?

BE: Only that one over England, Bentwater, fascinating still unresolved incident. END.

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