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Military reports of UFOs include:

Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia, 8 September 1973, 0220 hours; a UFO was sighted by military policemen was traveling at a high rate but subsequently stopped and hovered for about 15 minutes in front of them while flashing brilliant blue, white and amber lights. It then flew off.

Near Mansfield, Ohio, 18 October, 1973, 2305 hours: a UFO approached an Army helicopter at some speed causing the captain to put the helicopter into a dive, The UFO appeared to stop over the helicopter before traveling on. After it departed the captain found that the helicopter was at a greater altitude than when he began the dive.

NORAD documents indicate penetrations by unidentified craft over several Strategic Air Command Bases, including Loring AFB (Maine), Wurtsmith AFB (Michigan), Minot AFB (North Dakota), Malmstrom AFB (Montana) and Falconbridge Radar Site (Ontario) during late October and early November, 1975. The NORAD Command Directors Log and the 24th NORAD Region Senior Director's Log (Malmstrom AFB) show that on 8 November 1975 at 0635Z a Sabotage Alert Team (SAT) reported a UFO with white lights and a red light 50 yards behind the white lights. Ten minutes later height finder radardetected objects at 10-13,000 ft. At 0753Z two F- 106's were scrambled out of Great Falls to check on an object tracked on radar at 12,000 ft which was seen by ground Sabotage Alert Teams (SAT). Over the next hour and a halfjets were scrambled several times but never made visual contact because, according to the SAT, the object decreased its altitude to about 300 ft and turned off its lights whenever the jets approached over the mountains.

(Note: the object was hovering near a missile launch site.) Similar sightings occurred on the next night and also on the 10th of November. Also on the 10th, Minot Air Force Station reported a bright object "about the size of a car" that passed slowly over the station at an altitude less than 2,000 ft. No noise was heard.

Tehran, Iran, 19 September, 1976, 0130 local: Iranian Air Force General Yousefi was alerted by Mehrebad Airport Tower that a UFO was hovering over Tehran. Youssefi spotted it himself and launched an F-4 from Shaharoki AFB at 0130 local. As the jet approached the bright light over Tehran and reached a radar distance of 25 nm it lost all communications (UHF and intercom). It turned and headed back to base. Youssefi ordered a second jet to be launched at 0140. The second jet approached on afterburner and the radar determined a rate of closure (VC) of 150 nmph. However, as the range approached 25 nm the VC decreased to zero. The object was giving off rapidly flashing colors of blue, green, red and orange. The jet and the light were headed toward the Iranian border when the light released a smaller light, which the pilot took as a threatening move and commenced to arm an AIM-9 missile. At that time he lost all communication (UHF and intercom) and turned away from the chase.

Fort Ritchie, MD, 30 July 1976, 0345 EDT: Ft. Ritchie called the National Military Command Center to report that they had received reports of UFOs from civilians near Mt. Airy, MD at "0130, from two separate patrols from Site R" at 0255, from a Desk Sargeant at Site R at 0300 and from an Army police Sargeant at 0345. The 0255 sighting was of "3 oblong objects with a reddish tint moving east to west." The 0300 sighting was of "a UFO over the ammo storage area at 100 to 200 yards altitude."

Mariano Melgar Air Force Base, La Joya, Peru, 9 May 1980 (morning): a group of Air Force Officers saw a round UFO hovering near the airfield.

The air commander scrambled an SU-22 aircraft to intercept, but the UFO outran it. A second sighting occurred at night, 10 May. Again a jet was scrambled but the UFO outran it.

Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM; August, 1980: security guards at the Manzano Weapons Storage Area (nuclear weapons storage) east of Kirtland AFB reported that they saw a lighted object performing odd maneuvers over the Coyote Canyon area of the Department of Defense

Restricted Range at 2350 hours, August 8, 1980. This lighted object descended behind some small hills, from their point of view. A Sandia Security guard on routine patrol observed the light behind an alarmed structure on Coyote Canyon Road and went to invegtigate at 0020 hours, August 9, 1980 (i.e., 30 minutes later). As he approached he thought it was a helicopter but then he saw it was a "round disk shaped object." He attempted to radio for help but the radio did not work. As he approached the object armed with a shotgun it accelerated upward at a great rate of speed. The Manzano guards saw the light proceed straight upward and disappear.

Lake Erie, east of Cleveland, Ohio, 4 March 1988, 2035 local:civilians reported to the Coast Guard a large, lighted object hovering over lake. Two Coast Guard unit members went to the viewing site and confirmed the object. The civilians reported that 3 to 5 smaller lighted objects had come from the larger ones and these "were zipping around rather quickly.

These objects had red, green, white and yellow lights on them that strobed intermittently. They also had the ability to stop and hover in mid flight." The two members of the unit reported the same activity and watched for approximately 1 hour before reporting that the large objectwas almost on the ice. They reported that the ice was cracking and moving abnormal amounts as the object came closer to it." After a period of time and numerous "activities" by the object, the unit members reported that "1 object was moving toward them at a high speed and low to the ice. Mobile 02 backed down the hill they had been on and when they went back to the hill, the object was gone." The Coast Guard reports that "the unit was unable to identify any of the objects using binoculars and after contacting local police and airports this unit was unable to identify the objects." (Note: a civilian took a photograph of one of the small objects flying by. It shows a glowing triangular shaped object.)