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Special Projects


Over the past new years a number of documents have surfaced related to a "Special Projects" units inside the United States government. Researchers have searched to see if these units have anything to do with UFOs.

Three of the previously published documents can be found published at two sites

The majesticdocuments website

The UFOconspiracy website

Also documented at the UFOconspiracy website is a November 7, 1989 letter from Cecil W. Fry at The U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations to Lee Graham. In this letter Fry makes reference to a Special Projects (PJ) unit. This unit "Develops and implements security policies and procedures for compartment Special Access Programs such as the B-2 and F-117A aircraft. Guides and directs security related activities of all program participants, both in government and industry. Provides counterintelligence and security support to special Air Force activities. Operates two detachments in classified locations."

Now two new documents are being added from the Eisenhower Library

Eisenhower Special Projects Document December 31, 1957

Eisenhower Special Projects Document March 31, 1960