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Wilbert Smith





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 Project Magnet -The Canadian Government UFO Study


"I make no attempt to 'prove' anything, and have no intention of doing so. It is up to each and every one to search out the truth and decide for themselves just what is truth. Truth needs no justification; it stands alone." Wilbert Smith


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Dr. Robert Sarbacher- A key U.S. contact.

Dr. Omond Solandt - Top Canadian Defense Official.

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Du nouveau sur Wilbert Smith par François Parmentier


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Ottawa Interplanetary Society - On April 7, 1952 Wilbert Smith, Director of the Canadian Flying Saucer Investigation hosted a meeting of the Ottawa Interplanetary Society.  Those invited and attending included Nobel-Prize winner Dr. G. Herzberg. Included with the record of this meeting, discovered at the University of Ottawa Archives by Nick Balaskas, is a drawing of a flying saucer indicating possible military applications.