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Dr. Omond Solandt was Chairman of the Canadian Defense Research Board until 1956. His Chairman position was at the same level as the Military Chiefs of Staff, and the Deputy Minister of National Defense. He is mentioned both in Wilbert Smith’s Top Secret flying saucer memo, and in the 1951 Smith/Canadian Embassy Correspondence. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Solandt was interviewed and exchanged a number of letters on UFOs. The following is one of the key interviews.




Wilbert Smith 1950 Memo to Solandt

Interview June 8, 1991

May 11, 1983 - Letter to William Steinman

August 26, 1983 - Letter to William Steinman

August 3, 1989 - Letter to Christopher Allan

September 27, 1989 - Letter to Grant Cameron

Canadian Defense Research Board Organization

American Research and Development Board Organization

Dr. Omond Solandt Biography