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Nixon UFO Photographs

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Nixon_gleason_2.gif (109001 bytes) Jackie Gleason's second wife Beverly McKittrick was the one that told the story that Jackie had come home late one night telling her President Nixon had taken him to a Florida Air Force Base where he showed him the bodies of small aliens.
Gleason_Nixon.gif (41352 bytes) Jackie Gleason knew many US Presidents, and he said he discussed UFOs with some of them. Like the Presidents, Gleason also liked golf. Here he is clowning with Nixon in 1967 at a Florida golf course.
Great_one.gif (220918 bytes) Gleason's interest in UFOs was coincidental in that he gained the nickname "The Great One." The name was given to him by Orson Welles who presented the Oct. 30, 1938 "The War of the Worlds." It was a story about an invasion of Martians that created great panic with listening radio audiences.


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