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Presidential UFO Photos

George W. Bush

Bush_alien.jpg (16682 bytes)

Like President Clinton before him, candidate George W. Bush received the endorsement of the famous "Weekly World News"  space alien. As with Clinton in 1992, the alien correctly predicted the eventual election winner - in this case Bush.

Bush_AF1.jpg (32776 bytes)

In May 2000, after receiving the alien's endorsement, Bush holds up the alien picture on Air Force One to show the reporters his expanding Republican Party Appeal."New faces, new voices," said Bush. "It goes to show I'm willing to reach across certain demographic lines."
lara.jpg (2890 bytes)

Lara Johnstone who went on a hunger strike trying to force George W. Bush to keep his promise made on the campaign trail to UFO researcher Charles Huffer to release all the withheld information on UFOs. The hunger strike lasted 44 days without forcing Bush to even address the subject. The hunger strike did however generate a lot of media attention about the Bush UFO promise.


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