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A Story About one Wilbert Smith CIA Connection

By W.Todd Zechel, Director of Operations, Associated Investigators Group

Excerpted from Filer's Files #34

" I worked on a case involving a now-deceased CIA guided missile expert and Patent Attorney for Werner Von Braun and Herman Oberth, Commander. Alvin Moore, who recovered a mysterious broken-off cylinder on his property in Virginia around the time of the 1952 flap, and after a UFO had followed an airliner en route from Martinsburg, W. Va., to Washington, DC, and was tracked suddenly dropping off air traffic control radarscopes. Over 20 years ago I wrote about this case, first for SAGA'S UFO REPORT and then FATE. I had become friends with Moore through Art Lundahl, founder and original Director of the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center, also my friend and UFOlogical mentor. Lundahl and Moore, both former Navy officers, served together in the local Navy Reserve unit and in the CIA. Moore met Captain Donald Goodspeed of Canadian Army Intelligence at CIA where Goodspeed was liaison. He gave Goodspeed the mysterious cylinder to take back to Canada for study by Project Magnet and Wilbert Smith.

Lundahl later learned through CIA sources that the physical evidence had been studied by the A.V. Roe Company, which was then under contract with the USAF to build a 'flying saucer,' in what became known as the AVRO Disc &#34 Eventually the material was returned to Moore, but shortly turned up missing from his CIA office safe after the Director of the Office of Scientific Intelligence, Marshall Chadwell, had asked to examine it and then returned it to Moore. Neither the USAF or the Canadians or the National Bureau of Standards ever could identify the material, although the Bureau said, it was not a meteorite or a natural substance. Only Howard Cross of Battelle, for the USAF, said he thought it might be from an open hearth furnace--which made no sense in light of the fact it had come crashing from the sky, damaging trees, and embedding itself in the ground, where Moore's caretakers found it. There was a picture of the object in the Blue Book files at the National Archives, as well as the Forest Service agent Edward Crocker's report about the tree damage. Who knows what's left now?

In 1967, Dr. Condon and Robert Low and others from the Condon Committee came to the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) to confer with Director Art Lundahl, who told them he needed good UFO pictures or films to study. Condon subsequently put out a press release announcing to the public that the Condon Committee was seeking UFO photographic evidence to study. He left out, however, that this evidence was being obtained for the CIA for it to study. While at NPIC, Lundahl told Robert Low about the Alvin Moore physical evidence case. Low talked to Moore, who explained he no longer had the material, but said he had submitted a full report to Project Blue Book, including a photograph of the object and Forest Service agent Crocker's report. Subsequent to this, the USAF told Low they had no such records of the case--which was a lie--and the Condon Committee never even mentioned the case in its report, presumably concluding the two distinguished CIA men were somehow lying, but not the USAF! I subsequently not only found Moore's report in the Blue Book files, but interviewed scientists at the National Bureau of Standards who had examined the material and issued their own report stating it was not a meteorite or an identifiable natural substance.