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Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 01 August 2009 05:10

Vice Presidential UFO Letter Surfaces

A new, Vice-President Johnson, UFO letter has surfaced. This is one of a couple rare White House UFO letters in existence.

The September 21, 1961 letter was addressed to Canadian UFO researcher Ronald Anstee. Anstee, who told me years back about the letter, lent the original to someone in Europe and never got it back.

Anstee felt that one of the photos taken by UFO contactee George Adamski showed being looking out the window, and that this evidence is something that the Vice President should look at.

Asked about this claim, Adamski researcher C.A.Honey told me in a November 27, 2002 E-mail,

"His second book published in New York had a couple of the cigar shaped pictures that show white blobs in the portholes. While Adamski said one was him looking out the porthole it is impossible to identify the photo as showing a human or anyone else looking out the porthole.. .I feel it is more than likely that the photos are not genuine. If, however, they are genuine, it is impossible to prove it. Sorry."

The Johnson library provided a copy of the Vice President's letter to me from their files.  One more Vice President Johnson letter may have been found and will be posted when confirmed. It like the first letter deals with flying saucer contactee George Adamski.

Latest Vice President Lyndon Johnson UFO Letter

The third UFO letter was very short. It was written by Vice President Johnson to Leon Davidson, a prominent UFO investigator in the late 1950s.

It can be seen at:

Researcher Leon Davidson is probably most famous for helping to expose the CIA as they tried to recover an "alien message" by impersonating Air Force officers.

The case was even written up in the CIA paper "A Die-Hard Issue: CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90." This appeared in

Studies in Intelligence Vol. 01 No.1, 1997

I have written up a review of the Maier case at

The Johnson library told me that they do not have the October 8, 1961 Davidson letter. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows what happened to Davidson's files.

Another letter still being sought from Johnson's files is one where Johnson replies to a letter talking about a story dealing with the George Adamski Saturnian spacecraft.

In the letter Vice President Johnson says,

"Thank you for your letter of October 11, 1962. My reply to your enquiries about a Saturnian spacecraft landing on a U.S. airbase is simply that there is no factual basis for such a report. There is, however, no law which prevents such imaginative ideas being reported. The alternative would be a type of censorship over freedom of speech and expression which would do more harm than good."

At this point we don't know who the author is, which is preventing the recovery of the letter.

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