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Written by Larry W. Bryant   
Saturday, 01 August 2009 22:22

Larry W. Bryant ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), the "LWB Chronicles" columnist for the web site of, provides the following chapter excerpt from his forthcoming book "UFO Politics at the White House:

Citizens Rally 'round Jimmy Carter's Promise" (published by the Invisible College Press --

Chapter 6. Carter Hears More from the UFOvox Populi

[AUTHOR's Note: The Carter UFO-disclosure promise reverberated across the seas, drawing favorable response from all walks of life and across all cultural boundaries. As you can see from the first letter of this chapter, some of that response originated from unexpected quarters.

Today, we know that Puerto Rico has become a hot spot for UFO activity -- and that its legislators have a renewed opportunity to take the lead in demanding greater access to the U. S. government's Pandora's Box of hard-core UFO data.]

1-25. April 5, 1977; Dear Mr. President:

As a member of the Commonwealth (of Puerto Rico) House of Representatives, I wish to make you aware of a matter of some importance to the United States, to Puerto Rico, and to the rest of the world as well.

I refer to the controversial sightings of UFO's around the world. As a presidential candidate you told the National Enquirer (June 8, 1976), "If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists" because "I am convinced that UFO's exist, because I have seen one."

"One thing is for sure," the Enquirer quoted you as saying, "I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified objects in the sky!"

Inspired by your views on this interesting matter, four young members of our House of Representatives, Hon. Antonio Fas Alaamora, Hon. Roberto Rodriguez, Hon. Freddy Valentin, and myself, introduced a resolution -- H.R. 151 -- whose sole purpose is to create a House special committee to gather statements from citizens who may have evidence on the existence of this type of scientific phenomena.

Our resolution has stirred controversy from several sectors in our community, as well as serious response. The former, probably because the whole UFO affair has been derided by those who make fun of any reports on UFO sightings.

Although there are other important problems to which we devote our time in search for permanent solutions, we feel H.R. 151 covers important ground. An opinion from you on the matter could help to enlighten those among our citizens who have declined to treat the subject with the seriousness it deserves.

With my best wishes for success in your highly important commitment to America's future, I remain,

Very truly yours,

Enclosure [photo-copy of the resolution, in Spanish, as depicted below]:

Sva. Asamblea la. Sesion
Legislative Ordinaria
R. de la C. 151
17 de marzo de 1977 -

Presentada por los Representantes Fas Alzamora, Mudoz Arjona y Valentin

Referida a la Comisio'n de Asuntos Internos --


Para crear una Comisio'n Especial que investigue las alegadas apariciones de "OVNIS", objetos voladores no identificados sobre Puerto Rico y todo lo relacionado con este asunto.


Durante los pasados aBos ha salido a la luz publica una serie de informaciones sobre supuestas apariciones de "OVNIS", objetos voladores no identificados sobre Puerto Rico. Si bien es cierto que se iniciaron algunas investigaciones privadas sobre este hecho, no es menos cierto que al pueblo de Puerto Rico nunca se le ha dado conocimiento final y concreto de si las alegadas apariciones de los "OVNIS" son meros rumores o realidad.

El pueblo de Puerto Rico tiene derecho a conocer a fondo sobre este particular. Tiene por lo tanto, la C`mara de Representantes de Puerto Rico la^ obligacion de hacerse eco del clamor de la diudadanta y de investigar todo lo relacionado sobre los "OVNIS" sobre Puerto Rico que
tanta inquietud ha causado en nuestra "Isla del Encanto".


Seccion 1.- Se crea una Comision Especial de siete (7) representantes, cuatro (4) de ellos pertenecientes al partido de mayorta y tres (3) de ellos partenecientes al partido de minoria, para que investigue las alegadas apariciones de "OVNIS", objetos voladores no identificados sobre Puerto Rico y todo lo relacionado con este asunto.

Seccion 2.- La Comision debera rendir a este cuerpo un informe contentivo de sus conclusiones y recomendaciones a la mayor brevedad posible.

[LWB Note (11/30/01): Indeed, the above excerpt does exemplify the worldwide scope of the UFO problem, one that apparently will vex many a head of state in years to come.]



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