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Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 27 May 2013 03:16

Most UFO researchers have heard of camera problems around UFO and crop circles. The general complain is that power is drained from the batteries of the camera leaving the camera unusable.

Rarely if ever is the camera ever affected. There is just light entering the lens after all, so what could possibly go wrong?

That might be the rule in the materialistic world view paradigm where everything is just a machine of one sort or another. In the world of the non-local paranormal the rules seem to be a bit different. This is especially true if you are Chris Bledsoe who has lived in a bizarre world of paranormal events since 2007.

I first became aware of Chris’s camera story when I visited him in May 2013 just outside of Fayetteville, o-SANTEEUFOBARN-570North Carolina.  It wasn't until a woman in California complained of the same problem, however, that I realized the possible importance of what had happened to Chris. On May 7 Ellen Henry, a member of the Santee Historical Society was photographing an historic building known as the Edgemoor Barn when she suddenly realized that she had taken a picture of something to the left of the barn. When she downloaded the picture to her computer she discovered what was clearly a picture of a classic flying saucer.

More important to this story - for some unknown reason Ellen's camera suddenly stopped working.

Now back to Chris Bledose. He is a man who has a rough go of it since 2007 when he and four others encountered a series of UFOs and small aliens with red eyes while fishing at the Cape Fear River on cool January evening. The events of that night changed the lives of the five men forever.

In a regression done with Chris in 2008, he recounted how he had seen three UFOs after wandering away from the other four fishermen and was abducted by one of the three objects. The encounter inside the ship with aliens standing around him showing him things. Then it had some very strange aspects which have yet to be resolved.

What has occurred since the 2007 event can only be described as possibly the most bizarre paranormal UFO series of events on record. There have been numerous sightings of UFOs and aliens, UFO circles in the yard, black helicopters, shadow people, accurate precognitions, messages, medical healings, totally unexplainable burning trees, bleeding dogs, and a camera that broke when Chris tried to photograph one of the many UFOs.

Chris described the UFO camera encounter this way;

“I had just purchased a new digital camera not a cheap one but a 300.00 camera. Chris Jr. and a friend of his Zack Bond were going out for the evening it was cool out getting dark early evening. My TV room is in view of the back door of our home Chris and Zack started to the door looked over to me to tell me bye.

The boys went out the door and the door no longer shut it and they were back in shouting, ‘dad come quick’. I knew what it was by the way they were acting. I jumped up met them out back on the patio and looking up not high at all this beautiful Golden Object as gold as what is in Fort Knox  was hovering less than a quarter mile away it was maybe 200 feet in the air. This object was so golden and brilliant there was rays shooting out all around it.

I ran inside grabbed my new camera hurried back out the door pushed the shutter button and the camera said Memory Card Error. The card still says Memory Card Error and the camera with a new memory card takes pictures but everything is melted. It had ruined my new camera.”

I asked Chris to send me some of the melted face pictures and on May 26, 2013 he did. The pictures speak for themselves.

bledsoe face 1a

Bledsoe face 2a



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