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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 12 June 2014 18:46

Savants, Science, and Bible Stories


Imagine for a moment what you would do if you were suddenly, without warning, called to a meeting with God or an alien who was 1,000,000 years more advanced than mankind. If you had 10 minutes to ask questions what would you ask? Would you ask for the meaning of life? Would you ask for the Power Ball Lottery numbers? Would you ask for the cure to cancer?

It is a wild concept, but it is not as far from reality as you might think.

As a child growing up I was brought up with the idea that all knowledge that one could need was found in the Bible. The idea was that the Bible was the inspired word of God and therefore infallible. There are a number of people today who still believe in just such an idea that the Bible or the Koran is inspired knowledge.

That upbringing left me with a constant awareness that there might be such things such as inspirations or downloads. There might be pure and advanced concepts that are given to people through various methods. The idea seemed worth checking. It seemed like a no-brainer.

I have now identified 15 areas where people appear to be getting inspirations and downloads from somewhere else – from somewhere outside the physical ideas of rational calculations and reason. There have been stories such as two independent people who told me of being on a spacecraft and being shown a formula they did not understand, and then being told by the same aliens about the cure to cancer. It seemed like a no-brainer to try and run that story to ground.

I came to discover that many of our inventions and scientific discoveries came from this world of inspiration and download. The more I looked the more inspiration and download appeared to a part of our world. It appeared clear that there might actually be inspired word and direction from some non-local realm.

One of the most amazing areas of inspiration and download appeared to come from prodigies and prodigious savants. This is because they appeared to be receiving a pure signal of whatever it is that is being downloaded. Some maintain that the accuracy of the prodigious savants is 100% and that is almost in the same category as the Biblical claim as being the inspired word of God.

The accuracy of the savant is such that if you ask someone like Indian math prodigy Shakuntala Devi to multiply tammet multiplicationin her head 7,686,369,774,870 and 2,465,099,745,779 she will come up with the correct answer the first try after only a few seconds.

Then there is Daniel Tammet who sees numbers as colors, shapes, textures and sounds who sees shapes in his mind when he is given complex math to do. He simply sees the shape of the two numbers he is given, and a new shape, which is the answer, appears in between. He does no calculation but always has the right answer.

These are only two of many stories which provide a powerful indicator of the ability of the human mind to tune into information that might be very useful to humanity.

The World of Savants

While studying the scientific explanations for prodigious savants I suddenly had flashbacks of being back in Sunday School listening to stories of great miracles. I have had this feeling before having heard scientists explaining the mysteries of UFOs as prosaic things that make no sense.

What I have come to understand is that science explains nothing. It only describes.

Science looks at events and describes what nature, evolution, or the creative force is doing. A example of this might be the making of an oak leaf. The scientific description of how this happens is that an oak tree makes an acorn which falls on the ground and becomes covered with soil. A combination of moisture and heat help the acorn to sprout and form a small plant which eventually produces leaves.

The oak tree did the whole thing and the scientist did nothing. The scientist simply described how the oak tree makes a leaf. If the scientist had not been there the whole process would still have happened. Yet the scientific image put out by science is that they have control over nature and are busy creating and inventing things.

Like a Bible story science has set up a cast of characters and given them names. There is the oak tree, and genes, and DNA, and weather conditions, and energy from the sun. This naming technique, however, does not tell us who actually did the magic trick of making an oak leaf, or exactly how the trick is done.

Science has created lots of names for things they cannot explain. Science will talk about placebo, singularities, genetic memory, DNA blueprints, chance, and instinct to describe the magic of nature. They however, never explain how the trick is done, and they certainly can’t do it themselves.

This is called naming theory. Give it a name and make the mystery go away. It works all the time.

The question becomes - who are placebo, singularity, genetic memory, DNA blueprints, and instinct? Each of them sound very much like an all-powerful old man with a white beard sitting on a cloud. They sound like people who are mysterious and all powerful because they are the ones doing the magic. The scientist is just the play by play announcer. Their names could easily be replaced with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

Terance McKenna spoke up about this type of mythical naming when he talked about the scientific explanation for the origin of man and the magical process described by science that is used to describe extraordinary natural events.

The dominant and virtually unchallenged myth or our origin is either that God created us in 7 days along with the rest of creation or that the universe was born out of nothingness in a single moment for no reason. These are the two choices on the menu – neither terribly compelling to rationalists. Interesting to note that this scientific explanation – the universe sprang from nothing in a single instant however we may think of it in terms of its veracity- notice that it is the limit case for credulity. You understand what I mean?

I mean that if you can believe that – hell - you can believe anything. Sit down and try and think of something more improbable than that contention. So it’s like they open up with the one two punch and say put that in front of them. If they can swallow that then the hydrogen bond, the gene segregation or whatever will follow hard pace because the hard swallow comes first.

I maintain that it is a very odd place to look. What that’s called is a singularity, and many theories require a singularity. That means to kick start the intellectual engine you have to go outside the system and you get one free hypothesis and then once you have used that up your system has to run very very smoothly clear down to the end.

So science uses up its one free miracle with the big bang. Give me the first 10 to the high 12 nanoseconds and if I can do smoke and mirrors in that then the rest will proceed in an orderly fashion. Now that is orthodoxy you have to understand. That’s what the straight people believe.

McKenna talks of one singularity being needed but when it comes to explaining savant abilities, science is required to pull a whole string of miracles out of the hat in order to get the whole thing to work within the physical world view.

The general physical based savant theory is that the brain (usually the left) is damaged through birth, disease, or injury. When this happens the theory states that a rewiring of the brain takes place “by a) ‘Recruiting’ and substituting still available, still intact, unused brain capacity for those brain areas that have been damaged by a variety of developmental, traumatic or disease induced processes or b) ‘releasing’ stored, dormant brain capacity from non-dominant brain areas which are freed up after the dominant brain areas have been damaged.”[1]

Then the rescue brain employs the Hail Mary pass of all singularity/miracles and uses genetic memory to perform calculations like the 23th root of a 201 digit number, or a six year old boy who cannot multiply 5 x 5 but can tell you the day of the week in seconds for any date you wish to put forward, or the famous Sacks twins who could tell you day of the week for any day in history, but who replied to questions that there were 10 minutes in an hour and 10 seconds in a minute.

What is inherited, according to the theory is “not specific music or mathematical knowledge or skills. Rather what is inherited are the music, art, or mathematical ‘templates’ or ‘unconscious ‘rules’ of those specialized skills.”[2]

The theories proposed to physically explain savant syndrome are of course just made up ideas with no evidence to link to the savant or reproduce it in a laboratory. They are much like the explanations or “weather balloons,” “USAF dummies,” and ‘swamp gas” that have been used to provide earthbound physical explanations for UFOs.

Like the dumb UFO explanations the savant theories come crashing down with any investigation whatsoever. If the right brain is rewiring to do the job of the left brain why does it not take over the left brain functions such as speech and reasoning? It takes over NONE of the left brains task. They still can’t talk, dress themselves, or do thinks that require evaluation and reasoning.

The new brain wiring simply gives the savants some extraordinary ability to do massive mathematical calculations without ever having had a math lesson, or allow someone to compose 5 symphonies by age five, or play like a professional without a single music lesson. The poor savant is left without the ability to talk, count to ten, or dress themselves.

If genetic memory is involved why can many of the math savants do very complex mathematical calculations, calendar calculations, and yet not be able to add 4+2? What is the genetic memory mechanism for a person’s drive and ability to name Pi to 22,514 places, or be able to accurately draw the entire skyline of NYC after flying over it for 45 minutes in a helicopter? Did their ancestors practice these skills and pass them down in their genes? Why are savants 100% accurate in the area of expertise? How can physical genes provide instructions to the mind which was shown by research done already back in the 1950s to be non-local?

In the end the physical savant explanation reminds me greatly of Bible stories I heard as a child. The right brain is in trouble through injury, birth or disease (The children of Israel are escaping from Egypt). The right brain (Moses) quickly rewires itself and comes to the rescue. Then the new brain somehow taps into genetic memory (Moses’ staff) and is able to create musical, artistic, and mathematical talents that clearly look like miracles (dividing the Red Sea) so the children of Israel can escape.

What we have to be interested in is not the story but how is the trick or miracle done? The right brain rescue and genetic memories are nothing more than multiple miracles being asked for again by science.

The description of the physical mechanism for savant talent is total smoke and mirrors. It is nothing more than a stop gap theory to keep the physical universe intact, because if the physical world theory comes under attack it will be the disastrous situation described by George Costanza in Seinfeld – Worlds will be colliding!!

A new mechanism is required to explain the savant miracle. That mechanism will involve the consciousness which science has also tried to explain with singularities, nonsensical explanations, and Bible stories. It will involve morphic fields[3] and many other things that physical reductionist scientists will do everything in their power to keep out of the doctrines of belief.

It will come with a model of some sort in inspiration download mechanism.

Until then we will have to contend with the smoke and mirrors.


We may not have to wait to long. According to Dr. Diane Powell who spent the first part of this year doing scientific controlled tests on non-verbal autistic children exhibiting telepathic abilities, "I have the data that could mute the Amazing Randy challenge."

Dr. Powell did experiments on children who were able to telepathically read long digit target numbers. The highlight was one young girl who was able to accurately give back a 162 digit number with no mistakes.

[1] Darold Treffert, “Islands of Genius,” Page 53

[2] Ibid page 59


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Clinton, UFOs, and the Single Bullet Theory PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 06 April 2014 16:43

Clinton, UFOs, and the Single Bullet Theory

As Time Magazine and other in the “established media” have been reporting over the last couple of days former President Bill Clinton went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and talked about his efforts to look into the UFO phenomena when he became president.

Not surprisingly, Clinton added really nothing to the many statements he has made in the past. What he did say is that he did look in to the subject which raised a cheer from the believers saying “I told you so.” It also, however, provided psychotic geocentric sceptics to claim Clinton’s latest statements show conclusively that there are no ETs and the government knows nothing.Clinton Roswell cartoon

The real truth of the matter may be as simple as the statement made in the undisputed Canadian Top Secret memo where it is stated that when they asked the Americas about flying saucers, through discrete enquiries made through the Canadian Embassy in Washington in November 1950, they were told 1) Flying saucers exist 2) It is the most highly classified subject in the United States.

This documented fact would tend to indicate that Clinton would and could never violate his security clearance to say anything significant on the subject. It seems like a no-brainer. To add to this take years later, in a rumored conversation between then CIA Director George Bush and President-elect Jimmy Carter, Bush said ”Curiosity is not sufficient need to know.”

It has been known since the time Clinton was in office that he was interested. In one story attributed to Ron Pandolfi, the top scientist in the CIA who was tasked with the UFO briefing for President Clinton’s Science Director Dr. Jack Gibbons, Pandolfi reported through a friend of his,

It was known among the high CIA people, and the people who had contact with these people (Clintons) that they were on the prowl for UFOs. He (Bill) had been asking anyone who would listen to him, to tell him the secret. You know, he would get some Admiral in there, and say “By the way, tell me the UFO secret.” They would just look at him like “What planet are you from?”

Later, Roswell movie producer, Paul Davids, whose father taught Clinton at Georgetown University, had the opportunity to sit with Clinton for a few minutes at an event when Hillary was running for president. He gave Clinton a copy of a Roswell book that had just been written by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey. After viewing the cover Clinton said he would read it right away as he was ‘Fascinated” with this subject.

What is less known than Clinton’s love for UFO stories is the fact that he was fascinated with President John F. Kennedy. This fascination was fueled when as a teenager he told his mother that he would get a picture with the President for her on his trip to Boys Nation gathering in Washington DC, and then got it.

The story is completed by Webster Hubbell, who had worked at the Rose Law firm in Little Rock with Hillary, and was a close friend of Bill’s. According to Hubbell’s 1997 book “Friend in High Places,”

Clinton had said, ‘”If I put you over at Justice, I want you to find the answers to two questions for me. One, who killed JFK? And two, are there UFOs?” Clinton was dead serious. I had looked into both, but wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was getting.

Knowing that Clinton looked into UFOs, it seemed highly likely that he probably looked into the JFK assassination. Based on a statement made by Steven Greer it seemed apparent that Clinton did not go along with the single bullet theory.

Greer tells of his encounters with a FOB (friend of Bill) that took Greer’s disclosure briefing materials to President Clinton in 1993. Greer reported that the friend came to his house and said “The president would like to do what you ask, but is afraid that if he does he will end up like Jack Kennedy.”

clinton-kennedyTherefore when I filed my UFO FOIAs with the Clinton library I also filed for all files on the JFK assassination. Years later when the files were finally processed they had over 7,000 pages. Many however were withheld.

Now in the last month the P5 Exemptions have been released after a 12 year exemption under law. (Exemption for material between President and advisors or among advisors – the idea being that if this advice to the president is not held confidentially no one will be honest with the president.)

It is good to see that some material has opened up. One file still being held VERY TIGHLY that I even appealed and lost was a film that was taken at the 50th birthday of John Podesta chief of staff and the obsessed UFO/x-files man in the Clinton White House. Bill and Hillary appear at the birthday party dressed like the famous X-files character Scully and Mulder.

I am sure no one will see this until after Hillary makes her run for President in 2016, and if she wins it may never be seen again.



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ET Influence in Popular Music PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 20 March 2014 03:54

In the last few months I have done a lot of radio shows and lectures where I look at the possible influence by aliens in popular music. This research after both experiencers Chris Bledsoe and researcher Colin Andrews indicated to me that aliens were influencing some of the most famous musicians in modern western society to raise consciousness on an ET presence, and messages related to the environment, social causes, the ONENESS or the Universe, and the concept of replacing fear with love.

Of all the interviews I have done the one with experiencer Suzanne Chancellor who hosts the podcast Random Alien Brain Droppings was one of the best.

Grant Cameron - ET influence in popular music

Randon alien brain droppings

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Carter Faces UFO Question Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 03:59

Jimmy Carter has faced the question about his UFO sighting in southern Georgia many times. Today he faced it again.

Jackie Gleason and the Letter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 22 March 2014 03:55

Jackie Gleason HouseThis is an interview between Jackie Gleason and Jack who was a guest host on the New York WOR Long John Neville Radio show November the 16th 1958 . Gleason was well known for his interest in UFOs. In the 1980s a story was circulated by Gleason's second wife that he was shown alien bodies by then President Richard Nixon.

Gleason: I got this letter unsolicited and it came from a group (8) of atomic scientists and physicists.

Could you name the scientist?

Gleason: I can't and let me tell you why I can't. They are still in government employ.

What does that mean?

Gleason: Well that means they're under security provisions

What do you mean security provisions if there's a flying saucer there's nothing there reviewing?

Gleason: We're supposed to believe the official dispensation from the Air Force. We're supposed to believe that he's flying saucers are a matter of great national concern then I love the same outfit tells us they don't exist. At the same time they tell us that they do come out of the security provisions and they have several regulations that forbid that forbid government and military from even talking about the.

But these aren't government officials? You can talk about it?

Gleason: Yes I can talk about it. I can't reveal the identity of these fellows . You know what I did with Willie Ley (rocket scientist) one night on a show called “The author meets the critic”. This was several years ago . Really with giving Donald Keyhoe and myself a hard time and I asked him if I could show him a letter and show him who signed it and where it came from and whether he would let me read one sentence which is all I was permitted to read publicly. I showed him the letterhead and his jaw dropped open. I showed him the signature and it dropped open a little more. And the sentence said quote after 6 years of studying the material in connection with these so called flying saucers we are of the unanimous opinion that these are interplanetary devices conceived and operated by intelligent beings of a very high order."

Now was that letter signed by very important men in the government?

Gleason: Yes It was signed by an important physicist.

Are these men that would have been in contact with the president?

Gleason: No no I wouldn't think so.

So then they weren't big personages?

Gleason: No they weren't top flight men but they were men who evidently had a lot of ability.

Were they connected with the government?

Gleason: Well they were connected with an atomic enterprise

But not with the government?

Gleason: Well I don't know but they were analyzing stuff for the government. I wouldn't say that they were actually career man or anything like that, no, but they were hired to do a job.

Why should then that be a surprise if some kind of scientists or men attached to the atomic research , a private research organization - why should his drop jaw drop open when they stay there are flying saucers?

Gleason: I think he was surprised at first when he recognized the scientist’s name and his standing.

That he was on the government team?

Gleason: Well he may have been . I don't know exactly what his relationship would have been except that I would be glad to show you the letter sometime. You could figure it out from there.


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Grant Cameron Joins 2014 Modern Knowledge Tour PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 16:40

Names Banner

I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in a unique Canadian tour event that will take place in the spring of 2014.

The Modern Knowledge Tour 2014 will travel from Halifax to Vancouver between May 24th and June 15th, 2014.

Each of the 11 city stops will host an array of researchers, speakers and experts in their respective fields that will deliver a unique experience for all those who attend.

I personally will be speaking on the tour in Winnipeg on June 8th, 2014 at the skyline Ballroom at the Marlborough Hotel.

Details about this Winnipeg Modern Knowledge Tour event can be found at: MKT2014 - Winnipeg

At this Winnipeg Tour Stop I will be delivering a lecture on UFOs – The State of the Union which will look address what represents the strongest evidence for the idea that UFOs represent some non-human intelligence that is here on Earth. This will include recent photos and videos, a report of a huge flap of UFO sightings that occured in Manitoba and inside nuclear weapon storage areas along the Canadian-United States border in 1975, the inside story on the early Canadian government flying saucer investigation, and what the President of the United States and high level intelligence officials know.

Following the 3 speaker daytime lectures, I will be delivering an intimate workshop for a small group of people on the topic of An Impending Alien Disclosure? , which will focus an impending disclosure by non – human intelligence's and their presence here now on planet Earth. This is a workshop that you may not totally agree with. I can assure you however you will never see UFOs the same way again.

Tickets are on sale now for the tour, including my Winnipeg lecture and workshop.

You can find out all the cool details about the Modern Knowledge Tour by visiting the website at

I look forward to meeting you and hope you can make it out to this history-making, cross Canada venture all in the name of truth and knowledge.

The tour website will also offer a platform for people who can not attend the tour in person to have access to exclusive content via video feeds and exclusive interviews before, during, and after the tour!

Many thanks! Hope to see you on the tour!

Grant Cameron

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Drugs and the Alien Influence on Musicians PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 03:09

I would love it if somebody would put the energy into studying the mind and psychedelics to the extent where we could start to talk about these things and somebody could even throw forth a few suggestions as to what might be happening. There's no body of information - we need more research. These are questions that we should be asking, this is the important stuff. Grateful Dead Band Leader Jerry Garcia

One of the many songs that have been identified as a song that may have been influenced by aliens is the 1970 Neil Young song “After the Gold Rush.”

The lyrics talk about a lying in a burned out basement and having a dream where the sun bursts out during the full moon. The lyrics indicate that the world has pillaged the environment and the world is now in trouble – “Mother Nature on the run.” As the title implies the world is at risk of becoming become like a gold rush town on a global scale. The gold will run out and the world will become like a gold rush ghost town. In Young song the silver saucers will then appear and take the chosen ones to another planet – “a new home in the sun.” (There are a number of experiencers who describe a similar rapture type event caused by environmental disaster.)

After the Gold Rush

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights

In armor coming,

Saying something about a queen.

There were peasants singing and

Drummers drumming

And the archer split the tree.

There was a fanfare blowing

To the sun

That was floating on the breeze.

Look at Mother Nature on the run

In the nineteen seventies.

Look at Mother Nature on the run

In the nineteen seventies.


I was lying in a burned out basement

With the full moon in my eyes.

I was hoping for replacement

When the sun burst thru the sky.

There was a band playing in my head

And I felt like getting high.

I was thinking about what a

Friend had said

I was hoping it was a lie.

Thinking about what a

Friend had said

I was hoping it was a lie.


Well, I dreamed I saw the silver

Space ships flying

In the yellow haze of the sun,

There were children crying

And colors flying

All around the chosen ones.

All in a dream, all in a dream

The loading had begun.

They were flying Mother Nature's

Silver seed to a new home in the sun.

Flying Mother Nature's

Silver seed to a new home.


silver saucers


Neil Young went on to become a strong environmentalist. In a few days, in fact, he is now on a four city concert tour of Canada to raise money for aboriginal groups fighting against the Alberta oil sands development.

The message of the song is similar to many messages brought back by experiencers who feel that the aliens are telling us the ecology is in trouble. They report being shown scenes of massive environmental disaster scenarios. To many experiencers the message is very disturbing and many have become spokesperson for the environment.

Young has stated that he did not know what After the Gold Rush message was. We know this because when Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt recorded it in 1999 for their collaboration trio, they got some unique insight into the song from the man who wrote it. Parton said, "When we were doing the Trio album, I asked Linda and Emmy what it meant, and they didn't know. So we called Neil Young, and he didn't know. We asked him, flat out, what it meant, and he said, 'Hell, I don't know. I just wrote it. It just depends on what I was taking at the time. I guess every verse has something different I'd taken.'"

Young (as did many of the top rock and roll stars) therefore admitted he was doing drugs when he wrote the song and came up with the lyrics. The question therefore is where did the alien and environmental messages come from?

He is not the only one. Jerry Garcia, who like Young was a big environmentalist working to save the rainforest talked about a DMT (known as the spirit drugs because people are often greeted by alien of spirit type beings) experience in which he encountered insect type humanoids. Garcia struggled with drugs his whole life, and in fact died in a drug rehab unit. It was one of his DMT experiences that he came up with the name “Grateful Dead” for the band during an DMT experience. He described his alien DMT experience as follows,

I had some very weird experiences. My main experience was one of furious activity and tremendous struggle in a sort of futuristic, space-ship vehicle with insectoid presences. After I came out of my coma, I had this image of myself as these little hunks of protoplasm that were stuck together kind of like stamps with perforations between them that you could snap off. (laughter)

They were run through with neoprene tubing, and there were these insects that looked like cockroaches which were like message-units that were kind of like my bloodstream. That was my image of my physical self and this particular feeling lasted a long time. It was really strange.[1]

Sting from the band Police tells almost the exact experience. During an ayahausca experience in Brazil he recounts his hallucinogenic experience in the Brazilian rainforest back in the 80's. He says he had an experience of playing a frightening game of chess with a sensual beautiful insect like "humanoid" being, who played very aggressively. Sting was beaten badly and went on to form the rainforest foundation and has now saved an estimated 28 million acres of rainforest from clear cut destruction.[2]


This experience matches research done by abduction researcher John Mack who wrote a whole chapter in his book "Passport to the Cosmos” about shaman Dr. Bernardo Peixoto who operates in the Brazilian rainforest. Bernardo talks about his experiences in shamanism and how shamans not only contact spirit beings and animal totems and the like, but also how they contact "star people" or people from "outerspace". They do this through their shaman experiences, which include taking hallucinogenic (ayahausca) drugs. Bernardo. like Sting, calls called them "humanoid" and the description matches Sting’s description. Like Sting Bernardo has an interest and commitment to help save the rainforests of Brazil.


The fourth musician that could be added to these examples is Bob Dylan who is described in Wikipedia as “American musician, singer-songwriter, artist, writer, and an influential figure in popular music and culture for more than five decades.” It was Dylan who became the figurehead for the counterculture of the 1960s. His songs such as "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They Are a-Changin“ became anthems for the US civil rights and anti-war movements in America.


Dylan had a UFO experiencer side as well. Often quoted are the lines from "10,000 Men" from the "Under A Red Sky" album "10,000 women in my room, Spilling my buttermilk, Sweeping it up with a broom." The line can easily be interpreted as a sperm sample being taken.


Then like Young, Sting, and Garcia, Dylan was described as an “enthusiastic consumer of illegal substances. It may have been their role as role models for a 1960s and 1970s counterculture where drugs were seen as part of the glamorous life style of the rock and roll bands.


The last example I will refer to from what is a very long list is John Lennon of the Beatles who did his share of drugs, had at least one close encounter UFO experience that he spoke of in public, was an avid consumer of UFO materials, and was a leader in the social activist counter culture fighting against the war in Vietnam and providing an anthem for the movement with his song ‘Give Peace a Chance.” He also was a strong supporter of the feminist, the importance of love, and civil rights movements.


The Road to a Conclusion


The influence of drugs has always seen as a drawback to having a firm grip on reality. The drug experience is usually referred to as an hallucination implying that it is devoid of reality.


The truth of the situation may be exactly the opposite, especially with DMT which is called the spirit molecule because of the Godlike near death experience qualities to the experience. Terrance McKenna aptly called DMT the ultimate metaphysical reality pill.


The DMT experience (and other drugs used for experience) may actually heighten the scope of reality, opening up levels or realms not visible to the normal physical world as we understand it.


Terrance McKenna who was revered in the drug culture of the last half of the 20th century, spelled out this theory about opening up higher realities when he came up with a theory on how religions were formed. Basically, McKenna stated that in the hunter/gathering days, people would come across psychedelic elements in nature like magic mushrooms which they consumed.


This led to them being exposed to higher levels of reality such and the fact that the material world is an illusion and that there are many apparently non-physical realms. The same awareness can be seen in people who would fall into the “UFO experiencer” category.


In the same way that the four musical artists seemed to have both drugs and an apparent UFO experience stories, they all shared something else with the non-rock and roll experiencers.


Harvard psychiatrist John Mack and the man who set the UFO experiencer movement on fire Whitely Strieber describe an awakening to the environment, the importance of love, and an awakening to various social issues that becomes a driving life force inside the person. They suddenly experience a huge upsurge in subjects like nuclear proliferation, the environmental decline of the world, saving the whales or the ocean, social injustices, and the senselessness of war.


The world of 2014 is totally unlike the world in the 1960s before. The protection of the environment and the fact that each individual’s actions affect the whole of society or the world are now far gone conclusions. African Americans can now use the same washrooms as whites. The nuclear arms race now seems like a stupid idea of our ancestors. Gays are no longer considered individuals who should be converted or locked up, and it is no longer seen as unpatriotic to oppose war.


Rock Star, Environment, and Social Causes


This rise in social consciousness starting in the 1960s was all generated by the young and their musical idols. Looking back it appears that many of those key musical icons had UFO and drug experiences.


The use of drugs by the musicians seemed to allow a break through past the veil and allowed a download of information contained in the universal hologram. (This assumes that the idea that the one of the main elements of the universe is collection of information and that this information, as first proposed by Rupert Sheldrake, is downloadable through what he calls the morphogenetic field. Others might call this the universal consciousness or the akashic record.)


One of the things that they appeared to bring back from the hologram was an increased consciousness on social and environment issues which are issues that are also near and dear to the alien experiencer message as well.


In doing this article it became apparent that musicians involved in the alien music thing are heavily either strong environmentalists, involved with social issues, or both. Those pushing the alien ideas are also working to end nuclear proliferation (Bono, Bob Dylan), the environmental decline of the world such as the rain forest (Jerry Garcia, Sting, Neil Young, Michael Jackson, Olivia Newton John, Peter Gabriel, Mike Pinder from Moody Blues, Muse),or busy trying to save the whales (Jon Anderson from Yes) the ocean (Anthony Kiedis from Chili Peppers) or animals (Olivia Newton John, Nina Hagen), social injustices (Young, Lennon, Dylan), the senselessness of war (Young, Lennon, Newton John, Pinder), world poverty (Bono, Gabriel), children (David Bowie), disaster relief (Sammy Hagar, Jon Anderson). Many did the drugs but were at the same time busy saving the world – which leads to the question of whether or not we would have had a rise in environmental and socials concerns consciousness without psychedelic drugs.


Would we have developed increased social justice, less tolerance for war, a world where protection of the environment is a serious consideration in development decisions, and a world where at least in theory love triumphs the need to hate without drugs and extraterrestrial actions? Would the politicians have stepped up to the plate to change the law without the protests of hundreds of thousands of newly enlightened youth on the Washington Mall demanding action?


I think not. So where do we go from here?


I think two critical issues need further study, as both have been grossly or totally ignored in the past. I sense that study in these two critical areas may just provide us the insight into Mark Twain’s quote about the two most important days in a person’s life – the day you are born and the day you find out why.


  1. Controlled research should be made legal into N-Dimethyltryptamine -DMT. This should be done clinically in a strict but open manner, without starting with the premise that the world will come to an end if such research is done. DMT is the key component to test as there are repeated claims that this “spirit molecule” can break through the veil or rip away the filters that separate us from our single layered materialistic reality, giving as some have described 1,000 years of experience in 15 minutes. DMT may provide the password to the internet of ultimate reality.


    If the claims are right then this will provide a method of logging into the information and interacting with other angels, entities, and beings that make up the holographic universe. This knowledge can be used to man’s benefit. No study of conscious is complete without a study and discussion of this substance. No full understanding of the UFO phenomena can be complete without an understanding of the universe that this molecule opens up. Here is a documentary describing DMT and the research that has been done.


  1. A careful study should be conducted related to people who claim to have had UFO abduction. At the present moment there have been many regressions but the information is not universally accessible, and it appears that the beliefs of the regressionists are tainting the conclusions.


    This new study should center on only one key question that I believe should always be asked in the regression. The question is “at and point in the past did you agree to being part of this abduction experience?” The figures that have been put out by Mary Rodwell and Dolores Cannon indicate that the answer to the question will be 100% yes. This is significant because Rodwell and Cannon have done many thousands of regressions indicating they are developing their conclusions from a very large sampling of data.


    I fully believe that getting people to explain why they said yes will end up answering almost every question as to what the UFO phenomena is all about.




It should be noted that an answer to the reality of the Universe and the UFO phenomena are not a necessity. It is the journey and the lessons we learn along the road that are important. Keep in mind that if the Universe would have considered it important for you to know everything, it would have made those answers available. If the pilots of the UFOs wanted you to know where they are from and what they are doing they would land on the White House lawn and make a speech. As the UFO occupants also told Police Officer Herbert Schirmer "We want you to believe in us, but not too much..."


These mysteries have been withheld from us. It is part of the overall plan. We were forced to cross Lethe, the river of forgetfulness. We have been cut off from the higher realities, and left in dense physical world with a limited view. Our job is to experience. learn, and earn our way back. We are as described in almost every spiritual tradition in school to learn lessons. They are ours to learn, and as many experiencers have been told by their alien encounters “It wouldn’t be much of a lesson if we gave you the answers.”


The problem comes from the fact that we have been schooled in the western mentality of reality. Because of this we have played the game of consumerism. Now that we have the big house and the two cars we seek more. We are from the materialist west that has severed itself from its spiritual self. We want more and we want it yesterday.


We seek more so like the rich of the 19th century who set up séances as part of their weekly social calendar, or as entertainment to fill the void.


It is the lessons of the journey that matter. It doesn’t matter if we get disclosure or an answer to the UFO phenomena. The Universe and the aliens are preventing disclosure for good reason. What is important is discovering why we were born, what lessons the aliens are here to teach, and how we can use what we learn to make the world a better place for ourselves and others.


I think the important message of the musicians who seemed to experience the world of the UFO occupants and the world of drugs is how they employed what they experienced in to the world. They used what they learned to try and help others through the many causes they supported. Looking at these causes we can learn what is important in life and what things in the world need help from us.


The musicians also brought the message of love, which seems to be the key message both of the Universe and the UFO occupants. The message seems to be there is no time, space, gravity, good, or bad. There is just fear and love and we should move towards love. That is a message that seems to cross the worlds of UFO experience, DMT experience, intense spiritual experiences, and near death experiences. UFO experiencer Troggs band lead singer Reg Presley summed it up in the title of his 1967 “Love is All Around.”


[2] Sting, “Broken Music: A Memoir” Page 38.

UFO Sightings – Chasing the Illusion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:19

Doug unknown object enlargedI have just  finished giving a lecture on the Alien Disclosure plan where I proposed that much of what has happened in the UFO field over the last 110 years may be nothing more than an illusion presented to us to raise our consciousness about the fact we are not alone in the universe, that we have environmental problems, and that Love and Oneness are they key elements of the Universe.

I started my story by pointing out the wooden blimp type airships of the 1890s which appeared over the United States. They disappeared for good around 1897, to be followed by rocket type objects over the Scandinavian countries in the mid-1930s. Like the airships they came and went to be followed by Foo fighters of WW2 which haunted pilots of both the German and allied forces. The foo-fighters disappeared forever at the end of the war to be replaced green fireballs that appeared over the places where the a-bomb and its explosives were being produced. Like the foo-fighters the government was very interested in finding out what was behind the phenomena, but before they could the foo-fighter and green fireball sightings had gone the way of the dinosaurs.

In 1946 the flying saucer and discs would appear. They would stick around through the rest of recorded history up to the present but the falling leaf pattern that they exhibited in the early days would stop. The balls and bumps on the early flying saucers would also disappear.

The late 1940s and 1950s brought stories of saucers dropping down molten metal and angel hair. Today new researchers would be puzzled at the mere mention of such things. The 1950s brought human looking aliens that have messages of nuclear disaster. They too would fade being replaced with contacts with grey aliens stealing eggs and sperm and bring a message of environmental and not nuclear chaos in the world.

The 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s also brought of stories of hundreds of different looking humanoids moving around landed saucers and crafts gathering plant samples or water. They would disappear along with the countless stories of saucers appearing at close range with windows and aliens looking out.

Stories of cars being stalled would come and go, along with one of the biggest collection of reports that has been waved around by researchers to defend the fact that there is physical evidence supporting the UFO phenomena – the ground traces. I and another researchers stood ready in the 1970s to race to the site where a craft would land destroy the vegetation and leave three telltale pod marks. Field training manuals for UFO investigators still teach the proper procedures for dealing with such cases but the equipment is not used and the investigations do not take place. The grounds traces, numbering over 4,000 at their peak have stopped.[1]

Even the long running saucer craft seems to be in trouble. In talking to one investigator handing one of the big UFO databases I was told that triangle crafts are taking over the reports.

The lists of things that have come and gone apete objectre endless. The cattle mutilation only started in 1976 hitting a peak in the 70s and 80s. Now today they have not stopped but they are not nearly as frequent. The nests of the 50s and 60s were replaced by the crop circles in 1977. They have continued on unabated probably because it is a phenomena that continues to amaze.

What I discovered in talking to people after my presentation is that many people acknowledge that there may be a component of alien message inside a fancy ever changing box, they are still heavily vested in UFO sightings and that this is much more revealing and important than any possible message that aliens might be sending us.

It occurred to me that that the illusion is “the hook” that whoever is behind UFOs is using to slip the message in the back door.

An analogy that can be used to describe this situation is the person who is amazed and eager to tell his story of seeing a lady being sawed in half on stage and then put back together. A second man listening to the story asked what color the girl’s hair was and gets the reply blond, to which he says, “I saw the same thing six months ago in New Jersey and her hair was brunette.” The two men then initiate a study to find out why.

So it is in the UFO research world where the focus of research has changed from one thing to another over the years. Those behind the phenomena have changed up the magic tricks every ten years or so and that has keep us interested chasing after the illusion. It becomes so consuming for some they cannot change the channel.

Because we have been chasing the illusion we have understandably gotten nowhere, and this leads to the constant complaint in ufology that we aren’t getting anywhere and the media, government, and scientific world ignore us. Around in circles we go. Some quit in disgust, only to be dragged back in by some sort of addiction to watching magic tricks.

Many came to me about their impression that they have been given a message, but that may have been because I am the consciousness guy who will listen to such claims. There are also the experiencers who approached me with songs they have written – music that they believe had a helping hand.

I became apparent from this lecture and from others that I have given that people are still in love with the illusion. This is very understandable. The stories range from the latest sighting photos, to the importance of reported triangles, to the latest UFO documentaries and TV shows that are out or being produced.

We love a good story and will resist any attempt to minimize the sighting experience. We love them and like a radio station Top 40 we have our favorites. These favorites are the ones that every new documentary will rehash over and over year after year. There is Rendlesham, Roswell, the Travis Walton abduction, the UFOs over the White House in 1952, the Socorro, New Mexico landing, the Belgian triangles, and the Cash Landrum UFO where then women were seriously injured. They get rehashed because they are popular and they therefore make for a high rated show.

Alien messages, on the other hand, don’t make good TV, and TV after all is all about attracting lots of people to watch so the advertisers will put up money to slip their message into the story. We’d rather watch action, mystery, and a possible end of the world scenario, as opposed to a simple message that reminds us of a harping mother or a Sunday morning sermon.

The time has come to listen to the experiencers who are getting the messages, taking many of the photos, and whose words are pointing us in the direction of the answer.

[1] There are burn circle that still get reported but they seem to occur around abductees -

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