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Obama's Science Advisor Office Replies to MJ-12 FOIA PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 28 June 2012 16:04

A May 25, 2012 FOIA request to the Office and Science and Technology Policy (Office of the Science Advisor to the President) made by researcher Lee Graham has been replied to.

The request made by Graham dealt with the MJ-12 document, the Blue Room at WPAFB, Fast Walkers, and other UFO related items. This is one of many hundreds of UFO related FOIAs that has been filed with government agencies by Graham over the last 25 years since he was provided the original MJ-12 document to leak to the public.

The reply by OSTP stated that they have “no documents responsive” to the request.

This is not an unusual reply as the OSTP would only have records from the time period of the Obama administration. Documents from former administrations would have been sent to the National Archives.

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Richard Doty Interview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 28 June 2012 00:33

"Always believe what Richard Doty tells you about UFOs." Supposed statement by former CIA Director Richard Helms

This coming Saturday, June 30, 2012, Greg Bishop, a friend of researcher Bill Moore, will present a lecture called “Who is the Falcon?”  The lecture will take place on the internet conference known as the “The Alternative Universe Conference.”

The Falcon was a key intelligence figure that most agree played a large role in the release of the MJ-12, Snowbird, and other alleged government UFO documents in the 1980s. He was also behind the story that there was a captured alive alien at Area 51, and there were three alien ambassadors who spent time as guests of the United States.

There has always been a controversy in the UFO community about who the Falcon was. The two competing theories are that Falcon was AFOSI Master sergeant Richard Doty or he was a high ranking DIA official. Bishop on June 30 will make a case for the later. He has indicated that Bill Moore, who would know better than anyone the correct identity, confirmed that Bishop had it right with his guess.

There is a large segment of the UFO community who still believe that Richard Doty was the Falcon and that it was part of his role to disinform the UFO community on ever possible front.

In light of this I have posted an e-mail from Gabe Valdez (now deceased) to Colm Kelleher, who at the time was the administrator with the National Institute for Discovery Sciences.

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Dr. Scott Jones Reflects on Roswell and the Rockefeller Initiative PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 25 June 2012 01:12

Dr. Scott Jones who was present with Laurance Rockefller when he provided a UFO briefing to President Clinton's Science advisor Dr. Jack Gibbons looks back at the publication of the USAF Roswell report, and the effort to bring UFO disclosure through an approach to the Clinton White House.

The New York Times online edition today reported in its On This Day section:

On June 24, 1997, the Air Force released a report on the so-called "Roswell Incident," suggestion the alien bodies witnesses reported seeing in 1947 were actually life-sized dummies.

As usual there was the option to see that Front Page and to buy that Front Page.

As many of you know, this 231 page 1997 report carried the title, "Case Closed." The report was t he product of pressure put on the Air Force as the result of meetings that Laurance Rockefeller had with President Clinton's Science Adviser, Jack Gibbons at the White House. (Actually the meetings were held next door to the White House in the old Executive Office Building.) Details of the Rockefeller Initiative are well presented in Grant Cameron's website, and much of the correspondence between Rockefeller and Gibbons, and my correspondence with Gibbons are easily found on the web. Jack and I had worked together for six-years on Capitol Hill when I was on Senator Pell' staff.

The first meeting got off to an awkward start when Gibbons said he knew nothing about the ET subject. That was not an accurate statement, but I did not call him on it. A senior staff member of the Congressional Research Staff had produced several short reports, unclassified but with very limited distribution, on UFOs. I knew that at least one of Jack's senior staff members in the Congressional Office of Technological Assessment, knew about these reports. That persons was at the table in Rockefeller's first meeting with Gibbons.

When Rockefeller made the comment that he was considering taking out a full-page ad in all of the nation's major newspapers that urged the public to write the White House demanding release of all information about UFOs and ETs. Gibbons quickly responded that this would not be necessary, that the White House would work with him, and asked, "What do you want us to do?" There was a short pause and Rockefeller looked at me and asked, "What do we want the White House to do?"

I confess that my reply was naive and based more on hope than political reality. In 1994 the Air Force was pressured by a few in Congress to address Roswell. That resulted in a 23-page report that explained everything in terms of very high altitude balloons used to sample Soviet nuclear test operations.

It was a dreadful report, and the Air Force had to be greatly embarrassed by the way it was shredded. My response to Gibbons for the Air Force to seriously report what happened at Roswell was not made to give the Air Force a chance make amends for the 1994 screw up, but because I thought that the White House could force more that a modicum of truth.

This was a lost opportunity. We went for the pot of gold, without understanding that President Clinton had no access to the keys of that treasure. A much better response would have been to say that within a week we would provide a short statement designed to give political cover for academe to to get involved in researching the UFO/ET subject. In short to remove the ridicule factor that has been so successful in neutralizing the media and academe. We would ask that both the President and the Science Adviser work that idea into at least two speeches in the next six months. A long range strategy was called for, and we failed to do that.

Incidentally, the 231 page report was less that a third of what the Air Force produced. In very limited editions there were two annexes also published. I discovered these in the Army Library in the Pentagon. I am sure that they were pulled after a short time.

Neal Freer and I are working on putting the "political cover" idea for academe into a We the People petition to see if 25,000 or more agree that the subject is interesting and important enough for academe to consider.
Scott Jones





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Has the Alien Repository Been Confirmed? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 14 June 2012 18:53

A good friend and one of the best researchers in the field, Tony Bragalia, has just written an article on the famous Blue Room that was rumored to be the repository for UFO bodies and hardware at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Bragalia followed up on research that has been done by Bill Moore, Lee graham, Brian Parks, Ron Regehr, and myself trying to confirm the existance of the room after Senator barry Goldwater told the story that General Curtis Lemay had refused him entry to the room in the 1960s, and threatened that he would court marshall him if he ever brought it up again.

In the article you will see that the Air Force may have fumbled the FOIA sent by Bragalia by actually confirming the existance of the Blue Room and identifying the agency responsible. Stay tuned for updates as Bragalia continues his quest which might actually lead to a court case on the issue.

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The Secret will be Revealed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 19:28


Greg Bishop, who was a friend of Bill Moore and interviewed him on his radio show a few times, has alerted me that he will be making public the identity of "The Falcon" on June 30 during a presentation that he is giving at The Alternative Universe Conference. The Falcon, a high ranking DIA agent who died in 2002, was believed to have been behind the MJ-12 document. My recollection is that Moore confirmed to Greg years back that his guess was right.

Greg's website is

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Did the Canadians Analyze the Roswell Metal? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 28 May 2012 23:42

Did the Canadians Analyze the Roswell Crash Material?

Notes of a conversation with Defense Research Board Scientist A.W.L. Bridge

As a background to the conversation the reader should know that Arthur Bridge was a Canadian government scientist working for the defense research board which was the main weapon research unit for the department of defense.

Bridge was a member of a secret “inner circle” of government employees who worked with Wilbert Smith on gravity control experiments and other sensitive matters. The work was done in off hours. Bridge was the youngest member of the group.

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Grant Cameron on Truth Theorem Radio PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 23 January 2012 13:30

Grant Cameron will be talking with Truth Theorem Radio to talk about UFOs, ET petitions and other paranormal subjects, on Wednesday January 25, 2012 at 7pm Eastern. People can listen to the discussion on the Inception Radio Network. The link is

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Grant Cameron to Lecture at Congress 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 28 May 2012 18:24

Grant Cameron will be lecturing at the World UFO Congress in Phoenix Arizona. The Congress is a six day long event that draws 1000+ people. The dates for the congress are February 26 - March 3, 2013.

At least part of the lecture will deal with the connection of consciousness to the mystery of UFOs. This is an important area of research that will help make sense to much that has happened in the last 65 years.


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