August 19, 1948, Truman hosts the 18th meeting of the National Security Council. Many of these men were believed to have helped Truman form the policies that would eventually govern how the UFO subject was classified and studied. Left to Right, clockwise: Cornelius V. Whitney, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force; Kenneth C. Royall, Secretary of the Army; Sidney W. Souers, Executive Secretary of the National Security Council; Arthur M. Hill, Chairman, National Security Resources Board; Rear Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, Director of Central Intelligence; Major General Alfred M. Gruenther, Director, Joint Staff, Joint Chiefs of Staff; unidentified, possibly Robert Blum, Office of the Secretary of Defense; James V. Forrestal, Secretary of Defense; George C. Marshall, Secretary of State; President Harry S. Truman; and W. John Kenney, Under Secretary of the Navy. (Photo: Truman Library)

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