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Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 08 August 2009 05:55

( Beaverton , Oregon )  Randy Haragan, owner of the UFO Store, has been chosen to serve Honorary Co-Chairman of the National Business Advisory Council.  Haragan will represent the state of Oregon on the Council whose purpose is to “make sure that small business has a voice in Washington.”

The Council will look to Haragan and other members for advice and opinion regarding national small business policy, particularly in the areas of debt reduction, tax code simplification, reducing government waste, and eliminating needless government regulation of small business.

While the Council’s agenda is improving small business climate, Haragan says he has an agenda of his own.  That is to ask the federal government to follow through on its commitment to complete disclosure of its secret information on UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.

“During his campaign, President Bush made a commitment to have Vice President Dick Cheney open government files on UFOs,” according to Haragan.  “That hasn’t happened, and I’m going to use my membership in the Business Advisory Council to ask that those files be opened.”

That commitment was made during a presidential campaign stop in Joplin, Missouri.  Charles A. Huffer, state director of the Mutual UFO Network Inc. asked candidate Bush if he would be “willing to tell the American people the truth about unidentified flying objects.”

Bush answered “Okay,” according to Huffer, and assigned the task to Cheney who had served as Secretary of Defense, and would be in a position to know.

Haragan hopes that the climate in Washington is changing regarding UFO intelligence.  The fact that the owner of a business like the UFO Store has been asked to serve on the Business Advisory Council may be an indication of such a shift.

The UFO Store is a web-based business featuring products, books, electronic media, and information for customers interested in the paranormal.  The web site can be found at



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