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Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 29 November 2012 22:10

As mentioned in the article on Eisenhower’s Alien Encounters: Part 2 Eisenhower is rumored to have met with the aliens at Muroc AFB at the same time as government scientists at White Sands were tracking two mysterious satellites, and at the same time that intelligence officials were closely tracking two stories of American citizens who claimed to have been in contact with the two mysterious satellites.

Added to that evidence is more supporting evidence for the existence of the two satellites and the fact that the government carried out a plan to kill the story, which history shows did occur.

The additional evidence is found in an article titled Captain Orville Hints Censorship of Satellites Story. The article is from “The UFO Investigator” Vol. 1 #3 January 1958

As a background to the story Captain Howard Orville headed President Eisenhower’s Weather Control orvilleCommission and chief White House advisor on weather modification. Orville was the first man to advocate a nationwide network of radar stations to track severe weather, and of the idea of using weather as a weapon of war. He also as early as 1958 disclosed the capability of HAARP to do weather modification by “using an electric beam to ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area.”

Prior to working for the White House Orville was head of the Naval Aerology Branch, Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operation for Air. Orville was also past President of the American Meteorological Society. A part of the coast of Antarctica was named after Orville

The 1957 article reads as follows,

Capt. Howard T. Orville, USN, Ret., head of the President’s Weather Control Commission, says that he holds the same ideas on unknown satellites orbiting the earth as he expressed in 1954.

Interviewed by Lou Corbin on WFBR on October 24, 1957, Captain Orville was questioned about views he stated three years ago. A tape of the 1954 WFBR broadcast contains the following:

Mr. Corbin: Do you know of any condition under which two such objects could enter the earth’s atmosphere and pick up orbiting of 400 and 600 miles out?

Capt. Orville: Not that I know of. Your doubts are well justified.

Mr. Corbin: If there are two bodies circling, then they should be natural or unnatural?

Capt. Orville: If that should be true, military security would prevent discussion.

Mr. Corbin: Then is it not possible that the two bodies, if they are there, might well be space stations?

Capt. Orville: Well, that is an interesting thought. I don’t know of any set of circumstances that would account for these two objects orbiting around the earth.

Mr. Corbin: But we still have the puzzle of something circling the earth?

Capt. Orville: Yes

During the broadcast on October 24, 1957, when asked if there was any new information about the unknown satellites, Capt. Orville said it appeared that the military might have kept the matter from publication.

“From the American people,” asked Mr. Corbin.

In reply Capt. Orville said he did not wish to call it a deliberate cover-up. Then he added,

“But we didn’t hear any more about it did we?”



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