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Written by Grant Cameron   
Sunday, 09 March 1997 06:00

I've been waiting for any ufonut to describe a factual error or checkable counter-example to stuff I've been publishing since about, oh, 1974 or so on UFOs, and so far no luck, nothing has shown up
here on the net at least. Have I missed something, or are THEY missing something -- between the ears, I mean.

-- James Oberg

In James Oberg's Sept 1993 Omni article, Oberg hinted that Kosmos-96 may have been the cause of the Dec.9,1965 crash at Kecksburg Penn. and UFO buffs may have been " unwitting pawns in the deception."

As to why the US government would cover up the recovery of Kosmos-96, Mr. Oberg wrote " In the 60s, US military intelligence agencies interested in enemy technology were eagerly collecting all the Soviet Missile and Space debris they could find. International law required that debris be returned to the country of origin. But hardware from Kosmos-96, with its special missile-warhead shielding, would have been too valuable to give back."

On Oct.18,1996, Mr. Oberg responded to an interview that I posted with Dr. Eric Walker, former Chairman of the Institute for Defense Analysis, and at the time President of Penn State University, Dr. Walker had in earlier interviews confirmed the existence of a special group known as MJ-12, to oversee all UFO activities, and had further confirmed attending a set of briefing held at WPAFB dealing with a crashed flying saucer, and its occupants. In the interview related to Kecksburg, Dr. Walker admitted that he and two military people had been at the Kecksburg crash site.

In James Oberg's response to the Walker/Kecksburg interview, Oberg continued his assertion concerning Kosmos-96, and the reason for the cover-up. " Just what you'd expect," wrote Oberg," if they'd picked up the Kosmos-96 capsule and didn't want the Russians to know, even now, that we violated a treaty to keep it squirreled away..."

Sounds good, until one realizes the fact that there was no treaty. Even worse we one considers that James Oberg KNEW THIS when he wrote both statements. Why then did he take time from his valuable schedule to write it?

The treaty that James Oberg is referring to is the Outer Space Treaty, passed unanimously by the United Nations in Dec.66, and after passage by the US Congress came into force Oct.10,1967, almost two full years after the crash at Kecksburg. The applicable part of the treaty is contained in article VIII which reads in part;

"ownership of objects launched into outer space, including objects landed or constructed on a celestial body, and of their component parts, is not affected by their presence in outer space or on a celestial body or by their return to Earth. Such objects or component parts found beyond the limits of the State Party to the Treaty on whose registry they are carried shall be returned to that State, which shall, upon request, furnish identifying data prior to their return."

The details were further expanded the next year in the passage of the "Agreement on the Rescue of Astronauts, the return of Astronauts, and the return of Objects launched into Outer Space" which was signed in Washington, London, and Moscow April 22,1968, and entered into force following congressional approval on Dec.3,1968, almost three years following the Kecksburg crash.

Now, how do we know that James Oberg knew this fact before he made his statements in 1993, and 1996 about an international Treaty being the reason for the cover-up of the Kosmos-96 recovery? We go back to his statements to reporter David Templeton at the Pittsburgh Press in 1991.

Oberg added, "wrote Templeton in his Kecksburg investigative article entitled "The Uninvited," that because the United States and the Soviets had an oral agreement to return the other side's spacecraft debris when it landed in their territory, secrecy was paramount if one power opted to keep the other's recovered debris. Oberg says the US conducted secret recovery missions throughout the world to collect Soviet Space debris until 1967 when a treaty to return such debris became effective."

Therefore there was no reason to cover up a recovery of Kosmos-96 in 1965 beyond some "nudge,nudge,wink,wink" agreement as claimed by Oberg. There never was any international law, or Treaty, as claimed by Oberg in 93,and 96.

As to whether there was ever an oral agreement made at the high of the cold war with the missile crisis ongoing is doubtful, especially with the word of it coming from Oberg. Oberg seems to have trouble telling the truth on this particular issue such as his statement that the US conducted secret recoveries until 1967 when the treaty came into effect. The US conducted secret recoveries after the treaty, and James Oberg KNOWS THAT TOO. That I will discuss at a later time.

Why would Oberg lie claiming twice there was a treaty when he knew there wasn't?? Only James Oberg can answer that question.



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