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May 30, 1991 Interview Henry Victorian and Dr. Walker - Topic December 9, 1965 crash at Kecksburg PA. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Cameron   
Thursday, 30 May 1991 06:00

During the investigation of the involvement of Dr. Eric Walker into the area of crashed flying saucers, we realized that Dr. Walker lived only 100 miles from the site of the Kecksburg, Penn Crash in Dec, 1965.

Dr. Walker at the time was then President of Penn. State University. Mr. Stan Gordon was contacted, the chief investigator into the Kecksburg crash. He confirmed that there was a report of someone fitting Dr. Walker's description at the crash scene.

After some discussion, it was decided that Dr. Armen Victorian would do the interview related to the Kecksburg crash with Dr Walker.

The interview was done by phone 6;15 P.M. May 30,1991

AV - Armen Victorian

EW - Eric Walker

AV: Hello?

EW: Hello. Yes.

AV: Dr. Walker?

EW: Yes.

AV: This is Dr. Victorian from England.

EW: Yes. How are you?

AV: Thanks Doctor. I am fine. How are you?

EW: Pretty good.

AV: Doctor. I guess last time I caught you in a bad moment.

EW: I guess you did.

AV: How about this time? Are you doing anything that I might have interrupted?

EW: No. It is OK.

AV: Doctor. I want to ask you about something that might not have anything to do with UFOs. Would you mind asking you? (there was a long silence and then he answered)

EW: What is that?

AV: Doctor. It is about an incident which happened in the mid 60s, on December 9,1965, in Kecksburg. It was, one could say almost in your back garden. Could you tell me anything about it?

EW: What about it?

AV: Well. What did you find out about it?

EW: You still have not given up.

AV: Well doctor. You could say that I am like a turtle. You turn me over, to get rid of me. I struggle for a while on my shell, and eventually get back on my toes.

EW: Well, we went there...

AV: With the military?

EW: Well you could say. There were two from the military - but not on duty.

AV: How about the others?

EW: He was a fellow colleague of mine.

AV: What did you find. Was it a... I know you are not going to like the word... but... was it a UFO?

EW: I cannot comment on that. I cannot tell you.

AV: Were you there for long?

EW: Why?

AV: Well, Curiosity. I thought maybe there was a purpose in the sense of, maybe preparing a report, or taking some notes.

EW: We did not prepare any reports.

AV: Well, Doctor, apart from everything, how are you now-a-days?

EW: I am fine.

AV: Thank-you for your time and help. Good-bye.




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