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Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 18 August 1990 06:00

Extracts and Highlights of an August 18,1990 conversation between Henry Azadehdel and Dr. Eric Walker (as recorded by Azadehdel) This was Azadehdel's third major conversation with Dr. Walker

I called at 6:15 local time. His wife answered the phone. I asked to speak to Dr. Walker. He picked up the receiver after a while. He told me that he had just arrived back from his trip to England where he spent some time in East Anglia. According to his comments he had a bit of a bumpy ride back. The plane developed some problems and had to go back. He called it "my bicycle trip to England."

He told me that all the mail addressed to his home would  automatically be redirected to his office. He also added that he had not been able to answer his mail for over three months, and had not been to his office ( at Penn State) for over six weeks.

I recommended to him to read Howard Blum's book " Out There." He said he would. I started my questions.

1. I asked him if he could give me the name of the group who actually presided over this subject.( UFOs )

After a long silence he replied," I do not know it by memory, and I do not have it here at home."

2. I asked if he could give it to me at a later date.

He replied, "Well, I don't know whether I can or cannot. I would have to look it up."

3. I asked him if he knew the names of the person or persons who did the autopsies.

He replied, "I have know I have not been thinking about this for three months, so since I have just walked in I cannot say if I can give you or I cannot."

4. I asked if the name Dr. Strughold ran a bell.

He replied, "As I told you it might."

5. I asked whether he knew a Dr. Jeffrey Johnson.

He asked me instead what the first one's name was, which I repeated. I gave him brief information about him and added that he worked with Dr. Stapp and then repeated Dr. Jeffrey Johnson's name again.

He replied,"There were several Johnsons at that time."

6. Then I moved on by saying that having read one of Dr. Vannevar Bush's books and reflecting on what you had told me about the sixth sense and ESP, and then the Navy's tests and approach on Remote Viewing (RV). Bush seemed to have a negative view on this approach, and yet you have highly praised him in your book. I also added, "He definitely knew about the whole thing, and yet he seems to brush the whole thing aside, how would that be?"

He replied,"Well, you know, a view of what's important differs with people. Vannevar Bush had a great many important things he was trying to pursue; that and anything like this was not of great importance. You think it is important, other people don't."

7. I said, "It was of great importance to you at one time, Doctor, was it not?

He answered, "Who me? Oh...for two or three days, yes. But I had work to do. I had other things."

8. "What did the classification to do with MAJIC or MAJECTIC grade of classification?

He asked me after a long time to repeat, which I did. Then he replied: "Well you know those names came to different compartments, and just using a word like those might mean this for one period and might mean something different for some other period of time."

9. "But at what period of time on the UFO subject, was it the designated classification?

He replied: "I do not recall what the code was, how long it was before the code was changed, or what compartment it was."

10. "But the MAJECTIC TWELVE did exist, did it not?"

"I don't know."

11. Then I referred to Kadena and the  documents there with MAJECTIC TWELVE that were destined to be shredded in 1979.

He laughed very loudly and said: "You know it is a ridiculous situation. What the hell difference does it make whether it is shredded or not. After all, fourty years have gone by, and nobody's blown up the world."

12. "But, the bodies that were recovered, they are kept on, they must have been?"

He replied: "How do you know there were bodies? Maybe they walked away. You assume too many things. ( Walker made almost an identical such statement seven years earlier to Steinman ) Most of the things are wrong." Then he laughed again.

13. " So, in other words there were no bodies involved?"

He replied: " I did not say that."

14. Then I refered to what he had just stated - that maybe they walked away.

He answered: "You jump to hasty conclusions. Maybe some walked away. Maybe some did not walk away. As I say. It is none of your business. Just to satisfy you is not going to do any damn good except to make you happy. Is it not true? Are we going to change the rules and regulations just to make you happy? If you say you are looking for the truth, you will never get it, so forget it."

15. "But, why could I not get it, Doctor?

He answered: "Why should you?"

16. " What is it about the particular truth, that I should not get it?"

He answered: "Why should we bother to spend time and money just to make you happy?"

I answered on the grounds of human respect.

He answered: "What respect?"

I answered: "I surely have taken the time and paid money to call you... to look up to you as a top scientist from whom I could learn something. Is there anything wrong with this?"

He replied: "Right now I am tired. I want to go take a shower, and have something to eat. Call me later maybe."

Then we said good-bye to each other.

ASSESSMENT according to Azadehdel

From the tone of his replies I could clearly sense that he felt cornered, and was seeking for an excuse to escape my questions. I also sensed that he had done some homework about my research, and inmy curiousity in finding out about the facts, which clearly had not made him happy. Or, it is just maybe a false assumption on my part.



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