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Written by Grant Cameron   
Friday, 26 January 1990 06:00

Dr. Robert Sarbacher identified Dr. Eric Walker  as one of a group who attended a briefing on the military recovery of a downed flying saucer, and the bodies of the crew within. Posted here is a conversation between Dr. Armen Azadehdel, (using his English name Henry Victorian) a physicist from Nottingham England, and Dr. Eric Walker. Phone conversation January 26,90

Mrs. Walker:  Hello?

Azadehdel: Hello, good morning ma'am. Is Dr. Walker in?

Mrs. Walker: No, he is not. He is out.

Azadehdel: That is fine. I am calling long distance. Do you know when he will be back?

Mrs. Walker: Well. I am sure that he is playing tennis. Oh, here he comes now. He is driving in. Just hold on. He will be here.

Dr. Walker: Hello?

Azadehdel: Dr. Walker?

Dr. Walker: Yeah.

Azadehdel: Very good morning to you. This is Dr. Victorian from Nottingham. ( Dr. Azadehdel is using the name Dr. Victorian )

Dr. Walker: Well, how are you?

Azadehdel: Not bad, thank-you, and you?

Dr. Walker: Pretty good.

Azadehdel: Doctor, I was in the Long Eaton Library ( Dr. Walker was born in England) I was talking to the librarian there, and I mentioned that there is a gentleman who was born here. Doctor, is there anything you have written that I can ask you to send us in order to leave in the library in Long Eaton? Dr. Walker I have written an autobiography, and it was published about three months ago, and I had a friend who took several copies over to England he wanted to leave in various places. It is called " Now it's my Turn."

Azadehdel: Doctor, would it be possible if I ask you to send a copy auto- graphed by you specifically for the Long Eaton Library?

Dr. Walker: Yes. I think so. Give me an address.

Azadehdel: You have my address.

Dr. Walker: Not here, no.

Azadehdel: I'll give it to you. ( I started giving my address again to him spelling the name of the street I live in. Then when I wanted to spell the name of the area that I live in, he interrupted me and said " I know where Aspley Park is." Then after giving him my address, I said " Doctor - did you get my second letter?

Dr. Walker: No I have not. See, I am not in Pennsylvania, so my mail piles up till I get back.

Azadehdel: Yes. I have replied to your first letter. I don't know the gentleman you have mentioned ( referring to Bill Steinman ) As a matter of fact, I have no contact with anybody else at all. I have been working alone on this project.

Dr. Walker: Well, the man has a network with all the people interested in this, and he tries to keep all the information in one place.

Azadehdel: To be honest with you, I'd rather not contact these people at all. I'd rather keep to myself.

Dr. Walker: Yep

Azadehdel: There are five photos available about the case I mentioned to you. ( Henry is referring to the crash of a UFO in Bolivia that he attended while searching for orchids in the late 1970s)

Dr. Walker: Yep

Azadehdel: But the entities photographed are all insect like.

Dr. Walker: Aha

Azadehdel: They were very light.

Dr. Walker: Do they have antennae?

Azadehdel: No. The skin was pale. Extremely large eyes. Three on the river side, two inside. I had a German friend with me. Do you have any interest in Botany?

Dr. Walker: No, not that I can get at.

Azadehdel: ( I explained the circumstances < whereby we had been led> to take the photographs to him)

Dr. Walker: No ears. How many eyes?

Azadehdel: Two eyes.

Dr. Walker: Big eyes?

Azadehdel: Yes. Big eyes. Extremely large eyes. Especially their forehead was very large. Their arms and hands were very thin. The same thickness of my five year old son's.

Dr. Walker: I say, I have no resources at all, no friends for these things where I am now.

Azadehdel: But, Doctor, have we captured anything at all. We must have.

Dr. Walker: SURE

Azadehdel: Anything, did we learn anything?

Dr. Walker: Yeah. I think so.

Azadehdel: Doctor would it be possible if you could help me with this?

Dr Walker: You know, you can contact Crain.

Adadedel: Who is Crain?

Dr Walker: The guy I wrote you about. The man I told you about...( He had not mentioned Crain's name in the letter to me. My guess is that he was throwing the name to see if I knew him or would give the game away. Or maybe there is a letter in the post to me in which he has mentioned Crain's name. However, I told him the truth that according to our correspondence to date I do not know Crain)

Azadehdel: in the letter there was something about a Mr. Sti...Steenman?

Dr Walker: Steinman. He and Crain work together. (He gave the name of Steinman's home town to me.)

Azadehdel: Well, I really try to keep out of them. With due respect, you are a scientist, a well known one, and you know. I am a physicist and rather keep to myself. My interest is purely scientific more than anything else. Is it determined which star system they come from?

Dr.Walker: I didn't get that.

Azadehdel: I repeated the question

Dr. Walker: Ah, I do not think so.

Azadehdel: Is it still unknown?

Dr. Walker: I think that is the picture, I am not sure.

Azadehdel: But what amazes me, Doctor, is the frequent appearance of these objects. Does this suggest that they might have a base in one of our solar systems?

Dr Walker: Well. We can make a point of these, but they did not tell us.

Azadehdel: Have we been able to make contact with them on a communication basis?

Dr Walker: We promised not to tell.

Azadehdel: I can understand it. Does it mean that the official communication has been made, and it has been promised not to tell? Orders are that outside this circle there are private ( bits of ) information they should not know ( the public)

Dr. Walker: I do not think that it is official. If three, four individuals got together on this, it can't be official.

Azadehdel: Do they constitute any threat to the national security of any country?

Dr Walker: Everyone decides this on his own.

Azadehdel: I am told by the Ministry of Defense ( in England) they don't constitute a national threat to this country.

Dr Walker: Well, maybe they know.

Azadehdel: Do you know whether there is any cooperation between them (EBEs) and us, as an advanced civilization?

Dr. Walker: I think so. There have been occasions, but I can only speak for myself.

Azadehdel: But, Doctor, would you consider them to be intruders as a scientist?

Dr Walker: I don't think so. But, if they went into England as intruders, then I think yes, you could.

Azadehdel: Is any one of them alive?

Dr Walker: I cannot answer that.

Azadehdel: Forgive me Doctor, I am not trying to be nosy. Believe me please. It is just scientific curiousity that I have had for many years. I swear.

Dr Walker: All right. If you swear that it is private. You want to talk about it. Then we will talk about it.

Azadehdel: I swear that this is something that is private, and I am eager to learn.

Dr. Walker: I'll send you copies of the book. You read it and see what you learn from it. Of course. I don't have them here. It would take a little while.

Azadehdel: Doctor. Thank-you. I am grateful for your time. Bye. Dr.

Dr. Walker:  Bye.



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