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August 30, 1987 Interview Bill Steinman with Dr. Walker PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bill Steinman   
Sunday, 30 August 1987 06:00

Walker: Hello.

Steinman: Hello... this is William Steinman of Los Angeles, California. I am calling in reference to the meetings that you attended at WPAFB in/around 1949/50, concerning the military recovery of Flying Saucers and the bodies of occupants. Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher related this to me. You and Sarbacher were both consultants to R&D Board in 1950; and you were secretary in 1950-51.

Walker: Yes, I attended the meeting concerning that subject matter; why do you want to know about that?

Steinman: I believe it is a very important subject. After all... we are talking about the actual recovery of a flying saucer not built or constructed on this earth! And furthermore, we are talking about bodies of occupants from the craft who were analyzed ( to be) human being not of this world!

Walker: So... what's there to get all excited about? Why all the concern?

Steinman: I am not excited, just very concerned. We are talking about a subject that the U.S. government officially denies, even going to the extent of actually debunking the evidence and discrediting the witnesses. Then you sit there and say "What's there to get all excited about?" and " Why all the concern?" Dr. Vannevar Bush, Dr. D. Bronk, and others thought it was very important and were concerned enough to classify the subject ABOVE TOP SECRET, in fact the most highly classified secret in the U.S. government!! Did you ever hear of the " MJ-12 Group " and their " Project Majestic - 12 " which was classified TOP SECRET/MAJIC? I have a copy of President Elect D.D. Eisenhower's briefing papers on that project, dated November 18,1952.

Walker: Yes. I know of MJ-12. I have know of them for 40 years. I believe that you're chasing after and fighting with windmills!! (a strange term that puzzled the researchers. We therefore asked about it again in an interview years later)

Steinman: Why do you say that?

Walker: You are delving into an area that you can do absolutely nothing about. So why get involved with it or concerned about it? Why don't you just leave it alone and drop it? Forget about it!!

Steinman: I am not going to drop it. I am going all the way with this!!

Walker: Then... when you find out everything about it, what are you going to do?

Steinamn: I believe that the entire matter has to be brought to the public's attention. The people should know the truth!!

Walker: It's not worth it!! Leave it alone!!

Steinman: Can you remember any of the details pertaining to the recovery operations and subsequent analysis of the saucers and bodies?

Walker: I am sure that I have notes of those meetings at WPAFB. I would have to dig them out and read them over in order to jog my memory.

Steinman: If I write you a letter, will you please answer in as much detail as you can remember? Furthermore, could you please Xerox those notes for me and send me a copy?

Walker: I might. At least I will keep your letter, will dig out my notes, and contemplate answering. That's the best I can say for now.

Steinman: Well, Dr. Walker, I will write a letter as soon as possible. Thanks for your valuable time. Good-bye.

Walker: Good-bye.


William Steinman



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