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Written by Paul Robinson   
Friday, 22 October 2010 13:33

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Just added to The Presidents UFO Website is a scan of Secretary of the Airforce, Sheila E. Widnall's, original letter releasing the security oath surrounding those with knowledge of the Roswell incident. Dated 'May 19 1994', the letter states...


As you may know, the General Accounting Office (GAO) has institued an audit that,
among other things, seeks to fully explain the clains that the US Government recovered an alien
spacecraft near Roswell, NM, in July 1947 and since that time, has covered up that fact.  In an
effort to assist the GAO, the Air Force initiated a detailed independent review of our records
pertaining to this claim.  Your name has been prominently mentioned in regard to this matter.

The bearer of this letter, Colonel Richard L. Weaver, Director, Security and Special
Program Oversight is heading this review on my behalf.  Colonel Weaver has a TOP SECRET
security clearance and is authorized access to all Air Force special access programs.  If you have
information that you feel may be classified you may share it with Colonel Weaver for this official
Air Force purpose, without violating any security agreement you previously made.  Clearance
information or questions should be addressed to Colonel Tim Kinnan, my Military Assistant, at
(703) 697-7378.

I encourage your full cooperation to help the Air Force officially resolve this controversial
matter.  I appreciate your continued service to the Air Force and thank you in advance for your


Sheila E. Widnall (1.63 MB)

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