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Written by Grant Cameron   
Monday, 03 August 2009 15:13

What is truth?                                                                       

Pontius Pilot addressing Jesus of Nazareth

The OSTP files showed that 1995 brought with it some new ideas to advance the extraterrestrial hypothesis. The Human Potential Foundation, for example, hosted an international conference: When Cosmic Cultures Meet in late May.

Speakers at the Conference were asked to address the "implications, preparations, and response for the time when either or both interdimensional and extraterrestrial cultures come into open contact with cultures of Earth.

The OSTP files document Scott Jones’ invitations to a whole list of people including Jack Gibbons, Hillary Clinton, and President Clinton. Gibbons was asked to include in his address comments that "the subject is researchable, should be considered by competent researchers, and that the government will make data available to support the research." None of the three White House invitees accepted the offer. If there was support inside the White House for extraterrestrials, it wasn’t going to be open support.

In a February 9, 1995 letter Jones mentioned that for some reason he had been searched out by two sources, and leaked a couple of explosive facts. Jones was told that the "Lincoln Lab has been the site of most of the government research on this subject," and from a separate source the fact that "there are on average 400 monthly uncorrelated space events detected by the U.S. Space Command."

"I suspect that anyone who is active in this field cannot avoid being used by assorted interests who have a particular passion for their point of view," continued Jones. "While this information seems plausible based upon other information I know. I have made no attempt to confirm these statements and do not intend to pass them along even as rumor."

"There are two areas of sadness on this subject, continued Jones. "The first is the government’s bodyguard of lies around it, and the second is the attempt by some (perhaps even some parts of the government) to cloak it in evil. Nature is not evil."

The February ninth letter also indicated that the game plan had changed for the Rockefeller team on the "UFO Initiative". Jones indicated some disappointment in how the UFO Initiative had gone so far. "It appears," Jones wrote, "after Laurance’s last meeting with you that we are not going to get feedback on our attempts to get the White House to open the books on this subject. Neither Laurance nor I need any encouragement or credit for what we have been trying to accomplish. We have done what we thought was reasonable and needed. For my own part I am shifting my energy on this subject to a new, supportive strategy."

Jones hinted that the new approach might center on a "public relations approach" to force the information out. Jones reminded Gibbons that Rockefeller had mentioned this possibility at their first meeting. Jones outlined the possibilities. "He (Rockefeller) can afford a rather aggressive and expensive effort implementing that strategy, e.g., full page ads in major newspapers."

The U.S.A.F. had closed down their investigation into Roswell in September 1994. The OSTP files show, however, that in 1995 the Government Accounting Office (GAO) investigation into Roswell, initiated by Congressman Steven Schiff, was still in process. In April Gibbons was contacted by the GOA and asked 1) whether your office has an knowledge of what occurred at Roswell, and 2) what if any, government records or information your office has concerning this matter.

Gibbons who had now spent two years looking into Roswell, following his first meeting with Rockefeller in April 1993, wrote back with a disappointing report.

"In response to your recent inquiry of April 12, 1995. The Office of Science and Technology reviewed its records regarding the Roswell Incident. OSTP has no direct knowledge of what occurred at Roswell and no records, except for the information I received from the Air Force. I look forward to receiving the GAO report."

The Farley Letters

One of the most revealing documents in the entire Clinton OSTP UFO collection is a set of two letters sent by C. Richard Farley Jr. The letters were sent on April 28, and May 1, 1995. Both were requests for documents. One was addressed to Dr. Gibbons, and one was addressed to the Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard. Both were sent Certified U.S. Mail/ Return receipt Req. The letter addressed to Dr. Gibbons was answered, but that reply does not appear in the OSTP files.

Letter 1

The April 28, 1995-letter was by far the more important of the two letters. This was because Farley attached documents that were not found in the OSTP package. Secondly, he referred to other documents that also are not found in the OSTP UFO files. This clearly indicates that the OSTP collection, as big as it is, might be only the tip of the iceberg. The Farley letter must have sent Clinton officials racing to plug the holes Farley had just opened.

Richard (Dick) Farley, as mentioned previously, was an award winning investigative writer, who was hired by the Human Potentials Foundation. When attached to the Rockefeller White House UFO Disclosure initiative, Farley was the one who wrote the "Matrix of UFO Beliefs" that was used during the first April 1993 briefing of Dr. Gibbons. Farley was also the author of the "Annotated Bibliography" that Scott Jones provided to Gibbons following the initial briefing.

Farley provided many of the UFO books that were provided to Gibbons following the first briefing. These were provided to Gibbons to bring him up to speed on the UFO issue, and to "give Gibbons and the President a ‘look’ at the UFO field" as it is broadly and publicly perceived.

Finally, Richard Farley was the member of the Rockefeller Initiative, who on the date of the second face-to-face meeting with Gibbons (February 4, 1994), broke with the Rockefeller team and made his own UFO approach to the White House. Farley sent three packages of material into the White House through Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff Philip Lader. This material said Farley "eventually brought the Rockefeller UFO Initiative at least to Mack McClarty, then Chief of Staff to the President."

Of all the documents attached to the Farley letter, the most revealing is a transcript of a phone interview between Scott Jones at the Human Potential Institute and Dr. Ronald Pandolfi at the CIA "discussing Pandolfi’s (and CIA’s) role in supporting Gibbons’ response to the Rockefeller ‘UFO’ Initiative."

Farley wrote in his April 28, 1995 letter to Gibbons that Scott Jones’ former executive assistant told him "Jones routinely ‘bugged’ Pandolfi’s calls." Farley further stated that the attached transcript was given to him by Jones "for purposes which were not clear to me then, nor presently; I sent it to the FBI and CIA months ago."

The Pandolfi/Jones transcript is important because of its timing and the personalities involved. It was dated April 15, 1993, the day after Laurance Rockefeller and Scott Jones first sat face-to-face with Science Advisor Gibbons to brief him on the UFO situation. It therefore gives a clear insight into how the whole "Rockefeller UFO Initiative" to the White House began.

The key personality involved in preparing for the Gibbons briefing - Dr. Ronald Pandolfi - pointed to the fact that the initial Rockefeller briefing to Gibbons was taken seriously at least by the CIA. Dr. Pandolfi worked for the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology. He was described by The American Spectator as "the CIA’s highest ranking scientist."

The involvement of Pandolfi also showed that key CIA people were apparently counseling Clinton’s Science Advisor on how to handle the UFO topic. Pandolfi’s friend William Laparl stated that "Pandolfi had been called in by Gibbons, and Gibbons asked him questions. I was friends with Pandolfi so I knew what was going on." Laparl doubted, however, that Pandolfi told Gibbons anything significant.

According to Laparl Pandolfi and many of the other people in the CIA didn’t even want to get involved in the Clinton administration search for extraterrestrials.

"I know that the CIA guys kind of cringed when this came up. Pandolfi sort went ‘Oh No. Anything but that!’ So what he did was to farm it out to like lessor people. He kind of treated it with contempt. They didn’t go looking for any secrets on their spare time, I can tell you that right now. I know for a fact. I know because I was messing with these people before it happened. There was general contempt for the Clintons before they even showed up. They showed up looking for this UFO stuff. Most of this stuff had been done under different auspices prior to that in one way or another."

The fact that this high ranking CIA scientist and agent phoned Scott Jones on the day of the Rockefeller UFO briefing to the President’s Science Advisor, indicated that the CIA may have been trying to feel out what Rockefeller was up to, or they were attempting to aid Rockefeller at someone’s bequest.

According to the transcript of the April 15th telephone call Pandolfi confirmed he had been contacted by the White House. He told Jones,

"We (CIA) had been tasked a couple of days before the proposed visit of Laurance Rockefeller with the White House Science Advisor, to provide a briefing update to him — and we didn’t do that. Instead we tasked our friend Dr. Maccabee to do it. He did an excellent job... Gibbons said that he had gotten a one page input from Rockefeller indicating what the subject was going to be, and he didn’t have any background on it, claimed that he had never heard of MJ-12, or things like that, and so he contacted our representative over there and asked whether we could provide some support."

Jones, who helped Rockefeller do the briefing, stated he had not seen the Maccabee briefing paper on the morning they did the briefing for Gibbons. He therefore asked Pandolfi why the CIA hadn’t done the briefing itself. Pandolfi replied, "We didn’t have the material here to do it on that short of notice, didn’t have any reference material in the file records, and Bruce had already taken a shot on something fairly similar."

This claim about a lack of reference material in the files of the CIA is strange in light of what Pandolfi’s predecessor at the CIA, Christopher C. "Kit" Green, told Bruce Maccabee in 1979. Kit had apparently stated that the CIA files may contain as many as 15,000 UFO-related files, of which two or three thousand were really interesting.William Laparl, a friend of Pandolfi also stated that the CIA had lots of material, and that Pandolfi probably now controlled it,

"Pandolfi would know all the politics behind the scenes. He would be the first point of contact for all this, you know what I mean. He would be the front man, the visible guy. But he would also know the invisible. He would know where to point you but he wouldn’t tell you. There is no question in my mind but that Green had a huge interest in investigation, and probably had something like 15 file cabinets full of stuff that never got released... I think Rob inherited a lot of it."

Both Dr. "Kit" Green and Dr. Ronald Pandolfi had each been in charge of what has come to be known at the CIA as the "Weird Desk." This is the station where all the UFO and other paranormal topic files are kept. Maccabee termed the job done by Pandolfi and Green as the "Keepers of the Weird."

Both men were considered UFO experts. Kit Green, in fact, had long been rumored as qualified to brief Presidents on the UFO issue. He had supposedly taken over the job that was held for many years by CIA agent Arthur Lundahl who claimed privately to have briefed three sitting Presidents regarding UFOs. Back in the eighties, UFO researcher Bill Moore had also described Kit Green as " a person close to the President of the United States, capable of checking on information to determine its reliability."

Not only was Green qualified to brief the President, Dick Farley maintained that Ronald Pandolfi had stated that "Kit had been brought in to brief the President.(Clinton)" Pandolfi, in turn denied the Farley claim that President Clinton was briefed by "Kit" Green. "I have no reason," stated Pandolfi, "to believe Kit ever briefed Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, Jack or any other frequent visitor to the White House on the issue of UFOs.

Dick Farley further maintained that "Kit" Green was brought in to brief Dr. Gibbons as soon as it was learned that Rockefeller would be coming to the OSTP to present his case for UFO disclosure. Farley stated,

"The REAL briefing of Dr. Jack Gibbons was conducted by Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green... for the record, both Ron Pandolfi and Kit Green have confirmed to me that Kit did come in and brief Dr. Jack Gibbons, a result of Laurance Rockefeller’s effort to get UFO disclosure on the agenda."

In the Jones/Pandolfi phone transcript Pandolfi commented further on the UFO briefing that Maccabee had been asked to prepare for Dr. Gibbons. "We helped him (Maccabee) on it and he did a fairly professional job like you would do a briefing for a President. He had one and a half pages of bulletized notes, and then tabs going back to paragraphs on each of the main points, and then further tabs going back to the original source material."

Maccabee, however, contends that he received no help from Pandolfi or anyone else in writing the briefing book titled "Briefing on the U.S. Government Approach to the UFO Problem as Determined by Civilian Researchers During the Last Twenty Years."

"I had no help. Pandolfi called me up at home. Said it is needed tomorrow morning by 8 AM. So I planned what I was going to say, including the "tab references" and then wrote the first page and a half executive summary and sent that. Subsequently I sent the tabs. There was exactly no input from Pandolfi or anyone else."

Further in the transcript, Jones asked Pandolfi what feedback Maccabee had gotten to his briefing. Pandolfi replied, "Bruce was not at the briefing so he knows nothing at this point."

Jones then asked if Jack Gibbons had seen Maccabee’s briefing prior to himself and Rockefeller presenting their UFO briefing. Pandolfi responded that Gibbons had read the UFO briefing book prepared for him.

"He supposedly had. He got it the night before, and he claimed he read it either the night before or early that morning. Kit was supposed to meet with Jack yesterday and supposed to give us some guidance today if there is any additional follow-up or his reactions were."

This statement differs radically from a statement Pandolfi made in an E-mail comment in November of 2000. In this version of the story Pandolfi stated Gibbons had not read the Maccabee briefing book.

"Bruce delivered the briefing book to Jack the following morning before his meeting with Rockefeller. My understanding is that Jack gave the briefing document to Rockefeller. I have no reason to believe Jack read the briefing book or made a copy."

Bruce Maccabee, the author of the briefing book, provided yet a third story of what happened. He stated that he worked all night on the briefing, having been given less than a day to produce it. He finished it just before the 8 am deadline he had been given. He faxed the briefing to Dr. Gibbons’ office, and found out later from Pandolfi that his briefing had not been used. The Rockefeller briefing had started early and was ending just as Maccabee’s briefing book was arriving by fax in Dr. Gibbons office.

The one thing every version of the April 14, 93 briefing agrees on is that Jack Gibbons was not keen on the UFO subject. Pandolfi in the April 15th telephone call with Jones said, " My guess is that he (Gibbons) is not going to do anything. He seemed to be fairly averse to this whole subject. "On the other end of the phone, Scott Jones agreed,

"What he told me, I’ve known Jack for eight years, I was not surprised at what he told us during the time we spent with him. He said he had no information on this, no personal knowledge, and was not read into it, doesn’t know the literature. I think that is a true statement. My assessment is that he was not at ease with the subject when we were talking about it. That also did not surprise me. He declared to us that he was an agnostic, that if there was some evidence there he would be glad to look at it. But at this point he has no knowledge of such evidence."

In the November 2000 E-mail, Pandolfi was even more blunt about Gibbons attitude on the day of the initial Rockefeller briefing. Speaking of his personal involvement in the first briefing Pandolfi said,

"I had one and only one conversation with Jack on the issue of UFOs. Jack asked why in the world someone like Rockefeller would believe in such nonsense. My response was that only a fellow believer could answer such a question."

The transcript in the OSTP files reveals that Pandolfi and Jones agreed to work together. Pandolfi sent over a copy of the Maccabee briefing book. Jones stated he would like to see it, as he was in the process of putting together some additional material for Gibbons.

If Jones did provide the Maccabee briefing book to Gibbons it did not appear in any of the Jones correspondence to Jack Gibbons. It also was not part of the 1993 OSTP files after being received by fax in the OSTP office. Maccabee did even recover a copy of the briefing when he filed a FOIA for it in July 1996.

The records seem to show that there were possibly three briefing 1) One done by "Kit" Green on April 13; one done on April 14th by Laurence Rockefeller and Scott Jones using "The Matric of UFO Beliefs" briefing; and a briefing done by Bruce Maccabee that may have been read by Dr. Gibbons. Yet, there was absolutely no official record in OSTP files of these briefing having taken place.

A copy of the Maccabee briefing finally became part of the OSTP UFO files in January 1977 when Maccabee attached a copy of it to letter addressed to Dr. Gibbons. He wrote to Gibbons,

"In April 1993, at the request of Dr. Ronald Pandolfi of the CIA. I sent (faxed) you an information paper regarding UFOs... In that briefing paper I presented evidence that the government has collected a rather large number of documents on UFO sightings. Moreover, one could easily conclude from these documents that the government has sufficient evidence to prove that many UFOs are, in fact, neither natural phenomena nor misidentified artifacts of human creation... i.e., are apparently artifacts of non-human origin (so called flying saucers). A copy of this document is enclosed in case you have lost the previous one."

Another key document attached to the April 29, 1995 Farley letter, is a draft of a letter from Scott Jones to Dr. Gibbons dated April 30, 1993 just after the first Gibbons briefing. No such letter could be found in OSTP file received in my FOIA. This means that the letter was never sent, or it was pulled from the files for some reason.

The letter is an important one. In it Scott Jones details the 18 UFO books that the Foundation came up with to bring Gibbons up to speed on the UFO issue.

The letter also describes four letters (attached to the Jones April 30 draft) concerning the Clinton Administration and UFOs. These letters have been rumored, and this Jones draft confirms they exist. They were not attached to the letter that Farley sent to Jones. The Jones draft letter describes the letter as:

  1. Melvin Laird to Secretary of Defense Designee Les Aspin, January 8, 1993, requesting a review of classified space programs with the intent to declassify some of the materials.
  2. Melvin Laird to Laurance Rockefeller, January 28, 1993, in which he states that Defense Secretary Aspin feels that the issue should be coordinated through the office of the president’s Science Advisor.
  3. Les Aspin to Melvin Laird, January 14, 1993, acknowledging that he had received the letter on the classification issue.
  4. A draft of a letter from Laurance Rockefeller to President Clinton requesting that he take action on the UFO issue. Attached to the letter was "Potential Estimates of the Situation" which appeared to early version of the Matrix of UFO Beliefs.

In addition to these letters wrote Jones, "there have been private conversations between these principals and others that have been more direct to the specific issue than the words in the letter suggest."

Finally, the April 29, 1995 Farley’s letter attaches three other letters which further the idea that there is much more to be found than the 991 pages in the OSTP files. These are

  • One of the letters Richard Farley received from Philip Lader, Assistant to the President and deputy Chief of Staff. Lader was Farley’s source inside the White House. On the letter Lader makes a handwritten comment, "Remarkable thoughts !"
  • Another letter from Melvin Laird to Laurance Rockefeller where he states of the UFO secrecy issue, "it is government- wide policy which needs to be changed."
  • A letter from Scott Jones to Laurance Rockefeller dated almost a year before the White House UFO Initiative thanking Rockefeller for his financial support, and promising that the foundation will "focus on research into the existence of UFOs and the possibility of tapping into the universal power grid."

This third letter also discusses a possible meeting between three billionaires Laurance Rockefeller, Robert Bigelow, and Hans-Adam Liechtenstein to discuss funding of UFO research.

Letter 2

The second Farley letter found in the OSTP was dated May 1, 1995. It was a letter that was actually addressed to the Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard. It was only a single page with one attachment. The attachment was two pages from a study done for the U.S. Coast Guard titled The Road to 2012: Looking Towards the Next Two Decades. This futuristic report was written by John L. Petersen of the Arlington Institute.

The enclosure referenced a futurist "Wild Card" scenario postulated by John Petersen. ("Official Contact is Made with Extraterrestrials"). The importance of the extraterrestrial scenario appearing in a study done for the Coast Guard, possibly paid for by taxpayers, was the possible link to CSETI Director Dr. Steven Greer, who was using Petersen as one of his key military advisors. Farley wrote of the important connection,

"People claiming association with Mr. Petersen, and who also are quite deeply involved in a professed public campaign claiming to be about "making contact with extra-terrestrials" have cited this report, and Mr. Petersen’s asserted ‘high-level government contacts" in their soliciting of private funding in support of this group’s alleged "Project Starlight." Billed as an effort to persuade U.S. citizens that contacts with "ETs" in "UFOs" are either imminent or have been made, this group also has been positioning itself to play an "international role" managing public responses. This subject organization is based in North Carolina, and calls itself CSETI, (Committee to Study Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence... CSETI has received funding from Laurance Rockefeller."

Interestingly, Farley’s letter concerning Dr. Greer and John Petersen was sent at exactly the same time that Dr. Greer was writing a memo to President Clinton. Greer was writing the President "requesting a meeting with relevant Administration as soon as possible." In addition, Dr. Greer wrote seeking White House cooperation in a project that he and Laurance Rockefeller were working on.

"CSETI, Mr. Laurance Rockefeller, Astronaut Gordon Cooper, as well as several other prominent astronauts and military figures will be convening a meeting of witnesses on June 2, 3, 4, 1995, and we invite the Administration to send an observer or participant to this meeting."

This meeting of high quality witnesses (Asilomer Conference) is never mentioned in the OSTP files, even though Laurance Rockefeller did finance the conference. Dr. Steven Greer, who had gathered the witnesses together, is also never directly mentioned in the OSTP files which is strange in light of the numerous contacts that Dr. Greer had inside the White House. Rumors circulated on the Internet that Dr. Greer had indeed provided two briefing to Science Advisor Dr. Gibbons.

The references to Greer briefing Gibbons may have been a reference to Rockefeller and Jones doing the briefing as a part of the Greer team. It seems had to believe Greer would move to brief Gibbons when he knew Rockefeller was doing the same thing. A reference to Gibbons in Greer’s May 1995 Memo to President Clinton does make one think about the Greer role in the Clinton OSTP.

Please find enclosed several documents previously conveyed to the Administration via the Director of Central Intelligence (James Woolsey), the President’s Science Advisor, and Mr. Bruce Lindsey.

On June 4, 1995, the twenty-four participants of the Asilomar Conference wrote a letter to President Clinton asking "that the appropriate members of the Administration meet with members of the Project Starlight Coalition...that the President issue an executive order to release U.S. government witnesses from their national security obligations/oaths related the subject (UFOs)... and that the President issue an executive order to declassify and release currently classified materials, documents and evidence related to the subject..."

There were now at least three major efforts focused at the White House 1) Rockefeller’s Disclosure Group 2) Richard Farley and 3) Dr. Steven’s Greer’s group. Each group was making contact with their contacts inside the White House. Each group was writing letters and presenting evidence to support their case.

These contacts and letters, like many before, did not break the logjam and release the classified UFO information. With these drawbacks in mind, Laurance Rockefeller patience had worn thin. He prepared himself to go directly to the President.

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