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Thursday, 06 November 2008 06:00

Dear Mr. President,
       First, let me congratulate you on your hard fought victory! I voted for you and couldn't be more pleased that you have prevailed. I am confident that you will lead us with the same skill, dignity and grace that you have shown during this contest. You have gained my trust, now it is time to earn it!
       I am also writing to ask your action to drive bringing about governmental disclosure regarding any possible extraterrestrial presence or technology. And most importantly that you push for the government to release to the public domain any extraterrestrial related or derived technologies so that we may find ways to utilize them in order to help both out environment and our economy, and most importantly the people whom you are now chosen to represent.
       Demand to be fully briefed by the Military and any other relevant government agencies regarding any extraterrestrial presence and related phenomena, and formally acknowledge to the American people what the government knows. There is too much evidence now for the government to continue to keep this all covered up. It only breeds distrust in a time when trust in the government is reaching an all time low.
       Again, congratulations, and thank you for your dedication to us, the people.
T. C.
Spring Mills, PA



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