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Monday, 01 December 2008 06:00

December 1, 2008

RE: The UFO Conspiracy Question / The Million Fax March Project

Dear Mr. President-Elect;

As a true believer, and an avid researcher into the subject details, I support the Paradigm Research Group's earnest and well-earned goal of total public disclosure of ALL government information into the subject of Extra-Terrestrials, and the Government's compliance in related arenas: including the investigation into sightings and contact events; the knowledge of and inaction into the abduction of citizens; the public humiliation and social destruction of individual integrities; participation in the death of witnesses and whistleblowers; and the historical manipulation of cultural, social, economic, and military participation in such events.

What is necessary from The Million Fax March, is for you, as President-Elect:

  1. To receive a full briefing from the military and intelligence heads regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue; not to accept any statement which implies "you do not have a need to know';
  2. To press the new Congress to immediately call for "public" hearings to see witness testimony to relevant events and evidence; these real events include the kidnapping and potential torture of American citizens --with or without government participation;
  3. To formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence to the American people -Disclosure, considering that the United States and the United Nations are the two last agencies to acknowledge and release their participation; and,
  4. To release for peaceful development extraterrestrial derived technologies studied and reverse engineered for six decades in black budgeted research programs --if you really want to change the economic and technological advantages of the United States in face of the current global crisis.

All statistical reviews demonstrate that 83% of the populous DO BELIEVE. If you want the vast majority of the population on your side --to conduct all the programs you outlined in your promises during the election process --then demonstrate your "change" of the status in Washington. Demand that ALL departments and agencies release their "classified" records.

If this subject is an non-entity, why are the documents requested under the FOIA "blacked out" to protect national secrets... what national secrets can exist, if the Subject doesn't exist?  If the subject doesn't exist, why have military and civilian agencies maintained continued review processes for the subject?  Every other country, pro-American and anti-American, have released their records and presented their documentation of the validity of this subject, so the American agencies in fear of their CYA activities, cannot blatantly wave the "nothing exist, the subject is bogus" flag, and get away from the reality.

The facts exist. The eyewitnesses exist. The history of government lies exist. The truth is not the government's platform. Prove your platform --Change the Record, Change the Future!

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With all respect for your recent win, and great expectation that you will keep your promises --and just demonstrate that you are not just another politician.

S. M.
Hollywood, CA



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