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Monday, 10 November 2008 06:00

November 10, 2008
Dear President Obama,
Congratulations on your victory!  I know you are concerned with Earthly matters primarily but I believe your responsibility extends beyond our ionosphere.  Calls for U.F.O and extra-terrestrial disclosure must now be answered for the sake of all beings.  This is a glorious opportunity to begin a new age of knowledge and peace.  Humanity is ready to know the truth.  You have the power to reveal it.  I hope by promptly putting this forward you will find the freedom to deal with the social and economic needs of your and other nations.  Continuing to withhold reality will only lead to sorrow.  If only as a symbolic gesture, nothing could present greater sincerity of a will toward change than this.  If I can be of any assistance, you are welcome to contact me.
R. T.
Clearwater, British Columbia



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