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Thursday, 06 November 2008 06:00

TO: The Honorable Barack Obama
        President Elect of the United States
        713 Hart Senate Office Building
        Washington, DC   20510
      MA in Values, B.S Marine Science, Writer
Dear Sir,
I congratulate you on your victory. You have inspired myself among millions, and once again we believe in the hope that makes all Americans strive to achieve their dreams.
I am writing to you today because I have a dream of tantamount importance, that unifies people across the world with its its gravity in meaning, and its quality in feeling. People across the world have witnessed it, others believe in it, some discredit it, but most want simply for it to come out under the light of truth and science.
I believe that one of your strongest qualities as a candidate is your ability to say things as they are, with no pre-conditions, and in my mind it also makes you a pioneer of truth in the world of political agendas. Because of that, I am asking you today to end the Truth Embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence and release as much relevant information to the American people as possible within reasonable constraints for national security.
I believe America, as the shining beacon of the world, should be the first to make an official statement of everything it might know. It is time for human beings to know the world they possibly might be inhabiting. The amount of hope, not panic as past governments have speculated, that would be produced for the world as a whole, to know that other sentient beings exist and have visited out planet, will be of a religious scale.

Specifically, some of the things you should consider are the following:

  • Demand and receive a full briefing by your military services and intelligence agencies regarding the extraterrestrial presence and related phenomena, and/or
  • You should support convening congressional hearings to take testimony from scores of former military and agency employees regarding extraterrestrial phenomena, and/or
  • You should formally acknowledge to the American people the extraterrestrial presence - Disclosure, and/or
  • You should release into the public domain extraterrestrial derived technologies, secretly studied and reverse engineered for six decades, and now essential to overcome the environmental, economic and social challenges of our time.
  • You should promote a sense of unity and brotherhood in the case the presence of ET's , so that all people embrace it as a source of goodness and hope, not as a threat.

Maintaining the Truth Embargo has cost America a fortune, undermined the social contract our forefathers set, and has led to abuses of secrecy and power. Together with its political and spiritual significance, imagine the possibilities of ET technologies that could help us with our economic and environmental challenges we face.
Sir, in all your speeches you have mentioned the power of truth and the results it brings to the lives of millions of people. For the most part, most people don't believe in words, they believe in actions.  But you have inspired us to believe in your ability to make these words real by you. The time has never been better for disclosure of something that will speak AND act in the lives of billions of people, and you would be the most appropriate person that could unveil its truths to the world.
Thank you once again for what you have done for America. I hope you consider my request as you considered the need for change in the United States of America.
A. P.
Santa Monica, CA



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