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Thursday, 06 November 2008 06:00

Dear Mr. President Elect,

Congratulations on winning the election and all my best wishes for the coming eight years.  This is a letter of great hope, because I am one of many who see this as an historic time of pivotal change toward the positive. I truly believe you are the man who will lead the human race to a long overdue awakening.  Now is the time to allow the truth about extraterrestrial civilizations to reach the public.  So many of us are already aware of their presence and the planet is ready for official acknowledgement. In fact, not only is it ready, but our situation makes this step necessary and natural.  I respectfully ask you to take the following steps as the President of the United States:

Demand full military briefing with regard to extraterrestrial encounters and technology.

  1. Conduct congressional hearings.
  2. Disclose the reality of extraterrestrial presence.
  3. Put advanced technology to use in a rescue attempt of the planet’s ecosystems and solar system exploration.
  4. Please, help enable us to make this transition to a planetary society and allow us to interact with extraterrestrial civilizations as an informed and empowered people.

Hopefully at least  999,999 others will mail one too.



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