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Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00

To:   The Honorable Barack Obama
         President Elect of the United States
        713 Hart Senate Office Building
        Washington, DC 20510

Dear President Elect Obama,

Change really has finally arrived, and what a better way to demonstrate this point, than to shed some light on the most enigmatic and controversial topic of modern times. Stories abound of encounters with apparently advanced technologies in the form of lights and seemingly solid craft. Stories told by NASA Astronauts of seeing hovering craft on Earth that were filmed by official military personnel and much more. We would like to know, where does all of this incredible footage end up, and why must it be kept secret?  We can only imagine what is hidden away in the archives, it is time for somebody to take a look at the classified materials and technologies and report to the American people on what is real and what is not. What can be disclosed and what is known for certain about these matters? It is the nature of secret operations to keep ALL such information secret. But surely the purpose of these projects is to aid the people of the United States then eventually the secrets must be turned into useful manifestations.
All my life I was a skeptic when it came to the UFO topic, but in the spring of 2008 I witnessed an extraordinary aerial phenomenon that maneuvered right in front of my house in broad daylight under clear bright blue skies, while not a classic saucer sighting of legend, the experience was a eye opener, and I cannot help but scan the skies above wherever I travel. So I do have a personal interest in the subject matter being written about in this communication.

It has been said that then President Bill Clinton made inquiries about the possibility of Top Secret information regarding the existence of advanced technology of unknown origins interacting with us. It was reported back to him that nothing was known of this subject, I find such a scenario of denial disturbing and highly unlikely. I understand the concept of "need to know", applying to civilians as necessary and prudent, but not to the President of the United States! If anyone has the "right to know", it is the President, and I therefore urge President Elect Obama to take any and all necessary measures to secure all such knowledge so that a fair and thorough assessment can be made.

We have carefully selected and elected you to be the commander in Chief, and you have our full backing and authority to personally investigate and inquire into the relevant departments, bureaus and agencies. The President should and does have the right and power to decide if our best interests are indeed being represented by these highly classified and compartmentalized programs. We would like what is known of this phenomenon by our Government officials and the related military services and intelligence agencies to be disclosed if possible. It is important to know if we have highly advanced terrestrial technology that can be transferred to civilian use. We trust you President Elect Obama, and we know that you will apply proper due diligence to this most important matter.

Thank You
McHenry, IL



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