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Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I believe that one of the greatest signals of change your administration could give to the world would be to initiate full disclosure of the evidence some people believe suggests an extraterrestrial presence in our skies.

I understand that you have a great many challenges to face, but I cannot underscore enough the fundamental importance of this issue.

The government's ongoing "deny everything" policy quietly undermines trust in government. 56% of people believe in UFOs (in the sense of super advanced, unknown technology). That suggests that a huge part of America believes there is an ongoing cover-up.

The number of Americans who take a personal interest in this cause has been rising since the 50's, like a slow moving tsunami. With recent increases in objective examination on TV...And a massive increase in sightings, this thing will just keep growing. Mistrust in government, paranoia and fear will keep growing right along with it. People fear what they don't understand, and they just don't understand a government that behaves like this.

Have you heard about the increasing numbers of parents afraid to let their children receive vaccinations? That is the sort of thing that is indirectly fostered by government denial and misinformation. 15% of people have seen or know someone who has seen a UFO. How do you think this experience changes their conception of our government, which ignores and mocks them? This crude and misguided system of deception is a cancer buried deep within our government, and it has a real effect on the American people.

Which of our leaders is going to be the first to stop smirking, stop joking their way out of it, and treat the American people with the respect that is due. There are only so many fundamental questions, and the extraterrestrial possibility certainly deals with one of them. The government has absolutely no right to keep this sort of information from the people. Society will not collapse, the sky will not fall - that is a myth founded in utter cynicism and disbelief in humanity.

Ask Bill Clinton what he did, and he might tell you he was too afraid (for his person) to step on the wrong toes. I implore you to break this barrier, like you have so many others. That is precisely the kind of change that would strike me to the very core, and permanently instill in me a profound, authentic love for my country.
I swear, if you instill full UFO disclosure, I will run for office. If I lose, I will join the Peace Corp.

M. H.
26 years old



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