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Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00

Honorable Barack Obama,

Subject: Full disclosure on Extraterrestrial Presence on the Planet Earth.

First of all, congratulations with your election as the next president of the United States of America. I am very excited for a new chance for this country, and equally important, for Earth!

I would like to bring an extremely important issue to your attention. It is time to disclose the existence of Extraterrestrial presence on this Planet. We, Citizens of Planet Earth deserve to know the truth which has been kept from us for over 60 years. We are ready to accept that we're not alone in this small corner of the Galaxy "Milky Way", We deserve to know the truth. I pledge with you to demand a full briefing from the military and intelligence agencies in regards to the extraterrestrial activities on this planet. Also I request from you a full disclosure of said presence.

The people of this planet should be made aware of the technology obtained and reverse engineered from these activities and phenomena. This would be of great benefit to humankind, and can be used to address the economical, environmental, social and humanitarian issues of our generation.

Last, and very much so the most important is that any treaties made with extraterrestrial representatives should be carefully studied and revised as necessary as to make sure that we do not enslave humankind to an extraterrestrial force by just accepting their technology as the Holy Grail. We MUST keep our freedom as a species in order to further our growth in the universe. This is of UTMOST importance. United as a planet we have a lot of more power than we're giving ourselves credit for. You have shown with your campaign "Audacity of Hope" what a collective of people that can archive. There is a lot at stake here: Our Freedom to decide our fate!

Thank you very much for listening to us.

Kind regards,
M. S.

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