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Monday, 10 November 2008 06:00

Wednesday, November 10, 2008
Senator Barack Obama
President Elect of the United States
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
Dear President Elect Obama:
Congratulations on becoming the 44th President of the United States of America! You bring great hope for this troubled nation!  I believe the whole world is praying that you restore our prosperity and the credibility and trustworthiness of our democracy!
In this regard I have a request of you, the new leader of the free world. I am 53 years old. I’m married with two college age children. Overall I would say I’m pretty average and normal. I am a 22 year career deputy district attorney. I believe I understand proof and evidence better than the average person. I think it is fair to say that I am not a crack-pot or a kook. I obviously don’t expect to convince you of anything with this letter. However, please know that many credible, intelligent, rational human beings across this world sincerely believe in the reality of UFOs, and in the tremendous implications that their existence has for our life here on this troubled planet.
In the past year the UFO phenomenon caught my interest and I’ve been reading about the history of it and about the evidence which supports the belief that there are extraterrestrial vehicles visiting Earth and, maybe, have been for millennia. I have never had a paranormal experience, nor have I ever seen a UFO, so the fact that I am willing to consider the possibility may seem bizarre to some. But, it turns out there are many people exactly like me. Surprisingly, many of the best and most credible researchers in this area have never personally experienced any unusual event. Perhaps like me, they stumbled into this area, at first as a lark or diversion, and then discover that their interest grew until it became an avocation. Why? Why so committed? Why so much passion? Why would I bother to risk my credibility by even drafting this letter to you?
I’ve been examining the evidence and the arguments for and against and I find that the proponents have a compelling position that legitimately merits your sincere attention.
Across the world, many nations are openly acknowledging the reoccurring unconventional events in the sky and the impact on their defense departments, secure air-space, as well as commercial air traffic: Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, just to name a few. France and England are releasing their files to the world. Prominent men and woman, politicians and scientists, military commanders and police officers, professionals, business men and average Joes, are all testifying to their inexplicable observations and, frankly, the cumulative weight of their reports is overwhelmingly compelling! Yes, there are some unbelievable characters who contaminate the legitimate inquiry, but the chaff falls away when you are exposed to the multiple airborne and ground eyewitness sightings confirmed by multiple ground and air radar, with video and other tangible, if not absolutely definitive evidence. The inquiry cannot just be discarded and dismissed; anymore then the Senate itself can be condemned because there are a few corrupt and despicable Senators.
The evidence shouldn’t and really can’t legitimately be ignored. I’m sure as President you could arrange a briefing from those with greater experience and data than I who would gladly present you with all the facts and reasonable inferences. Truly, it is the height of arrogance if not folly to dismiss this possibility without close examination. I don’t know who said it, but if it is true that we are the only life in the cosmos, then there is an awfully lot of wasted space. Is it true that there is only one good man in the Senate, and he just got promoted? It just can’t be true that such cosmic vastness is wasted and that you are the only good Senator trying to make a difference!
Please, overcome the initial ridicule and knee-jerk response, and contemplate the simple, undeniable and inescapable truth that our universe is incomprehensibly immense and that the actuality of advanced civilizations millions of years older than ours with technology dwarfing our imaginations could actually be visiting us. Our sun and planet are but infants in this galaxy. Technologically we are mere fetuses. For example, the Wright Brothers, when placed in the continuum of our industrial history, have truly only mastered flight a relatively few moments ago. Temporally our technological history is miniscule if we but turn our perspective outward to accept the grand expanse of space and time and the possibility of civilizations having thousands of years to evolve ahead of ours. Can we rationally deny that there are creatures more intelligent than us who could actually travel here?
Frankly, at first it seemed silly to me, even preposterous; but after the recent Stephenville Texas analysis of multiple FAA radar reports, the Phoenix Lights, Chicago O’Hare International Airport, the 1952 Washington D.C. flights over the White House, Bentwaters airbase in England, and the 1967 Malmstrom Air Force Base nuclear missile silo incidents, just to name a few, I couldn’t help but begin to seriously consider the implications. I’m simply asking you to keep an open mind and examine the evidence and arguments for and against UFO reality, because if there is even the slightest possibility that this is real, the acknowledgement of its reality by this country would certainly be one of the greatest moments in world history and an incomparable chapter to what is already a momentous legacy in your life, and you’re not even President yet!

You may be surprised by all the ways that achieving disclosure will actually advance your administration and escort this nation into new prospects for prosperity, with new trust, new integrity in government and a renewed hope for the future. Certainly, it would usher in a new age and transform the planet and possibly even unify mankind and the many nations of this world! One can only hope and dream.
Now that England is releasing their files, I fail to see why America continues to persist in its history of dissembling and disinformation. Close scrutiny, even a cursory investigation of the documentary evidence compels one to believe that the US government has not been honest with the American public about what they know about this phenomenon. The pall this UFO secrecy casts upon the American government, especially if this U.S. government has access to energy solutions it has been keeping secret into these troubled times, is profoundly disturbing to those who want to continue to believe that America is “in truth” the greatest government on Earth.
Until there is open disclosure of all files and video footage by this government, satellite tracking data, top secret documents over 50 years old, etcetera, the American government will never be able to secure the public’s trust and confidence, and the leadership of the current administration will never be able to claim integrity. Until disclosure, there will be many, and I believe the ranks are growing, who will voice discontent and distrust with those who represent us here on this continent. How can we believe in you, Mr. President, when we know or believe that the government you administer continues to lie to us about a worldwide recurring phenomenon which has the potential to solve our energy crisis and heal our environmental problems?
Even if only remotely or speculatively possible, the payoffs and potential benefits are too profound to ignore. If the only downside is a guffaw or two and slight embarrassment, doesn’t it seem the trade off is worth it? Green energy and propulsion possibilities gleaned from advanced crafts could potentially transform the world! Transitioning to these technologies would create new jobs and wealth, and your Administration would be the global leader, and American business the innovator of this earthshaking technology. If real, if disclosure is embraced, these technologies could totally free us from middle-eastern oil dependence. Specifically, the implications for energy policy alone from disclosure are enormous, but compounded with the current world economic and environmental problems, the possibilities are staggering! Then throw on top of that the cultural inspiration, enormous political and social advances, clearly you, your Administration would truly lead us to a global revolution of life on this humble Earth.
Please, on behalf of the human race, end the UFO Truth Embargo and open the government files to scrutiny. Give those in service to this government who are bound with security oaths immunity for disclosure of what they know and have experienced about UFOs. Give them the right without prosecution or pension loss to simply affirm the reality of their personal experience with the phenomenon. Did you know that there are good conscientious soldiers who took security oaths and have bit their tongues patiently waiting for the government to confirm for the benefit of all mankind what they already know is true? These soldiers who have kept quiet for dozens of years, now on their death beds are confirming, for example, the reality of the Roswell Incident. They don’t want to leave life behind without telling their wives or children that it was real, because they believe their families should know and have the right to know. Told to keep a secret for reasons that no longer seem valid, growing embittered over the years waiting for their government to do the right thing, now they are breaking their loyal adherence to their life-long oaths on their death beds. It’s not right. Free them to speak, Mr. President. What’s the big secret which is still worth keeping 60 years later?

At the very least, have open, credible and public Congressional hearings that are broadcast across this nation. Please, make these legitimate hearings, and not with pre-determined secret agendas and bogus shams, such as those which characterized previous governmental studies on this topic, for example, Project Blue Book and the Condon Report.
Everyone who has dabbled in this field believes that compartmentalized sections of our government have had an agenda to conceal the truth, quite possibly for legitimate national security reasons in the 1950s and 60s. Perhaps the knowledge or even the evidence may have moved into black areas veiled by corporate privacy funded by public moneys with little oversight, but, nevertheless, the implications, if true, are extraordinary, and the secrecy of the military industrial complex must be penetrated for the greater good of your nation and your people. Now, today our nation needs the truth! The corporations should not decide what is best for America!
If you, as our new President, want credibility including from the many who believe that UFOs are real, and this is not a small, insignificant or quiet community, please, demand a briefing from the CIA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the various military forces, as well as the prominent figures in the covert corporate military industrial complex. Examine the corporate “black ops” financing and demand private corporate disclosure. Put them on the spot. If there is resistance, please, hold a press conference. Broadcast their statements. Turn to the American public who supported you in mass. Turn to the public to assist you in demanding disclosure. Let us know what you are doing to attempt cooperation amongst those in government and private enterprise who purportedly know. If you are told by the few who think they run this nation that it is “need to know,” tell them we need to know. What time in our history will we ever need it any more than right now?
You promised CHANGE to this nation! You promised accountability. And your public, the overwhelming numbers of people who voted for you, can handle the truth. We are good, reliable, honest, dependable people who sacrifice much and will support our government in good times and in bad especially when given legitimate reasons to do so. We want to know even if the truth is bad! Simply, given the tremendous implications, we deserve to know.
I am confident this public in these times is ready for the truth and that it will be a relief and it will restore our faith in leadership. You promised to be honest to your nation. This is something that, until candidly addressed, will taint your administration with the stain of secrecy, which is easily curable by disclosure. Open honest dialogue on this topic will usher in a new faith in our government. If there are in fact alternative energy sources reverse-engineered from recovered alien propulsion systems, you will be the President who transforms the world and opens the door to an unimaginably better future! It is worth a try! Either that, or tell us you definitively investigated the matter and there is no truth to the claims I’m making. Put it to bed once and for all!
Thank you for your courtesy in reading this letter and your sincere consideration to this matter of great importance to so many.

M. D.
Sunland, CA



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