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Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00

To: The Honorable Barack Obama
President Elect of the United States
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Dear Mr. President Elect;
First, let me congratulate you on your hard earned and well deserved election to the highest office of our great country. If I could some up my feelings in one word, it would be “HOPE”.
I write to you today regarding a matter that has been my passion since I was 14 in 1962: the UFO phenomenon.
I am not a “believer” – I am a witness.
Many countries have released documented evidence in support of the UFO reality while the standard for democracy has continued their “denial and ridicule” policy. I ask, sir, that you personally bring that deceptive practice to an end.
The biggest hurdle you will have to contend with is the NSA and black operations that consider it a matter of Above Top Secret (Cosmic Secret to be exact). Presidents Clinton and Carter were stonewalled in their efforts to garner information on this subject. You may well know that Carter and Regan had their own UFO sightings.
There is a lot of silliness out their – most of which has its origins in the government’s disinformation campaign. But I urge you to separate the wheat from the chaff by going to organizations like The Mutual UFO Network; The Center for UFO Studies; The Disclosure Project with more than 400 high ranking government, military and corporate insiders who are breaking their oath of silence and coming forward with personal testimonies and indisputable evidence to back it up, and  Washington insider Stephen Bassett of PRG (Paradigm Research Group) who will direct you to even more credible witnesses. 
These are just a few of the groups and individuals that will take the subject out of the tabloids and into the light of science.
After at least sixty years of the truth embargo on the extraterrestrial presence that has been and is engaging our planet, it is time for that truth to be introduced to the American people and the world. It is a truth that belongs to the human race and not just a handful of the self-proclaimed initiated.
There are devices that would provide safe, free, non-polluting energies to the world that have been back engineered from crashed disks of unknown origin. They too belong to our world, but the oil companies are not yet through exploiting the masses. Some argue that our economy would be adversely affected by the introduction of such technologies. I invite you to witness these technologies firsthand and make them prove their ability to foster more jobs and profitability to all concerned. They will do just that.
Mr. Obama, we are not alone in this vast sea of space. It is time the world knows that all important truth. I entrust you as my President to bring us out of the scientific dark ages and assume our rightful place in the universe by disclosing the facts about the UFO phenomenon that most Americans already accept as fact.
Some of your advisors will argue that we mere humans are not prepared to handle this sensitive knowledge. To them I can only say . . . YES WE CAN!
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,
D. T.
Trenton, MI



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