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Saturday, 01 November 2008 06:00

Dear Mr. Obama:
It never ceases to amaze me how well the practice of ridicule has worked for the last fifty years in keeping the UFO phenomenon a secret. Of course, when the powers that be, control the media and therefore guarantee that no UFO story gets reported on without utilizing “the giggle factor” perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.
There are literally thousands of military personnel, law enforcement officers and aircraft pilots who have reported seeing, not merely strange lights in the sky but aircraft that they described as “not of this world.” The odds of all of them being wrong must be astronomical and it only requires one of them to be right.
As our next president it should be your responsibility to demand a briefing from our military and intelligence agencies. Regardless if they admit the truth or not, you should next convene congressional hearings where military personnel that claim to have recovered alien spacecraft or were briefed on alien contact can be questioned.
The next step would be to publicly announce the reality of the extraterrestrial presence and investigate claims by some that reverse engineering has created “free energy” and other technologies that have been withheld from the public.
We are not children that need to be protected from the truth. We are distrustful of our government and need to know it won't continue to deceive us.
D. Y.



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