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Wednesday, 05 November 2008 06:00

The following was sent to the Hart Senate Office building on 11/05/08 by US Express mail.
Dear President-elect Obama:

Our nation faces some serious challenges in the next 4 years.

I would like to mention one subject which is seldom openly talked about, but a subject which could have enormous impact on our country’s ENERGY FUTURE ( and “national security ) ;that is the subject of the “Unacknowledged Special Access Projects”, or “USAP’s”, which are the highly secret “black budget” programs into which billions of (off the official books ) dollars are poured each year. I refer specifically to those “black” projects which fund, and HAVE funded for many years now , research into the nature, make up, power and propulsion methods of "wait for it" UFO’s.

This is a subject for which there is a veritable MOUNTAIN of highly credible first hand witness testimony, MUCH of it from highly placed corporate, military and law enforcement leaders , many at “command” , “executive” and/or ‘CEO” level. (Example; the 400 witnesses gathered, on videotape, by Dr Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project”)

It is my informed belief, that buried within these black budget projects, is the closely held secret of very advanced energy production technology; technology which, if brought to light and put to use, could radically change the USA’s, (and the world’s for that matter) “energy problem” which, as you realize, has been a major issue in this years campaign.  I, and millions of others who are knowledgeable on this subject, believe NOW is the time to have these “secrets”, (as long as our national security is not jeopardized), to be brought into the open, studied OPENLY, and used.

Many of these “USAP’s” have operated for years in a highly illegal way, completely free from congressional or executive oversight, They have, in effect, constituted a secret ”shadow government” which has operated through many presidential administrations, since the founding of the CIA after WW II.  If you doubt me on any of this, please ask former President Clinton, who was briefed on this subject, or Mr. Laurence Rockefeller, or former CIA chief James Woolsey, among many others.

(Many names ARE available. There are also many in congress who are very aware of this subject - some support disclosure and some would like to prevent it for various , mostly political, reasons.  I encourage you, as a former Senator yourself , with access to these people , to “ask around”. )
The illegal extra-governmental activities of the people involved in these “USAP’s” should be brought to light, and the individuals directly involved must  be given some sort of immunity from prosecution in exchange for their cooperation.  This would help to speed the pace of disclosure.

We are in the 21st century. I believe the American people are prepared to hear the truth about this subject, especially if there is a huge dividend in highly advanced energy technology to be gained from disclosure.

I would like to ask that you make the “discovery” of this technology, and the disclosure of the long-held secret of so-called “UFO’s” a TOP priority as part of your overall energy plan.

Thank you for your time, and may God bless America (and your new administration !)

B. W.



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