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Tuesday, 04 November 2008 06:00

November 04, 2008
Dear President-Elect Senator Obama,
Congratulations on your win of the 2008 Presidential election!
You spoke tonight, and often in your campaign, about change.  I am writing to respectfully request that you initiate a process of change which will revolutionize our entire planet!
I urge you, in your capacity as President, to end the truth embargo, maintained for 60 some years by the US Government, regarding UFOs and extra-terrestrial contact.
Millions of people, in the US and around the world, have already personally experienced some type of contact with UFOs and extra-terrestrial entities. THE PEOPLE are aware of the reality of this situation.  It is time for the US Government to execute full disclosure and release UFO and extra-terrestrial technology (back-engineered and otherwise) for the benefit of this country and all of humankind.
I urgently, and respectfully, request that you--at the very least--
1.) Demand and receive a full briefing from military services and intelligence agencies regarding the extra-terrestrial presence and related phenomena.
2.) Support convening Congressional hearings to take testimony from the scores of former military and agency employees regarding extra-terrestrial phenomena. (Many of these employees have already offered to do so, and to offer testimony UNDER OATH--see Dr. Steven Greer, MD's "Disclosure Project".)
3.) Formally acknowledge to the American people the extra-terrestrial presence (popularly known as "full disclosure").
4.) Release into the public domain extra-terrestrial derived technologies, secretly studied and reverse-engineered for six decades, and now essential to overcome the environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time.
You are at a time and place and position in history to free the US Government, military, and intelligence agencies from over a half-century of deceit, disinformation, and suppression of truth and revolutionary technologies.
I urge you to take these historic actions for the benefit of our children, our country, our Earth, and all of humanity!
I await your heroic action!
Thank you very much!
H. H.
Eureka, CA



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