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1 Six Year Old Questions Obama on the Aliens Grant Cameron 5655
2 President Obama Talks UFOs Again Grant Cameron 3589
3 Latest Obama UFO Statement Grant Cameron 4995
4 John Podesta Drops Extraterrestrial Bomb Grant Cameron 7397
5 What Is This Black Mystery Object Floating Next to Obama in the Ocean? Grant Cameron 9745
6 Obama, UFOs, and the First 100 Days Grant Cameron 12545
7 White House ET Petition Documents Released Grant Cameron 6010
8 Behind the Scenes at the White House Grant Cameron 5279
9 Here's the Latest on the Aliens Grant Cameron 6591
10 An Open Letter to President-Elect Obama Larry W. Bryant 5804
11 Obama Drops another Alien Bomb Grant Cameron 8428
12 Obama UFO Job? Jeff Peckman 12345
13 President Obama tells Will Smith's son: "I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials"! Grant Cameron 9851
14 Obama Transition Leader Ignores ET Disclosure Initiative Grant Cameron 5167
15 UFO Flies Over President Elect Obama George Filer 8628
16 Are Flying Saucers Following Obama? Grant Cameron 9137
17 CNN to link Obama White House Transition Team Leader to UFOs Grant Cameron 5365
18 Obama's Science Advisor Office Replies to MJ-12 FOIA Grant Cameron 6997
19 Obama UFO Questions Giuliano Marinkovic 10340
20 Obama's Briefing Book - Your Chance to Make a Difference Grant Cameron 6047


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