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Written by Grant Cameron   
Saturday, 22 December 2012 03:01

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Executive Summary

An abundance of empirical and scientific evidence now proves beyond a reasonable doubt − during the latter half of the twentieth century, a deeply secret group within the United States government reverse-engineered an extraterrestrial spacecraft. In 2003, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, which had (along with many sitting U.S. Presidents) largely been denied access to this secret program, received an extensively well-researched and prepared document titled “SUPREME COSMIC SECRET” (SCS) written solely for the CIA’s internal review. This document detailed and evidenced the science of this formerly super secret program. The Agency exhaustively analyzed the facts and science in the SCS Report and found it was accurate, truthful, and correct in its science and engineering findings. As a result, the CIA now sanctions the group responsible for creating the SCS document – RAM Gravonics, LLC. – in its developmental effort to replicate this technology.

The group that originally replicated the alien craft has been known by various names – Majic, MJ-12, and Majestic 12. Its members gave their creation a name: The Alien Reproduction Vehicle, or “ARV.” The Majic program had been paid for with “deep black” funds acquired from Majic’s global narcotics operations, in excess of an estimated $100 billion dollars.

From mid-2004 to 2009, the CIA covertly authorized, supported, and sanctioned a comprehensive effort by RAM Gravonics to organize a science team and develop a plan to once again reverse engineer this extraordinary transport technology. Success in developing it would revolutionize our civilization. Its effects would be well beyond the meaning of the word Promethean. (See SCS REPORT – Section A-32)

The RAM GRAVONICS Science TEAM is a mini-Manhattan Project type effort comprised of a carefully chosen, multi-disciplinary, group of American scientists and entrepreneurial-minded business leaders. This group has developed a CIA-sanctioned dual-track plan to acquire the technology. The first track is by near-term experimental development efforts. The second is through development of a film “Disclosure” to be shown to the President and the public regarding the truth about the abnormally secret reality of this technology, its off-world original creators, and its incredible (and easy to predict) Utopian effects on our entire civilization. This technology can end justifications for war and create a permanent condition of world peace for millennia to come. However, this inevitable portent is not well-received within the power circles of the world.

Patents have been strategically filed on the UNIVERSAL GRAVONICS geometrical designs and engineering in such an unprecedented legal way that they cannot be seized by the U.S. Department of Justice or the Department of Defense. They are viewed by a team of esteemed legal and IP counsels as the trump card in the anticipated commercial rights negotiations with Majic and a U.S. military space command group. This legal battle is expected to precede or follow the release of the Disclosure film, now titled “POTUS BRIEFING – EYES ONLY,” per the enclosed pre-production film’s business plan.

This program is not for the faint of heart, those easily intimidated by mega-league political power and money, or are not deeply concerned with providing an inordinately prosperous and peaceful future of our energy-troubled world. A world which our visitors from afar, quite apparently, want to survive. (TO BE CONTINUED)


 A key video that should be watched in connection to this is at

The last few minutes has Gordon Novel talking about the Potus Briefing




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